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Is it fair to call Aaron Craft the Tim Tebow of college basketball?



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Hell no.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Shit no man, I believe you'd get your ass kicked for saying something like that.  

-The Aristocrats!

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Kudos for the Office Space reference. One of my favorite movies.

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My first thought was that the Tebow comparison was an option on the "Jump to Conclusions" mat, but I went with the short and direct response.

Got a meeting with the Bobs in 15 minutes......

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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+1 to you, good sir!

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^^^I second that, Hell No!! I love Craft but in no way is he on Tebows level when it comes to collegiate sports. Tebows name gets thrown up when talking about the best college athletes of all time. In no way is AC even close to that. Its silly to even bring this up considering Craft hasnt won a Championship and isnt even remotely close to matching Timmy in terms of awards. I couldnt wait for Tebow to leave Florida but I cant deny he was a helluva athlete..

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What exactly does that mean? First I've heard that.



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Maybe it was Johnny's turn to do the poll and he's still sleepy?

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Option 3 is obvious choice...its so much more funny. CMON!

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I am not sure Tebow could stay eligible with Craft's class schedule.  So Craft wins.

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^^upvote for YOU, lol!

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99% of what makes Tebow, Tebow in the media (and so annoying) is all of his unrelenting preaching.  
So no.

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Exactly. Despite our FB coach's professed love for the guy, Tebow's name carries so much baggage that it would be unfair to associate that with Craft. Love him or hate him, Tebow (the phenomenon, if not the man) is more about what he did/does after the whistle than what he did/does before it -- the proselytizing, the speeches, the 'Tebow' kneeling, etc. That isn't Craft. AC is just a smart college student-athlete and tenacious defender with a great work ethic and a clutch 3-pt stroke. He actually reminds me of Chris Jent: willing to sacrifice the body to save a ball, get the tie-up, lead the fast break.

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Without starting off on a religion tangent (politics, religion and sex - bad juju in polite 11W conversation, right?), I've always felt like the "unrelenting preaching" is actually a media construct.
Is Tebow a devout Evangelical Christian? Yes, that's fair to say. Is he spending every waking minute telling us all we're sinners going straight to hell? I don't see it.
I think the media has hyped Tebow's faith to the point where we all believe he is an overzealous choir/alter boy worthy of some level of cynicism or outright scorn. I just don't think it's fair to judge him by that media-created-and-driven narrative.

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You're spot on Andy. If the media would have left that part of Tebow out of their manic onslaught of coverage of him, he would just be another glorified player that knelt after TDs. Instead it was taken to a place where he was portrayed by the media as a zealot of sorts, which I never saw that either. He did not push it or make it his personal agenda to promote. 

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What a great point, Lou: How many players, specifically NCAA and NFL players, kneel in the endzone or during warmups? If you watch pregame in the Shoe, there are at least a dozen guys who take a minute in the endzone to take a knee and (I assume) pray.
Likewise, how many players do the finger point to the heavens after a spectacular play, or how many guys in postgame comments make some reference to thanking God for their abilities, etc.?
Tebow is one of many in that vein, though he's been the one made out as the poster-child for the so-called fanatical religious right.
It's also interesting to me that during this collegiate days, Tebow was the fair-haired child of the four-letter network and their kind, but as soon as he got to the NFL, the narrative turned and he was this overrated schmuck of a fullback-turned-signal-caller... The media loves to create a myth, and they love even more to rip it apart as it suits them (see also Manti T'eo).

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I'm with you guys (Andy/Lou).  I never understood the hatred for Tebow other than just chalking it up to pure jealousy.  Hard-working, clean-cut, and successful...I guess that's the formula that people just can't stand.  That said, I personally do not know either Craft or Tebow, but from what I've seen, they handle themselves very professionally, they are well-spoken, and very respectful. 
I think what bothers me the most is that you have guys like Daniel Tosh making Tebow the butt of his stand-up jokes, along with the talking heads on sports radio/TV that have no other substance to work off of other than cheap shots at guys like Tebow.  And a lot of people eat it up.  It's really just not that funny to me.  The media has just taken Tebow to a whole other level that we rarely see with a career-backup QB (and I say that respectfully, knowing he'll make a lot more money than I ever will while doing what he loves most). 
Makes you wonder what would happen if Tebow were ever caught doing something 'human'.  ESPN (the same guys who praised him), would be the first in line to sensationalize the 'fall'...all in the name of ratings, I suppose. 

