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What unit has given you the most heartburn?



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It's got to be this years D.  Last year, we really had no hope, and knew it was going to be a long season.  This year, expectations are higher.  Besides, OSU has historically had a top 5-10 defense, and I think that is what's really disappointing.

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To me this isn't even close. Last year's offense, other than the games against Akron, Nebraska and Michigan, was so woefully inept it was almost comical. (And by comedy I mean dark comedy, like Fargo.) At points during the season, when we would get the ball back, I would get up and get a drink or something to eat because I knew we would be punting soon and I wouldn't miss much.
This year the defense has been hit and miss, but they still make the big plays and are capable of stopping offenses. In other words, there is no defensive equivalent to Bauserman and that is all I need to say.

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Agreed.  I think the word you were looking for to describe last year's offense was flacid.

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The offense is obviously much improved over last year, and if the friggin receivers could channel Dane Sanzenbacher, imagine the offensive output!
I don't know how, but the defense looks the same or worse than last year. Easy answer.
edit: it would help if I read the question a little  more carefully.
Still have to go with the 2012 OSU D = heartburn. Especially since I had such high hopes for this squad.



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Heartburn??? Which one gives me the most??? Oh God, I mean between this year & last the stock in Tums & Valium should both be on the rise....
Heartburn, Headaches, Nightmares, Anxiety, both years have provided plenty. I said last years team since this years hasn't lost yet, but both teams have given me numerous physical ailments.
But: 7-0...

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Since I have to pick between the two, you can't WIN if you can't score. I'll take Braxton 2012, the W's and whatever many points the opponents can score. 
Also, I'd rather see us give up a few big TD plays than have to see three Dave's and out every series.

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I go with 2011 offense. We had talent that wasn't being utilized. The 2012 defense? I don't know if the talent is ready yet. Hopefully it's ready next year and only resembles Swiss cheese with smaller holes this year.

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Last year's offense. They were so bad that they wouldn't be able to score on this year's defense. And that's saying something. I do think the D has shown flashes of the dominance welare used to and will continue to improve.

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Fickell did a great job at making Indiana's 3rd String QB look like a Heisman.  The Pizza Boy should have been given a promotion and raise for honesty.


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I wonder though, if Luke had answered the door instead of the Mrs., would he have said the same thing to him?



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I voted last year's offense for obvious reasons (I still feel sorry for Boston College). 
But minus a couple of players like Andrew Sweat, our defense is generally the same personel as last year, which was a decent defense (nothing special, but better than this year).  This leads me to think that the defensive woes is more of a coaching issue than a players issue.
I'm glad Meyer is going to get more involved in the D, but hopefully this doesn't lead him to micromanage everything and hence lead him to another early retirement.

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Last year's offense, until the defense this year actually results in losses.

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I chose last year's offense, but it was a tough call.  If a defense allows 3 points a game, but the offense doesn't score, it is a loss.  Fortunately, OSU's offense has been able to outscore everyone.  I will say though, it is tough to watch every bubble screen thrown against this defense succeed to varying degrees (anywhere from 10 yards to touchdown).  You should have this poll again after the Purdue game.

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This years D is 7-0 case closed.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I voted for this year's D.  Last year bumps in the road were expected, this year Urban is in charge.

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This is not a question of which is worse, but which causes more heartburn and for me it's esily the D.  Imagine you have two kids.  One has been coming home with Cs and Ds his whole life.  He gets a B on a test and forget about magnets, you glue it to the fridge. That's been our offense.  The other kid's been getting straight As his whole life, and now comes home with a couple Ds and an F.  Your heart sinks, you sit in your chair, cup your face in your hands and wonder, what's happening.

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You know, this is a great analogy.  I don't think we're a truly terrible defense (lots of talent), but something's wrong, it's uncharacteristic, and I'm concerned that this will negatively impact future success in 2012.
I do think the uncharacteristicness is what's causing our fanbase's overreaction to the defensive performance against Indiana.

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Terrible offense is frustrating, but terrible D makes me want to stick an ice pick in my eye.

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This year's D. I'm not used to defenses being this bad. We had a taste of awful offenses, even under Tressel.


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Last year's O was so abyssmal, I'm sure I've blacked out some of it. I can live with this year's D, especially since there's no bowl to lose.

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At least this year we're winning.. Last year the offense was bad and we had our first losing season in a long while. 

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I think this year's D has had some injuries to what was already thin on the depth chart, but it's lacking lots of fundamentals from some experienced guys.
Last year's O was under a bad coach, during a transition, with a freshmen QB who found out he was starting after the scandal fell apart in front of him, etc. etc.
This year's D has some excuses reasons why it's not stellar, but last year's O had some legitimate reasons to be shaky. I expected last year's O to be shakey going into the season, this year's D, I can't believe they turned out and are still this bad.

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The 2012 D..... and it was an easy decision. Ohio State has a legacy of great defenses. Bad defense at this school should NEVER happen.

