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Which All-Big Ten selection do you disagree with the most?



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Other=all of the above.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Yup. A trio of head-scratchers.

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I agree.  All three are ridiculous!!

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Yep, I guess I understand Hardaway's selection, but the other two ehhhh.
Thad should have won coach of the year. 1 legitimate scorer and you almost tie for the league title... c'mon! I guess the coaches/media expect this from him just like the fanbase.


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i came to the comment section to say the exact same thing

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Bo Ryan winning coach of the year is definitely a head scratcher. I could have swore Kirk Ferentz was going to take home that award

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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Oladipo won DPOY as consolation for not getting outright POY

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Could be.
I'm puzzled by the poll results.  Bo Ryan as coach of the year?  Perhaps not my choice, but I think it's a totally plausible selection.  THJ an All-B1G selection?  Perhaps not the choice of Columbus, but still a plausible selection.
Victor Oladipo over Aaron Craft as DPOY?  Ridiculous.  Craft was jobbed.  What other explanation is there, other than Andy's?  The Conference double-screened Aaron Craft and gave Victor Oladipo the award as a kind of POY runner-up trophy.

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I'm curious why you guys feel Hardaway shouldn't be All-B1G, and who you think should be.  Craft, I'm guessing? 
Personally, I think Hardaway was snubbed by the media.  Please note that I'm very high on Craft, and respect him a great deal.  In fact, I argued with my OSU friends about how valuable he was all season long.
With that said, Hardaway finished 7th in the league in scoring 14.8 PPG, shot 45% (3rd behind Zeller and Burke within the top 7 scorers), 38% 3pt (2nd behind Burke), 4.7 Rebounds, 2.2 Assists.  He was a factor in almost every game.  He is, perhaps, the most singular reason Michigan beat OSU in AA.  He disappeared @MSU, but did go through his 10-game slump like in his first two seasons.

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I was actually surprised it was not Payne.  I thought he played really well all season and didnt disappear in losses as much as Craft and Hardaway had a tendency to.

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Thing is, though, Even when Craft isn't doing much statistically, he never actually disappears. His defense is always a menace and then his offensive IQ helps keep the offense together even if his shot isn't falling. Hardaway was a guy who, if his shot isn't falling, isn't making that much of a difference on the court.

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2nd best player on the 5th place team?
EDIT: credit where credit is due oregonianbuckeye

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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I would say either Brandon Paul (ILL) or Payne (MSU).  I imagine the vote was split on a number of players though.

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Hardaway is the poster-boy for inconsistency. 

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He was pretty consistent this year.  In the previous two years, absolutely.  He disappeared for 10-15 minutes sometimes, but his truly bad performances were against Sparty.

Those who stay will be CHAMPIONS!

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Bo Ryan is the most baffling to me.  I know B/R sucks, but if you look at their pre-season rankings, Wisconsin was rated 5th in the B1G.  They finished 4th because Michigan can't make free throws or tip-ins.  They lost to Purdue. PURDUE. Even though I hate Tom Crean, I would not have had a problem with a Coach who took the best team in the B1G in the best its ever been and guided them to an outright title (because Michigan can't make free throws or tip-ins)

"Who cares? Go Bucks." - Aaron Untch

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All of this is BS plus TSUN ranked #6 in the latest AP poll.  Are they really the 6th best team in the nation?  Not even close.  They're the 5th seed IN THEIR OWN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT!  Still the most overhyped, overrated team in the country.
Bo Ryan coach of the year?  He didn't do anything special this year.  He did what he always does with Wisconsin - he plays that slowball crap, lives and dies by the 3, plays good defense, and takes an unathletic team to the top 3 or 4 in the Big Ten.  It's not pretty but it works, and it works consistently, so why is this year special? 
Hardaway on the first team is a joke.  Burke, yes.  Hardaway, maybe second team.
Oladipo would be the best defensive player in this conference if there wasn't some kid at this one school in Ohio named Aaron Craft. 

