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Your favorite former Buckeye in the national media is



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What does Clark Kellogg have to do to get some love? 

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Oops. Total oversight on my part. That's what happens when I create the poll at 2am. He definitely should've been included though I personally think he is more fluff than substance from an analysis perspective. He relies too much on cutesy made up words for my tastes.

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While not a national media guy, LaCharles Bentley threw down on KNR today.  Called out Herbie, Eddie and Robert big time.  Said maybe if they had been as loyal to Cooper or won more, he wouldn't have been fired.  LCB is  my new hero

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And he uses really odd food someone dared him to do it.  Like SuperTroopers and the "meow" thing...

I'd still take him over most and the dude was super cool to me when I met him at the Cols airport.

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Although any loyal Buckeye has to love Speilman, I have to go with the Toledo guy.