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Do you want Michigan to beat Alabama week 1?



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BrewsterBadger don't care.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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We are not the SEC.  Any success they have helps them with recruiting. 

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^ I can't believe so many want to see a B1G team lose to the SEC. Screw that. Michign can win every game they play except when they play us. Why would you want the B1G to look weak, these non conference big games often decide the respect that conf gets that season. If Meatchicken beats Bama.... the B1G gets a TON of national respect, and If we beat Michigan after they beat Alabama, we look even better.

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I'm not really sure if a win against 'Bama would give the B1G respect.  It would take a lot more than that.  The SEC is already the dominant conference, in national perception, so a loss to them doesn't really change anything.
In addition to that, it would only increase Michigan arrogance.  

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I don't understand the argument that a B1G team beating an SEC team wouldn't change the perception of the conferences.  Obviously one win wouldn't reverse the opinions, but if we don't start somewhere then we don't start changing the opinion of anyone.  Obviously it would be easier to swallow if Northwestern or Illinois or even MSU or PSU beat a big time SEC team, but at the end of the day if we beat ttun, then their arrogance won't carry much weight in Columbus...

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I agree we need to start somewhere, but I would rather Michigan not be that start.  I think that most fans see the SEC's string of national championships, including our favorite team getting spanked twice in a row, and conclude dominance.  I think it has got to start by a B1G team beating SEC in the MNC.  The B1G has beat SEC teams in bowl games (including BCS games that may or may not have been vacated) throughout this period of dominance, but perception hasn't changed. 
In terms of Michigan's arrogance, while it may or may not carry weight, it will still be there.  I would prefer not to hear all season long about how great the Michigan team is based off of a W against Alabama.
Hope that clears things up?

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 scUM beats Bama, OSU beats scUM. Bama goes to the NC, OSU is the de factor NC....



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I hope AACC gets beaten like a redheaded stepchild every week.  Why would week 1 be any different?

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Totally agree! Im a Buckeye fan and that alone makes it impossible for me to root for scUM! Screw what the national preception is of the B1G! USC plays in the sissy PAC12 and they run the table every year their eligible and that doesnt change the perception about them. Bottom line if OSU had handled its business in those Championship games we wouldnt be in this situation (perception wise). Win the games on your schedule and the rest will fall in place. USC is considered a powerhouse and is respected throughout the country. Its not because of the conference they play in, its because they take care of business on the field! Besides, I honestly think the B1G is the second best conference behind the SEC....

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If UM beats Bama & we beat UM doesn't that help our recruiting cause?

I just said this on a Skull Session comment but I doubt too many of you rooting for Bama live here Florida or have spent much time in the south...after 2006 & 2007 an the whole double beating in Bball & Football by UF, I've heard enough "SEC talk" to last a lifetime. You think tsun fans are arrogant? It's not even close. I despise the SEC & I now have a strong appreciation for conference alliance.

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i prefer a cocky and  undefeated scum makes it feel that much better when we curb stomp them 

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Michigan is my second favorite team.  I can't understand why Buckeye fans wouldn't want Michigan to be undefeated when we beat them.  Now Wisconsin, on the other hand...I only root for during the non-conference schedule.

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Sorry but you are not allowed to like OSU and scUM. It is against the very laws of nature.....



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You are NOT a true Buckeye fan.... Im sorry if scUM is your second favorite team then you have some serious allegiance issues my friend lol.

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Normally I would be rooting for Michigan to lose a game like this, but Alabama is almost equally unrootable and no where nearly as respectable.  And while I could care less about the Big Ten/SEC thing, I can't stand to hear ESPN talk about slow Big Ten teams all week either.

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I can't believe the Rationale of the folks that voted yes???!!! You don't have to be a Michigan fan, but you have to realize we need them to do well out of conference.

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I don't care what result is.... they're both good. 
Some respect for the B1G or TSUN fans sad. Win win to me.

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It's a win-win for me. If either team wins, I celebrate.

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I will NEVER and I repaet NEVER root for Michigan to win!!!! Period!! I dont care what the nation thinks about our conference! If we handle business and beat the teams that WE have to play then thats all that matters! Look at how Miami used to smash teams when they were in the Big East! That didnt stop people from believing in them. USC plays in a weaker conference yet they still get respect. Schedule big out of conference games and win those games and the nation will begin to respect you. It works for Boise St....

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scUM beats Alabama then we beat suUM in what would be our Bowl Game. Sounds good to me.

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The SEC's dominance reputation is based off of national championships.  The six-in-a-row number is all that matters as far as the perception goes.  Nobody cares about SEC teams losing regular season games to other conferences.  Every year that I can remember, at least one Big Ten/SEC bowl game was won by a Big Ten team (even during the brutal 2008/09 bowl season for the Big Ten, Iowa defeated South Carolina in the Outback).  There are SEC teams that lose bowl games to teams from other conferences.  You think the talking heads at ESPN and other various media outlets, as well as fans of SEC schools (including the schools that haven't won any of those six straight titles) care about those other losses? 
With that said, let's say Michigan beats Alabama.  It makes Michigan look good more than it does the Big Ten.  And if we beat Michigan, they're not likely going to the title game.  They'll do their typical "lose a bowl game unless our opponents are bored or the refs help us" number, and not a thing will have changed as far as Big Ten perception goes.  I prefer to see them humbled as much as possible.  Them being good really doesn't help us this year, because whether they're 11-0, 9-3, 6-5, or 0-11, we still end up in the same bowl game.

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Agreed.  Wish Michigan and Alabama would both lose.. I do have to root for the Big ten only because I hate the SEC sooooo much!!!

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I want Michigan to lose, because I cant stomach their fans even after the smallest of wins so I dont even want to imagine what it would be like if they won this one. Hate the SEC, but hate Michigan fans more.

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Normally I would say yes out of SEC-hate, but after last season and the whole perceived "Michigan's BACK! under Hoke!" narrative I really, really REALLY want Nick Satan to beat them like a drum and run up the score. 

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