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Who do you want taking the final shot, down one, and Thomas isn't available?



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LQ would travel before he got the shot off...Lenzelle all the way.

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And Lenzelle would fire a contested three as soon as he caught it. I love Smith, but in his new role as scorer this year he has taken ALOT of bad shots just trying to put points up, especially from three point range. Since it said down one, I went with Q because he's borderline unstoppable once he gets in the paint

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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You talking about the same Lenzelle Smith Jr? The one that is shooting 51% from downtown?

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Yes that guy. The one that would be shooting about 70% from downtown if he cut out all of the contested three pointers he's taken. Not saying he isn't a good shooter, I'm saying he is taking more bad shots this year as opposed to last year in his new role as 2nd scorer

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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Lenzelle, because he is clutch.  I trust any player who plays their best basketball of the year (last year) in the NCAA tourney.

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Where's Jonny Diebler when you need him?
I'd say Ross --- he will end up being looked at as one of the top 3 players to ever play for Thad Matta at OSU
ADV would by my second choice, along with Smith & Craft

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Smith every time. Smith has swagger as a shooter. Swagger, talent, ability...sounds like every clutch shooter ever.

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Smith for sure he is the best player offensively besides Thomas. He has been on fire from three, has a nice floater and can finish at the rim. 

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I'll take the Mercedes Lenz and his sweet lefty stroke all day.

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Lenzelle for sure.

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Probably the toughest poll question I have ever seen on here.  I went with Lenzelle by process of elimination, we have a lot of great players who do a lot of different things but big time shooters I don't think is one of them. I could see Lenzelle being a David Lighty or William Buford type though and hitting some huge 3 in the tourney.  Btw, this is also a very important poll because this will happen at some point this year, IMO thomas will be double teamed and might have to hope someone else can sink it.  I would have confidence in Lenzelle though.

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Ravenel in the paint. All day.