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Do you consider the 2012 football Buckeyes national title contenders?



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i voted yes, but i'm a raging blind homer

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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You don't have to equivocate. Voting yes, is reasonable - Buckeye reasonable and rest-of-the-world, reasonable.

Arguably, the best coach in college football is ours. Factor in the talent already onboard, a recruiting class making a blazing comeback and a doable regular season schedule - it gets harder to relegate the 2012 Buckeyes to something less than, a national contender.


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Voted no. Not drinking the Kool-Aid just yet. Maybe 2013. OSU should be a top 10 team in 2012.



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You suuuuuuuure??? Bcs i have some awesome scarlet colored kool-aid i made just for youuuuu! :)

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National contender or not, I hope Meyer doesn't call off the dogs (or Herman) and puts up 70 on Purdue, Wisky and scUM, individually.

Don't text while driving.

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I think we'll will win the Big Ten Championship and play in a BCS bowl.  I think we might be in the running based on the polls/BCS but I don't think we'll be ready to take on an SEC heavyweight in the big game just yet.

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Doesn't being in the running make the team a contender?

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It kinda does, I was a little too ambiguous there.  I would say that I think we could contend but we probably couldnt win the game if we were in it.

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Definition of 'Clevelanditis'. [See above.]

Fatalistic. Incredulousness bordering on douchebaggery. I keed.

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Could you imagine playing in the MNC game against ans SEC team and losing.  The Haterade would be flowing big time.  "Urban has lost his touch."  "He can't compete without SEC talent."  Shiite like that.  It would be brutal. 

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I think they can do well enough in the regular season to be in the Big X title game; after that, it depends on where we are in the polls and who else has losses.

No reason to think the D won't be much improved with another year of experience and hopefully our WR can catch the ball with another offseason with Braxton getting all the 1st team reps

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I don't know about national champ, but I think they win the B1G next year.

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I think if an OSU team wins every one of their games in any given year, they are a national title contender. That's the benefit of being OSU, not Boise State or TCU or Houston etc.

Do I think next year's team will have the talent and ability to win all of their games? Yes. Therefore, I answer this poll with a yes.

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"The revolution will be televised."

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I say yes but the OL could mess it all up. The OOC conference is pretty weak and we get Nebraska, IL, Purdue and UM at home next year. At Camp Randall is always tough but I like our chances against them next year, especially if they don't pull another Russell Wilson out of their A$$.

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...but the OL could mess it all up.

^^^This. I see us having at least one loss because of them. (Maybe two.)

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The biggest factor is going to be implementing a new offense. Granted there isn't much info to replace in the kids' heads other than DAVE, DRAW, and DERP, but I would think there would be a bit of an adjustment period.

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My thoughts exactly. While Miller and the rest of this team now has 1 year under their belt, I still don't know whether they will dominate with this entire new offense. Good points, Flip. 


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Adjustment period won't be required for Braxton... The adjustment period will last four games when we beat up the little guys... By the end of the season we will be hard to play with. If John Simon comes back and Nathan Williams gets a medical waiver, this defense will have 9 returning starters with lots of experience and a bunch of players who contributed like crazy who aren't necessarily starters... So aas the O gels, the D will keep us in all games. My only real concern of the season might be @ MSU early in the B1G schedule who will also have a stout defense... All other games I have little to no concerns So could we be a legit title contender in 2012? Yes, but for sure in 2013

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Our schedule may allow us to.

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8 home games is a good start.

vacuuming sucks

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I think the buckeyes are a National Championship contender every year

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THIS^^^ hahaha touche 3CENT

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^^^ Damn it... I  can't find the like button 3CENT! ^^^

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Voted yes, but then again, I consider at least 25-40 teams contenders at the beginning of the season.  History would indicate that a team needs to be ranked in the top 15 at the beginning to make it through, but still, many have a chance to contend. 

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Ever since Tress won his first against TSUN, my expectations have been irrational. MNC or bust. Plus they should be motivated after the basketball team wins a title this season.

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I voted yes. A. Becuase i bleed scarlet and gray. I've always thought if we just got the right position coaches in there to teach our kids, we would be an unbelievable team. and B. Buck Nation has been spoiled for a decade consistently winning on average 10 games a year. We will be scary. Scary good.

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2013 is the year in my mind.

vacuuming sucks

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Do I expect to be national title contenders next season?  Not necessarily.  It is possible?  Heck yes!  We lost a lot of close games this season in a very down year, so I think things will be looking up next season and they'll just have to find a way to win those games and not come out flat (not sure that will be a problem with Urban on the sidelines).

I agree about concerns with the O Line and even LB.  If Urban addresses those concerns with this year's recruits by finding some athletic O Tackles and speedy LBs, then I think our chances of having a great year certainly increase.

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I went with a No. It's too soon to start this chatter. We have a great new coach and he is going to radically change the way Ohio State (and the Rest of the B1G) does business. I believe Larry Coker is the only coach in the history of the BCS to be in a title game in his first season and he had arguably the most talented team in the 2000's since...well....the previous year's Miami team. Of course we all know how that turned out....


2013 and beyond? The Big Ten better duck. Urban might turn the Big Ten season into a formality.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I absolutely agree with you here.  Sure the party line is OSU contends every year, but realistically that's not true.  I mean the Rose bowl year, the Fiesta bowl the year before that, it was pretty clear early on those teams weren't going to really contend for the BCS title.  Sure they ended up highly ranked and in BCS bowls, but they weren't really a contender.

With the talent the team has, and weak schedule, there have a shot to make it through unscathed, but do I think they will?  Probably not next year.  I definitely think they can and will win the B1G though.


