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Do you think Braxton Miller could win a Heisman trophy some day?



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Will he?  Probably not.  Could he?  Oh hell yes.

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He'll be a sexy "Dark Horse" candidate next year and in my opinion won't live up to the hype just yet. By his JR year I'd make a wager that he's on a lot of people's short list. It is pretty hard to predict if anyone can win that award so early but given his tool and Meyer's offense, he'll have a chance.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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He could win it someday. But whether he'll actually win it is something else entirely. Any starting QB/RB from a traditional power like OSU, Texas, Bama, Mich, etc has a chance to win it. What happens after that is up to the coaching staff, offensive playcalling, the players' natural ability, dedication, leadership, luck, etc.

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I hate these types of questions because they saddle him with crazy high expectations from the fan-base and if he falls short no matter how well he does otherwise we'll be let down. 


That said, I voted yes LOL because of Urban's track record with QBs, combined with the raw talent he displayed while shackled with Walrusball

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Tom Herman will be his coach, and he seems like a smart guy, so I'm sure that improves Braxton's chances a little.  Let's also hope Braxton can stay healthy.  Those big time O Line recruits would certainly help!  :-)

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Each year that goes by the less I respect the Heisman.  Nissan had a vote and used it on the person the fans voted for the most.  I know it's only 1 vote, but still ridiculous.  At least Nissan sees it for what it is, a popularity contest.

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He will probably need to do what Troy Smith did: go undefeated or be seen as the leader of a national contender. Absent that, I doubt he can win the Heisman. The only recent exceptions among quarterbacks either had insane numbers plus the cachet of turning a program around (Griffin) or supernatural cultural status (Tebow).

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Yeah, 4 reels.

The question is "could".  If you are voting "no" then you think it is impossible for Braxton to win.  I am interested in hearing why, under no circumstances, could Braxton ever win.

I'm sorry for not being sorry.