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Who do you think wins on Sunday?



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I can't believe I'm about to say this...I'm rooting for SCUM, but I think IU will win.  I want to say 4 time reigning B1G champions!  Even if we are sharing it again, it shows how grueling the conference was this year that a 5 loss team will share the regular season title.

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After the loss to OSU, Indiana will be taking self inflicted shots to the groin, flopping like there is no tomorrow and will play some tenacious D. That will be more than enough to beat the very young other team unfortunately.

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Not only will IU win, but I want them to win. Shame on all for rooting for that team up north so OSU can back into a tie. What the hell? They didn't get it done on the court. You don't cheer for that team up north.

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Tom Crean's team of Floppers vs Sun and Blue ....well shit. 


The only thing I can say, is that I hope OSU gets a piece of a 4th straight Big10 Championship... Go Bucks!

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They're both slumping right now. It's anybody's conference at this point.

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I really honestly think TTUN will win if they utilize what helped OSU against IU.  If they don't get IU into foul trouble and there isn't another major contributor besides Burke...then it could be a long game for the sun and sky colored team.  Hardaway Jr. has a good one could be a win for them and a four way tie ;-)  

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TTUN's highlighter unis look terrible.