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How high does Buford get drafted in the NBA draft?



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Dude might wanna swing by the campus bookstore before April and pick up one of these:

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^and he'll still likely make more money in 5 years than most make in a lifetime.

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He really hurt his stock this season. Would have seen him as a 1st rounder last year. 

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yea, i hate when someone who stays an extra year ends up hurting their draft stock, but such is the world of sports. maybe if he goes to europe or an nba bench, he can catch fire and turn some heads. also, im still holding onto the off chance that he takes off in march, but its seeming less and less likely every day

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Who cares? The NBA is stupid anyways. Is it September yet?

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great point. all its really done is given espn a basketball version of tim tebow reason to talk about linsanity all the time....(though i happen to like lin quite a bit, and i cant say i hate tebow either). football season should be a completely different story. itll be great to hear espn say nice things about osu again   

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Lin is the anythign like Tebow because he can actually play professionally.

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"Who cares?" said the guy who voted in an internet poll about the NBA and then typed an internet comment to prove to people he didn't care about the NBA.

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nba scouts cannot avoid his size and potential. he will be a first round pick. 

look at the last few drafts. NBA teams are taking guys like Marcus Morris from Kansas in the top 15, Buford is way better than that guy. 

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That's a pretty ignorant statement.  Marcus Morris dominated the Big 12.  Hard to argue that Buford has done anything close to that this year.

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He'll get drafted.  After that is where the uncertainty really begins. 

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You put him on a good NBA team where other teams will have to use their worst defender and he could be pretty dangerous.

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William needs to see a shrink!

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Maybe a late 2nd round pick- If I was an NBA GM though, there is no way I'd draft him. He's too soft.

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I voted early 2nd round but I kinda have to agree with you.  If I were an NBA GM, he'd have to really show me something between now and the end of the season if I'm going to draft him.

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