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Despite struggling at home, the Bucks are favored by 27.5. How's it play out?



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I would be very happy if OSU went out to a quick lead in the 1st half and then the 2nd string plays the rest of the game.  The experience will be the benefit and some of the starters can get an early start to the bye week.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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I hope I don't see even one 'Illinois Pulls the Stunner' vote...dammit!

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There better be at least 23 "visitors" to the site voting.
After prognosticating a 77-0 victory, my vote was easy...although I may have been drinking when I came up with that score...I can't remember...

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As much as I'd love to have us pull a Barry Switzer special on these guys, I have to err on the side of caution and say we win but don't cover.  We've had trouble against lesser opponents all season and I don't see that changing tomorrow.  We'll struggle early and then come on late to close it out.  I'll say 38-17 Bucks. 
It would be nice to crush teams like Illinois, but I am enjoying watching our team rise to the occasion and beat down teams like Nebraska and Penn State much more.

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I didn't realize that 11W had Illini fans. /:|
One thing this Buckeye team has been pretty consistent with is poor play in the first qtr. Hopefully they get that rectified Saturday.



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With this game sandwiched between Penn St and a bye I think they'll come out flat. Close at half time and pull away in the 3rd much like the Penn St game. They'll win but I doubt they cover the spread.

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Who on this site would vote for "Illinois pulling the stunner" ? There is an OSU fan that actually believes this ? Even in bad times I have a hope that OSU can win every week and will have that mind set until the game is over and it hasn't come true.


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After the first three quarters of the Purdue game, I'm guarded on this one.

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Who on this site would vote for "Illinois pulling the stunner" ? There is an OSU fan that actually believes this ?

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Coach Meyer is aware of our record against the Illini recently, so we know he's passing that info along to the players as they prepare for the game.  I think it will be a blowout.  My biggest hope is that our Offense starts moving early and doesn't stop.  I have visions of the Miami game where we got ahead and our backups came in and kept scoring.  That would be grand.

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Team is coming into form on both sides of the ball. Urban will have the team up for it, and Braxton has a breakout game passing.  This team is ready to roll and it starts tomorrow. Buckeyes cover easily.

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BuckeyeDude and Jthiel - I don't think there are Illini fans on here voting that way, just our fans who think the defense is not what it should be.  Just several weeks ago many on here were calling for a change in the D coaches.  It could be some of them who think our D just can not stop a spread O. 

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Who dares troll this site with a vote for the Illini?

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I see this game as a total bloodbath.  Illinois has a really strong case in the running for worst college football team of 2012.  They can't score points, and that's pretty much all Ohio State's offense does.
It'll be a 30+ point game.

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Let's just all expect a triple overtime thriller.

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Illinois' wins: Directional Illinois and Directional Michigan... yeah I think we curbstomp them.

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Four touchdowns is alot, especially for a fringe rivalry game.  Illinois will be out for blood we will win by a fg.

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Yeah I dont think it will be a blow out either. Our team hasnt truly blew anybody out all year (besides Miami) so im not gonna expect them to do it this week either. I think we win but more of a 35-17 pull away in the second half type of win...

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Some degree of concern is warrented (and useful).  Isn't this about the same pre-game line we heard for Purdue - some NFL talent, have history of being difficult for us, but don't worry since they're playing dead.  Need to jump them early and encourage them to quit.  I am encouraged that our defense is improving.  And I'd love to see us pull an Oregon with 8 TDs on 8 possessions in the first half.  Won't happen, but the offense has the ability.

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I'm going out on a limb and I'm saying the Buckeyes cover the spread. I'm crawling out to the end of that limb and I'm saying they put 14 on the board in the first quarter.

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Illinois is hot garbage.  Worst scoring offense, worst scoring defense in the Big Ten.  This is one time where we will cover the spread.  I wouldn't be shocked if we double it.  I say 56-10.

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It depends on how well Miller is passing the ball. If he is hitting the open receiever, they are in big trouble, and OSU rushes for 400 yards.