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I am worried about the O-line, but not as much as some, because I believe the players on offense will make the O-line a little less significant than it has been in the recent past.  I expect we'll see a lot of quick passes to guys like Jordan Hall and Stoneburner that Braxton won't need a lot of time to get rid of the ball.  If they can do damage with this kind of attack it will open up other things for the offense. 

If we were dealing with a coach who wants to run Dave up the gut and have a QB who is dropping back and trying throw 20-40 yards down field on every play then I'd be more concerned, but I don't think that will be Ohio State's offense next year.

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Only somewhat worried myself. Remember, Bollman will not be here next year. Maybe those guys sitting in the wings can be coached-up.

Long live the southend.

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I cannot envision this team going from zero to hero in one offseason with a new coaching staff.

That said, be watching for Rose petals vs. USC.

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Not a chance. Too much work needed. New players on the OL, linebackers needs to get massively better, and the secondary has to improve drastically just to win 10 games. The offense is going to be in transition, so we won't be able to count on them just yet. This machine ain't gonna really be rolling until 2013.

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6-6 to 14-0 is a HUGE jump!! I certainly will be rooting the whole way but I'm not sure if it's realistic to be national title contenders yet..2013 I think...but definitley BCS or bust next year.

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2001 Buckeyes 7-5 / 2002 Buckeyes 14-0

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^^^ Great post 3CENT. My only rebuttal is from 2001 to 2002 we had the same coach(s) with the same offense. Not going to be the same scenario from 2011 to 2012. Though i am hoping your fruition comes true!

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I voted "Yes."

Will we win it next year? No.

Are we contenders? Yes.

We have a pretty easy schedule next year. Our premier out of conference opponent is Cal (who has a pretty lack luster team), and the Big Ten will be reletively weak next year. Wisconsin and Michigan State will be down, we will get to play Nebraska at home, and we WILL stomp the shit out of Michigan.

10 returning starters on defense, and a lot returning on offense could create for a pretty dominant team depending on how quickly Braxton picks up Urban's offense. He should be learning it already though, so that is an advantage.

No reason for us not to contend as soon as next year.

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Jake, in my opinion, I don't think any of the present players currently on the roster will be learning Meyer's offense until after their bowl game. I believe that the players and coaches really want to win this game and by introducing another playbook on top of the one they already have would just had to much confusion.

However... i do believe Meyer will install a play or two to the offense just to place his stamp on the game!

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Lack of OL. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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1. Offensive Line will be young.

2. Returning a lot of defenders but what did they do all year long? There is no evidence that they will vastly improve as their bodies grow one year older and that they will miraculously become better on defense with "possibly" a new scheme and new coach. We weren't exactly progressing with better defensive play as the year rolled on. Simon, Shazier (albeit with mistakes) and Roby were the only phenoms playing out there. Big Hank wasn't bad pre injury.

3. Offensive Line will be young and "thin". We are undermanned there. We need to fortify this position with the quality we have established on our defensive front.

4. Who is going to catch the ball for us? WR talent is questionable but we didn't throw it to them a lot to really gage their abilities. From what I saw, there were way too many drops.

5. On paper we have a sheet ton of Backs that have a lot of talent. Before Herron came back we weren't all that successful running the ball, at least not against quality opponents. Who steps up? Does Dunn show up like Clarret minus the baggage? Still not sold on Hyde. He ran hard but missed several lanes. His vision is questionable and I didn't like his deleted comment. Not even sure if he comes back this year.

6. Offensive line will be thin, young and inexperienced. We may be having a Tight end moving to the Tackle position. Think that won't take a while to sink in and him to get comfortable playing against B1G defensive lines, which according to the All American list, states we have the most depth and quality players across the nation.

Screw it all. We have Urban Meyer. None of that matters. I am not down on the team. I want to win it all every year, but someone has to rein some of you guys in. Yeah we were close in every one of those games this year except Miami. That was with a team that many of us a few years ago, projected to be in the MNC game this year. (-Pryor and the other starters for the first few cupcakes) I just want to be tempered and pleasantly surprised if Meyer can make it happen year one. I don't expect it and no one else should either. These guys are going to need at least a year to get comfortable and familiar with the system. Talent is there but the repetition and practice are not. I am not sure one off season is completely enough to embrace all that Meyer will be bringing to the table.

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Of course, why wouldn't they be.  Look at the schedule.  It is not that meaty.  We have tremendous athletes and opponets won't have the benefit of seeing the same basic schemes out of us that we have been using for the last decade.


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It isn't like we demolished Illinois, Indiana or Purdue this year you know? I hope your right brother.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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We should be, talent wise, but we won't, experience wise. 


On paper should we be favored to win every matchup? Yes. But this is college football and 18/19 year old kids get distracted, make mistakes, and just generally have at least one epic brain-fart game per season. 

I think we'll probably lose 1 game we "shouldn't" but rebound strongly and win out in the B1G and go to the Rose Bowl where we kick some weak-ass PAC team in the face. 


2013 tho... that's a differnet story. I expect World Domination in 2013. 

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^^^2013 tho... that's a different story. I expect World Domination in 2013. ^^^


Wellllllllllll Allllllllllllriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!

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"Ohio State is a monster."- Urban F. Meyer

I strongly believe Urban would answer this poll with a yes, so I answered it with a yes. National championship contender? Absolutely. 

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Good answer. I chose no though. I like your better.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I voted yes.

1.) All you need is a magical season, if you think about it. Every year it's magical for someone. 

2.) We have one of the best coaches who runs the exact offense needed for our current qb.

3.) We have a top five recruiting class (could should get better) which will produce magical freshman.

4.) Plus, this feels right. It’s a perfect situation and finally the explosive weapons we have our going to be put to use. We have been playing teams handicapped on offense for a while now!

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03