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Will you go to the Spring Game even if it rains?



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Previous commitment has me not going to the spring game, but I would go in rain or shine. I toughed out almost every game this year (MSU was just brutual, both weather and game wise. Ended up leaving after the 3rd quarter).

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I thought it was going to snow during the MSU game. That weather was horrid. 

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I can take cold and rainy and snowy by itself. Add game-induced depression about the season, and that's where I crack.

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I'm perfectly fine with cold weather, however it was sunny and in the 50s when the game started so I was not properly clothed in case of cold weather. Needless to say when it dropped into the upper 30s and that icy mist started coming down, I was damn cold. Also watching Bollman run off tackle four drives in a row drove me mad. 

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yea, i think its safe to say that msu was the worst game of the season. it didnt help that i got an underage just hours before the game. those two things combined made me want to erase the memory of that game from my head

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I went last year and the weather was FAR from perfect, but it was definitely worth going.  I love being able to pick my own seat.  Rain or shine I will definitely be there!

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I'm going no matter what.  I'm taking the two boys and the wifey.  She'll complain about the rain and shit, but still going.  I'm excited to see foozball, the new offense, the defense blowing guys up and of courseTBDBITL.

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Unfortunately, I will not make it.  I was hoping to come up, but with the inclement weather last Saturday here in NKY, I had to reschedule for this Saturday.  I was actually more looking forward to going to the Banger than I was the game.

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I'm definitely going no matter what the weather ends up being. The last time I went to a Spring Game was before the 2008 season and there was a torrential downpour during a large portion of the game, and it was still a lot of fun.

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I am going to be there but am wondering when is the storms supposed to start? I have no issue with rain especially since it will be in the 60's. I am more concerned about thunder and lightning because I would hate it if they cancelled if it got too bad! I am driving 5 hours for this!

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According to the NWS, there's a slight chance of T-storms before 10:00 a.m. Then just showers.

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Unfortunately I will be tuning in to watch on BTN. I am hoping for a great turnout and good weather for all who attend. Go Bucks beat the Bucks! 

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I'm sure it's been posted elsewhere but 60,000 tickets have been sold so far.

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Per the Lantern from what one of the guys said.  I'm sure there will be a good turn out unless it's absolutely ridiculous out. Heck I'm heading to campus with 3 of my friends at 9:30am (hey we have to have some "pops" or "sodas" whichever you prefer before the game, ha).

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I'm attending.  Hoping to make it to the Banger as well.

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I'll be there.  Can't make the Banger, though.  My friend's band is playing about 5 blocks down the road at Brothers Drake Meadery.

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Well from florida, it would be quite the trek.

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If I lived any closer, I would. The value to recruiting of packing that spring game with as many fans as possible would make it a near duty for me if I were fortunate enough to live in Ohio. And one of these days, I'll be back for it.

Holding the world record for spring game attendance is awesome, especially in a northern state. That demonstrates the dedication of the fanbase to recruits... should it be necessary... and probably, it isn't...