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How many times will Braxton carry the ball against UCF?



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i dont think urban was thrilled with how often braxton tucked it and ran, i think theyll overcompensate a little bit and make him pass more often this week

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Are you referring to scramble situations, or out of the option? I think he made great reads on option plays, with one obviously going for a touchdown

William's picture

Some of his zone-read/option plays were good, but that was later in the game. In the first quarter it seemed like they shut the zone-read down. He ran 17 times due more so to his reads on the zone-read. I think Meyer even brought it up that because of the way Miami attacked the zone-read, it would often force Miller to keep the ball instead of being able to hand it off to Hyde, Brown, or Dunn.

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If Miller does get hurt, KG will fill in just fine.


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That's his bread and butter..I think over 15 every game to be honest. Until he develops a better pocket presence, he'll be looking to run a lot.


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I think once he settles down it will be roughly 10-15 times a game including scrambles. It really depends on how teams play the speed option and zone-read. 

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I mean if we run 85 plays on offense, he's going to be carrying a lot.  Let's say the RBs get it 45 times, which is a ton, then he passes it 25 times, that's still 15 carries