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Which new Buckeye will have the best collegiate career?



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Lets not forget about Zeke just because of the addition of Dontre. 

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This is probably the hardest poll question you guys have had.  I changed my answer 4 times before finally settling on Bell.

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No one really knows, but I'm going to give some love to EzE since he wasn't on the list.



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went with bosa, just because the guy is awesome and 'ALL' wasn't an option

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Went with Bell, only because i think he has the highest chance of playing in the NFL.  And I realize being good in college has nothing to do with the NFL, aka Ginn, Troy, etc...

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Activate "P-bomb"
Jalin Marshal is going to be KILLER in this offense. I don't want to throw out the "P-bomb" but I'm going to: THIS GUY IS THE NEXT PERCY HARVIN. Plus he's from Ohio, gotta show some love to the Ohio guys.

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In terms of publicity, excitement, and overall current need of the team, Jalin is going to be electric real quick. People are overlooking him, but everyone heard Urban yesterday about how Jalin would be a huge story if he was trying to milk out drama and commit last second. I would take Jalin over EZE or Wilson easy, but thankfully we get them all!

Vonn would be an acceptable answer due to his filling of a need on the other side of the ball, but the offensive skill players will shine early in this offense.


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Trey Johnson. 
I watched everybody's highlight videos and Bosa and Trey really stand out to me. I think Trey is going to be another monster LB in a long line of monster LBs.

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All of them.

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I find it fascinating that Bosa gets compared to JJ Watt so often. It draws the question: Why was JJ so low-ranked coming out of high school? Was his tape poor? Was he underexposed or underdeveloped? Either way, if Bosa is being compared to a NFL-caliber JJ Watt as a senior in high school, there's no doubt that his potential is exciting.

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Mitchell.  I think he is going to be the next stud LB at OSU.

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I went with Mitchell. He has me the most excited and I expect 4 years out of him, just seems like that kind of work ethic kid from that kinda background.

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I agree with you on this one, though it was a tough choice between him and Bosa.  This defense is going to be sick!

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I am not picking any defensive player knowing he could be John Simon or Curtis Grant. I pick Marshall having seen him play, and he should flourish. Look at how improved Philly Brown was. Marshall is a better all around athlete. His directional changes look similar to Braxton Miller.

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I don't want to seem negative, but defense and defensive players have been our "thing" for years.

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Too much talent and haven't played a game yet as a Buckeye so no one knows, there could be no one that has a great NFL career or a bunch but my money is with the LBs ... we've put out some good LBs the last decade or so.


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This may be the toughest choices for voting you guys have had...very tough to choose.  I had to choose M&M...had a hard time with this one.  I think you could almost use every one of this year's recruits.  Very solid years will be even better...which if you think about it...should be down right scary for rest of the B1G.

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Went with other.  Too hard to narrow it down to just one with the talent of this class AND since we haven't seen any play in the Scarlet and Gray yet...

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BOSA BOSA BOSA. I have never been as sure that a commit would be great. I would almost bet money he ends up a first round draft pick. He has everything: crazy size, athleticism, mean as hell, pedigree, and he dominated some of the hardest highschool competition in the country.

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Eli Apple or Joey Bosa with Jalin Marshall as an Honorable Mention.  We have a lot of big time guys this year.  I could see a lot of that flash that pollsters are looking for.

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I'm real big on Apple also. 

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I prefer McIntosh.

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I think Bosa is the most likely to make a significant impact next year. Maybe Mitchell as well. And because of that I think Bosa may have the best career. Vonn needs to put on a little weight but if he can do that I think he'll be Mike Doss 2.0.

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Jalin Marshall is a YAC machine.  He will bring something to the OSU offense we haven't seen since Teddy was making plays.  Get him the ball in space and watch out.  He has speed, shiftiness, and enough power to make life miserable for any CB trying to take him down.  He is going to be A LOT of fun to watch in Urban's offense.

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All of these young guys are exciting.  I know that's why they're coming here and sure some may fall through, but the sky is the limit.  I went with other, because they all deserve some excitement and as long as everyone commits to the program we have many players who could do a lot of special things throughout their years here. 
But seriously... Have you seen the crazy highlights for Clark, Bosa, Johnson, Elliott, Marshall, Bell.... ? The list goes on, and personally, seeing some of the things that Bosa, Clark, Elliott, and Marshall can do... I'm astounded.  Here's to hoping the coaches can continue to develop the mad talent we have coming in. 

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I went with other because when it comes to best careers, typically its the running backs and quarterbacks that we talk more highly about.
That is why I will go with both Elliott and JT Barrett. I think Barrett is really something special and we'll see him take over after Braxton. Watson and Barker are probably more physically talented but Barrett is a master at the zone read and his skill set is picture perfect for Urban's offense. Plus the kid can really throw the ball well. I have a feeling we will see great things from him.
Elliott is a stud and studs don't wait their turn. After this year, I can easily see Elliott being the #1 back with Barrett. These 2 will shred teams for 2014 and 2015 at the very least. Elliott is what people talk about when they say "big things come in little packages"! This kid could actually be a true Percy Harvin clone. Everyone talks about the dynamic play of Harvin but they forget how powerful he really was in Urban's offense. He ran the inside zone runs. Harvin was a package of power and finesse all in one. I think EZE will be that guy. Marshall, Wilson and the others look more like Harvin and fit the mold in terms of role, but EZE plays like Harvin did! EZE will also show Urban that Jordan Hall may be what Urban thought he wanted but will now have with EZE. Hall coming back will stunt Elliotts career this year but next year the sky is the limit.
I definitely see Braxton having the type of year that he goes to the NFL early. Then with Hyde, Guiton and Hall gone, it will be a competition to fill those 2 roles. As much as I like Rod Smith and want to see Watson or Barker come on board, I think it will be Barrett and Elliott that we see!
That is my prediction!

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If Elliott is that much of a beast as a true freshman, there is nothing stopping him from supplanting J.Hall and taking that specialized RB position. Remember, its not all about seniority anymore

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I am crazy on all these recruits after following them for the past year and to be honest how could you not be? Its clear we are getting a special class of highly skilled players with integrity and character. These students want to be buckeyes. Watch Ez-E's signing day video. A lot of people were giving him crap for potentially waffling on his committment to OSU but the fact is he was taking his decision and making it like a grown as man would do. Do you know how hard it is to go against the grain of your family, friends, and community. Thats unreal. As for who I think will have the best career? My gut says Jalin Marshall. Just looking at his highlight videos makes it appear as if he has a teflon forcefield (plus he was manufactured in Ohio just like teflon) It was just sick. Those are skills that can't be trained, its just instinct.

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Picked Bosa... He celebrated.


Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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^^ + 1...  Damn I wish I could upvote things again... The new change must put me under the limit.
Amazing for a guy his size to do a standing Back Flip.  Are you serious...!!!  What a Stud !!!

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Tyquan Lewis ... mark it dude

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Nope, you stepped on the line. There are rules. This isn't 'Nam.

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Bosa opposite Spence... i sense a lot of quarterback injuries in the future.

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Well, I'll take the field and vote 'Other' given the amount of studs in this class.

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Voted other also-really want them all to have great careers at OSU and in the NFL.

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Sprinkle, and his sack dance. Rip up grass, hold it out over the QB, and Sprinkle it on him. BAM
Edit: Crap we have turf now.

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All of the above.  When they all have four sets of gold pants they will have been equally successful.

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Toughest poll you guys sent out so far! I think I took each player and renegged before finally deciding on Bosa. I'm still not convinced I made the right decision.

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Vonn Bell, he will be an All-American by his junior year

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