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Which Buckeye basketball player has been this season's biggest surprise (Good or Bad)



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I voted Sulli.

I can't vote Buford because he is what he is. He is not a leader and never has been, it seems that there are no leaders on this team.


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I just went and looked at stats and I think you could place the inconsitant tag on Sulli and Buford.
Buford was a no show again last night with 6 points and very poor shooting.


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We have been spoiled with Seniors as of late.. until now. Houdini Buford provides no leadership to a young, lazy basketball team that is starving for direction.

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Spoiled is the perfect word to describe some Ohio State fans.

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Tough choice between Sully, Buford and Thomas. In an effort to be positive, I went with Thomas. Coming into Columbus he was supposed to be great, but last year he looked like sh*t. While his defense is still suspect, he's been hitting some great shots and at times has been the Buckeyes' sole offensive spark.

But yeah, Sully's inconsistency has been surprising and disappointing. I agree with 4Dorr, WB's lack of leadership isn't that surprising, as he didn't seem to provide any in previous years. He relied on Lighty to be the leader, and didn't step up when Lighty graduated.

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Buford's lack of leadership?  How about Buford's god awful shot selection??

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honestly i'm not at all surprised by buford's lack of leadership. a guy that inconsistent just isn't going to be the kind of leader this team needs.

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Buford's inconsistency for me.  I think we all knew he wasn't a leader but I didn't expect his yo-yo performances.

A close second would be the nightmare-ish season Shannon Scott has had.  He is an absolutely terrible shooter.  

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Buford's inconsistency is not as surprising as Sully's to me. Buford was not super consistent last year. However, Sully almost always played with maturity and poise, which we have not seen. I expected it out of him, and, especially recently, he hasn't deliverd.

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Buford's inconsistency. While I didn't expect a Purdue performance every game, I did expect atl least 18pts at 50% shooting.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.