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A year later, do you like the Big Ten division names?



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Should've gone with lakes and plains or east and west. Bert beliema nixed the east/west thing because he didn't want to be like the sec

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Leaders and Legends were stupid then, and they're stupid now. I agree with Vester: should have been Plains and Lakes division. Who cares if the teams don't exactly fit into the plains or Great Lakes area?  That would've made the B1G different from the SEC and not sounded so pompous and arrogant. It's not like the B1G has been tearing it up on the gridiron lately anyway.



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There are 'yes' votes?  'Splain yourselves, people.

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To me, it doesn't matter the division name, but rather the conference name is important.  Tradition (i.e., not the Legends and Leaders division names) is built over decades, and the B1G name stands for that.  Could have called it the Jim and Delaney divisions for all that it matters to me.

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Ignorant, out of touch and generally condesending. Embarassing to those who bear the tag.

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I put yes, only because there was no Kinda option. If we choose to split the names along competitive balance lines, then no name would be good at helping you figure out who is in each conference. Unless legends was called the Ms, the Ns, and Iowa and the Leaders was called everybody else, I dont really think the names would have had much meaning.  If Great Lakes/Plains was chosen, people would make fun of the B1G for having schools like Iowa in the Lakes or a school like Wisconsin in the plains and if it was the other way around you would still get stuff like that.

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should of been NNIMMM'S and WIIPPO'S

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  If Great Lakes/Plains was chosen, people would make fun of the B1G for having schools like Iowa in the Lakes or a school like Wisconsin in the plains 

So what? They're making fun of the "Leaders" and "Legends" divisions now.





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Still hate the names. I seriously have no idea which division we are in and I don't care to know. I do like the logo though. Got to hand it to Delany. He responded to the outcry last year and said that he would consider changing it. Then he said we should give the names a year and reevaluate then. It's been a year and no one really seems to care much anymore. He figured it would blow over and he was right.

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A simple east and west would have been acceptable. Screw the SEC its not like they were the first to use it as a way to divide a conference. Its very common...

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If they didn't want to be east/west why not just use north/south. It wouldnt have to be geographically correct. It's already the big 10 with 12 teams.

go bucks

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I still can't list who is in which division, and I don't intend to learn either. Completely ridiculous. 

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Off the top of my head I know that we are in the same division as WISCONSIN, PSU, ILL, IND, & PUR, but I don't know if we are in the leaders or legends

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I am Legend = Iowa aM legeNd.

Ms, Ns, and Iowa are the legends division.

everyone is leaders.

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The Woody/Bo thing would have worked just fine. But this makes about as much sense as wisconsin being in the same division as Ohio State.

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I like GREAT LAKES and HEARTLAND as division names.  Who's with me? 

But the way they've divided the teams, I don't know if you can create division names that imply any kind of location distinction that would make sense.

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I like it, but I think the B1G office didn't think that approach would be effective for marketing purposes in an age of Nike Pro Combat, Lebron bolting Cleveland for Miami, etc. (of course, how can they believe that Legends and Leaders is marketable?!?). They're afraid that Lakes and Heartlands will evoke images of thick-ankled linemen getting beat by SEC speeeeeed!

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The names and imaging, much like the Big Ten's bowl record, are a complete embarrassment... those responsible should be fired.

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voted yes, just because I honestly could not care less. image problems are a  result of the shitty football teams, not names of divisions.

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The poll should have read....A year later, the divison names are STILL stupid.  Right?



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