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What has been the biggest surprise about the first half of the basketball season?



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Not surprised in the least the b-ballers are struggling. Who in their right mind thought they'd just keep truckin' along with 50%(estimate) of their scoring gone? No inside scoring threat.
Our best shot was when Diebler and Lighty were seniors, two years ago.



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I agree completely about that being our best team; we just got unlucky in the UK game.
I think I am most surprised by the lack of scoring and overall performance by Aaron Craft (mostly on the offensive side).

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I agree,  even go further in saying that was the best Ohio State basketball team I have ever seen (I started following Ohio St in '97)...  I was at that game in Newark, and Brandon Knight drained that shot right in front of us...  what an awful feeling, it was easily the worst basketball loss I have ever experienced, as I was confident we were going to win it all that year, despite us clearly having the most difficult bracket...
I think this year is actually a decent year to have a down year, as so far it has been a very "un-memorable" season as a whole...  
also, I am pretty happy if this is the new standard for a down year for the basketball team...

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I didn't vote for "No dominant players or teams" and while I'm still a big fan of collegiate basketball (and especially March Madness), is it just me or are we starting to see a real dilution of talent in the NCAA? I think there was even an article in the WSJ about how many of the players in last year's draft class (not including Sully!!) are currently earning their keep in the D-League... 

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