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In the media today, in Hollywood, etc., on tv --- it's en vogue to make fun of Christianity.
You would never see these ballsless wonders in the media make fun of Islam, for example.
It could also be that somebody like Tebow makes these kind of small-minded people feel bad or guilty about their own life, so they make fun of him.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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It may not be fair to full assess the person that is Tim Tebow strictly by his media portrayed personality - that is if you assume he had little to no control of how the media portrayed him.  I don't fully buy that.  At least one supporting example of him making his own media image was that he went well out of his way to put himself on the national stage with that anti-abortion.  Additionally the whole eye black bible verse thing was clearly making his own outward message to the watching world.  
I've seen Craft do none of this.

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I'm actually assuming that the Tebow ~ Craft reference has something to do with either the leadership/heart angle, or the media oversaturation angle. No one I've read is making a "Craft hearts Jesus" story out of this, I don't think.
That said, the eye black thing is not original to Tebow; as with "Tebowing," the practice has been used by many other athletes before and since - it is a media construct to "blame" Tim Tebow for biblical references via eyeblack or kneeling in the endzone in a moment of prayer.
Finally, the pro-life advert was aired only once by Focus on the Family, if I recall correctly, and is not in and of itself an example of some Christian radical - Tebow simply shared his life story, namely that there wouldn't be one if his Mother had gone through with a contemplated abortion. It's a great story, and while it may make some in the pro-abortion camp uncomfortable, it is not sufficient evidence that Tebow is somehow ramming his faith down the throats of sports fans everywhere.

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agreed Andy
disagree Kurt

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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99% of what made the Tebow phenomenon was the unrelenting **** sucking going on every time one of the ESPN talking heads had an opportunity to mention his name, in completely unrelated contexts.
Aaron Craft is headed in that direction (Is anyone else sick of the rubix cube references yet), but he's nowhere near the same level of adulation, where he gets his own five minutes on every sportcenter.

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Craft can lead without yelling constantly, very different than Tebow.

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They're both very hated players, but for separate reasons.  Tebow because he was a preacher and Craft because he drives opposing fans crazy by quietly leading his team to victories.  Not trying to be a hater but there are 2 things that are separating Tebow and Craft as of right now.  Rings...

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Craft's hype is definitely getting up there, but it's nowhere near Tebowian levels yet. It's not even to Hansbroughian levels yet. He's at the point of making OSU broadcasts annoying, not at the level of making all ESPN broadcasts annoying.

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This is a lazy comparison made when one only looks at race. They are two very different people.

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exactly what i was going to say

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Tebow is more in your face, but again a high-character guy with an unquestioned work ethic and a terrific leader.  Not a great fundamental player but just a "winner."
Craft is less "in your face" off the court/field and doesn't attract a cult-like following, but he is also a high-character leader with an unquestioned work ethic.  He is spiritual/religious, but doesn't go to prisons to preach or third world countries on missions.  He is however studying to be a doctor.  He does write Bible verses on his shoes and recently spoke to international coaches as part of "Athletes in Action" (discussion is available on YouTube).  Again, he's not in your face about it.
It depends on what is meant by the Tim Tebow of CBB.  Does it mean he's hated because he outworks everyone and is a winner?  Does it have to do with his character and leadership?  If it means his ability to transcend sports and become almost like an icon, then no.

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I would LOVE to have either of these guys on my team.
Relentless leaders win.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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why does he have to be compared to anyone? he's pretty good being aaron craft.

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WOW. There's some racism for ya.

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Tyler Hansbrough was the Tebow of college basketball.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Hate this comparison. 

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Aaron isn't preachy enough to be considered the Tebow of College Basketball

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Nor anywhere good enough.

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Aaron is the media-hyper-attention-athlete-of-the-half-week  and yes, I mean half.  If we lose Thursday we might not see another full sentence printed about him after the weekend until next basketball season.  The media are simply looking for something unusual (sales!) and frankly, Aaron is. Thank God! 
Since the Ole Miss guy is gone, we've got to have some negativity (sales!!) and there's not an outstanding candidate in the sweet 16, so we'll make a comparison with Tebow so we can create one.
Talking about so and so's talented forward isn't going to draw readers unless you have a stake in the game or are just a fan fanatic of the sport. (No sales!)
I happen to like Tebow but the comparison doesn't fit. Aaron doesn't seek any kind of media attention, at least so far.  But, it's going to come anyway because writers need to (SALES!) sell stories and they know that there's plenty of:
in America