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Who has been Ohio State's most improved player this season?



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I voted Scott without really thinking about it, but now I want to change my vote to other. I think all three of them have vastly improved their play from last year, especially during this winning streak. It's hard to quantify any of them improving better than the others.
Sure you could look at the season stats and measure PPG or some other stat. But that doesn't really tell you things about how much better on D they are or how much more confident they're playing. The way I look at it, I don't think OSU wins 10 straight if all three of them hadn't picked their game up.

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I voted Scott as well...but you make a great point about all 3. I still think Scott has made the biggest improvement of all of them but you certainly have to give props to Thompson and Ross for the way they have contributed (especially in these two tournaments)

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I agree, tough question.
I'm inclined not to vote Thompson because last season he contributed at a high level as a defender and rebounder.
So, it's between Scott and Q, and that's splitting hairs. I'll give the slight nod to Scott because Q got a late start last year and did not play much. Scott played 10+ minutes a game last year and really struggled with his shooting percentage and overall comfort-level in the offense.

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I think we all knew and expected Ross to get to where he's at and actually to continue the upward climb into next year. But I personally was surprised that Scott has become Scott. I think I said before Thad saw something in him to get him out of GA, but I never saw it 'til this year. Thompson also was just a side show and he's stepping into the spotlight this year.
I voted Ross but it was a tough question. Good question. Look forward to the debate here throughout the day, and Chris' take on it.

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I voted Scott because while Thompson started to emerge earlier in the year, and Ross has come around, Scott's increase in play coincides with tOSU's recent dominance mainly the B1G tournament and now. I also had to vote because of the number of threads (and people) on here saying that Scott and Craft playing together has got to go and will never work. I think Scott has shown that his defensive prowess is enough to make up for his lack of offensive explosiveness.

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This was pretty simple for me.  They have all improved a great deal but Scott has been the most consistent of the three. 

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That's a toughie. I picked Sam because he's played the most and his jumper is coming along nicely.
LQR's development and increased role excites me more though. Hitting shots, gliding to the basket. He could be very dangerous. Just needs to get better on D, which I'm sure he will if he wants to play more. 

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I chose Thompson because his shot and his rebounding have both gotten much better as the season has gone on.  His growth to me was the most surprising.  Also, can we stop saying "I wish there was an all of the above" to every single poll on the site? I would assume that the questions are asked because they are supposed to be difficult and to inspire a rational back and forth between commentators.  It is a logical fallacy to answer all of the above to a question asking which player has "the MOST" of anything /endrant.
Edit: I understand it's not an actual logical fallacy, it's just a pet peeve when people don't answer the question as asked.

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I had a feeling this would be a pretty close vote, in comparison to many of our polls, and I frankly expected Scott to win.

I voted Scott. As noted by others, it's very difficult to quantify all the metrics but I said Shannon for a couple reasons.

1. When Scott comes in (at least over the last month or whatever), he has often completely changed the dynamic of the game and his plus/minus, as Ross wrote about today, is tough to argue.

2. I expected the least from Scott this year in comparison to other two and he's done more than his fair share of impacting the game. Whether it's fair or not to have that in my mind as I voted, considering expectations for players can vary from fan to fan. His defense has changed the complexion of games at times and offensively, he has helped create a tempo, and shots, for others when maybe those were both tough to come by before he checked in.

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From Ross Fulton:

Yet Scott's plus/minus is two points above Thompson's and nearly triple Smith's. Indeed, OSU's winning streak coincides with a sustained uptick in Scott's minutes.

This should answer the poll question.

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They've all improved greatly...I went with Thompson because on the whole, I think Sam had the best year & most improved season from the year prior. However, all these guys  grew exponentially this year & I'm damn glad that's the case!

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I voted for Scott because when he enters the game, the pace and intensity of play increases. I think he has been a big part of the late-season surge the team has experienced. He is a second Craft-quality defender on the court, and I think he runs the offense/distributes the ball better than Craft.

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Lots of Scott lovers here and yes, he has played a major roll in our success (and hopefully continued success).   But I voted Sam because offense is where we needed more improvement from the beginning of the season, and Sam's jumper and highlight dunks that spur on intensity and looseness of the whole squad are simply more quantifiable.  He also has had some nice rebounding games and his defense is not talked about due to the greatness of our two guards, but none-the-less, is very good also.  Had to give some words to backup what the actual vote is demonstrating.   

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other-  CRAFT


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Well, I think we have our answer to today's poll question...

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Regular season: I'm gonna have to say Scott, but the tourney has been Q-Ross ALL THE WAY.

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I voted for Ross, because he's gone from essentially not playing at all a season ago (he saw no action in the NCAA Tournament) to being our leading scorer off the bench.
But the fact that you can make a plausible case for any of 3 guys goes a long way towards explaining how we could bring in essentially no new talent PLUS lose an All-American and another 4-year starter, and still be one game away from matching last season's finish.

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