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It's this year's D because we are still undefeated. Last year's O was "worse" in every way but it was so bad that we just kind of wrote it off as a lost (Walrus) cause after a certain point. And also, after you lose a few games because of it you sort of become resigned. Most of the worry around these parts is due to fearing the potential of our D dropping a game down the line. 

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This year's D. We knew last years offense was going to suck. This year's D was supposed to be good!
Should have a 3rd selection available, this year's Punt unit! DERPY, DERP!

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Last year's offense.
Why? Last year offense couldn't run Dave out of a wet paper bag let alone score touchdowns.
This years D forces turnovers at least.
Close call though.

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we're still undefeated so far this year, so gotta go with last year's poor O unit

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We were 4-3 at this point last year... Easy choice

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Definitely last year's offense.

Have we forgotten how bad it was? Completed 1 pass in an entire game with just 4 attempts; ran the same running play at least twice every possession, even though the defense knew it was coming, and we knew they knew what was coming; gave up an ungodly amount of sacks, even with the most elusive QB in the country; consistently ran playaction on 3rd and long situations because...?

This year's defense causes consternation, no doubt about it. But, we have at least seen these guys make some plays. Also, for the most part the big plays have been given up while holding a large or decent-sized lead.

Last year's offense was BAD. Like, historically bad. Nebraska and IU at least have pretty competent offenses that have put up yards against most everyone they've faced.

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But that right there kind of proves the point of why its the Defense. We knew very soon how bad that Offense was, especially when we already knew Pryor was not coming back. I had no qualms about the offense last year after the MSU game because going forward we knew it was going to be DAVE, DAVE, DAVE punt! I hated it but also wasn't surprised at all and actually had more of a laugh at how bad it really was.
This year was supposed to be this dominating defense. The fact that OSU is still undefeated and yet the defense is horrible is what makes my heartburn. We know this defense can be better, is better and will be better next year. How in the world is it worst than EVERY team in the B1G? Worst than most FBS schools.

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Last year's offense was the most painful thing I've ever witnessed with any team for which I root in any sport, with the possible exception of one game against Urban Meyer in 2006. I wanted to yank my hair out with every play. 

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Oh, I misread this when I originally voted for the 2012 defense.  Watching the 2011 Offense required you to self-administer 30 packs of Keystone Light in a 3 hour period in order to keep the acid reflux down.

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This year's D. With the exception of Hankins and flashes of Roby, this D hasn't lived up to expectation or talent. John Simon was supposed to be a first round pick\10 sack guy, Ryan Shazier and Curtis Grant were supposed to be the next great LB duo at OSU, Nate Williams was supposed to make an already deep line impossible to defend. Fact is, the 'big money' guys on D have all under performed. I've been especially hard on Simon because the hype was so high coming in but he isn't the problem-just part of it. Piss poor tackling and terrible communication in the secondary has been too hard to watch.
At least with the offense, we knew it was only going to be one year under the Bollrus and eventually there would be some light at the end of the tunnel. Here, there isn't an end in sight. Its all fine and good that OSU isn't in the post season contention but this team has plenty to play for still and defensivley they aren't getting the job done.
Also might be high time we admit Luke Fickell and Everett Withers are severly over matched. I know Fick got a lot of love for what he did last year and his whole lifelong buckeye thing but bad is bad and heads need to roll at seasons end....Luke's might be the first.
And of course, I'm sure a faction of fans will be upset with Meyer.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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Last years O by far. At least this year i have hope that things will change around with Urban Meyer demanding better.

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Last years O because it was horrible and we didn't have Urban. 
It also contributed to the worse season since the 90's.
This year the D is not pretty bad at times but I'm confident that UFM will get the right players and/or coaches in the positions for the D to improve. 

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Last year I was expecting the offense to be bad and they didn't regress over the season the way that the defense is this year

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I voted last years offense.  It hurt my brain watching BM miss Posey wide open running a  post in the middle of the field  at least three times in the OSU-TTUN game.

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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Bottom line for me... the fact that the poor offense led to so many losses last year, and We're 7-0 this year, proves that I won't be losing as much hair this year as i did last. I mean... R u KIDDING me? With me being from Cleveland, does anyone think I'd be complaining if any of my teams were constantly winning ugly? I'd be ecstatic with any of them having dominating winning records, no matter how achieved. Just like the 2011 Bucks took losses leaving us grasping for any upsides, the teams of my city seem to do the same. Remember how the 2002 Bucks nearly lost every game? But they pulled w's out their ass every Saturday, and then really shocked the world.
7-0 baby..let's appreciate and treasure the success, and let the coaches deal with the heartburn and stress of perfecting the flaws!!!

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I voted for this year's Defense but after reflecting I think I wish I'd put last year's offense. I love College Football but my knowledge of all the X's and O's is anemic at best. So imagine how pathetic our offensive playbook must have been if even I could predict the play we were going to run with over 75% accuracy last year... That was just hard to watch.
Edit: I yelled "Dave" so much last year that I'm pretty sure my wife thinks I have an imaginary friend named Dave now...

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