Class of 2010.

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Exactly, re. B-Ryan. Also, played once against UM, and once against Indiana, and STILL finished 4th. And with 3 seniors and 2 juniors in the starting lineup, the "he gets more out of less" arguement does not apply


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I looked a little deeper at the lists of conference honors, and the thing that is most baffling to me is that Deshaun Thomas and Cody Zeller were not unanimous selections for the Coaches 1st Team. What the heck? Only Burke and Oladipo were unanimous. The selection of Hardaway is a whole other ridiculous issue altogether. 
And guess who was the only non-unanimous selection for the Media 1st Team? Aaron Craft.

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I think you can make a case for Bo Ryan as coach of the year, because a) politics and b) he lost his all american point guard last year and lost his starting point guard rather close to the season, so everyone wrote them off. I know I wrote this somewhere else, but the one that irked me was Oladipo as DPoY. You know that was Crean and politics, and not based off of actual on court merit. Oladipo is a freak athlete, a better offensive player, and has high flying dunks and gambled and won in passing lanes this year, but cannot lock down a single position. However, as an OSU fan, I'm biased, and admit it, but I still think Craft has been better defensively all year long.

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craft got DPOY in my book. Hell, gracing us with his presence for another year and improving upon his already stellar (and record) steals numbers just gets me all giddy.
I wonder how is ankle is after that surgery. Looking pretty good moving up and down the court, that is for sure.

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COY - Once again for the best coach not at tOSU.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Did any of the voters watch the games? WOW 

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Even though I believe Matta should have been COY over Creen and Ryan 3rd, it may have been the blowout loss by OSU at Wisconsin that sealed it. It was a Sunday afternoon game on CBS and was maybe the most embarrassing loss for the Bucks all season.
I know I am getting more homer here but there is no way that Oladipo should have beat out Craft for DPoY. Oladipo is more rounded, that is a given, but I would argue that more coaches fear Crafts defense playing OSU then they do Deshaun's offense. That certainly cannot be said for coaches facing Indiana who must worry about Zellar in the post, Hulls raining treys, and yes Oladipo, but even then the fear is more him going to the hole then his defense, which of course is awesome, second though to Craft.
I don't have as much of an argument for Craft over Hardaway other then it's a preference thing. I will say this with the rumor that there is a Creen / Craft "issue", mentioned in another thread, if that is true, it would help explain why Craft was 1st team media and 2nd team coaches.

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As much as I get mad about awards each year, I've realized that I shouldn't care. I've stopped expecting an Ohio State coach to win COY. I don't know if it's because people expect us to be good in football and basketball every year now or if the voters just hate us, but I honestly can't remember off the top of my head the last time an OSU coach has won COY in football or basketball. That award is just whatever to me now. To be completely honest, I actually thought either Beilein or Crean would've won it. Beilein probably would've won it had they not choked away that Indiana game.
DPOY - Craft not winning it is a joke. Oladipo was an excellent all-around player, no doubt, but there is simply no better on-ball defender in the country than Craft. I'm pretty sure I've heard multiple coaches/reporters/analysts say he's the best on-ball defender they've seen in 20+ years, but I guess that's not good enough to win DPOY.
Hardaway - I'm not completely against it. There is definitely a valid argument there for him to be first team, but I could've seen that spot going to some other people too. Like some other people mentioned, I think the bigger travesty is the fact that Deshaun and Zeller weren't unanimous selections. I'd love to know who didn't vote them first team and slap them for that.

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Craft isn't just the best defender in the Big Ten, he's probably the best defender in the country. Who else can effectively turn opposing guards stupid for an entire 40 minutes. He neutralized everyone he faced. There's a reason he's not so well liked. Because he's a ridiculous on ball defender. He's damn near unshakable. No matter what he lacked at times offensively, his defense was always on point. Oladipo is a freak athlete, and a solid defender in his own right. Craft is just flat out one of the best defensive guards I've seen in years.