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So, who comes back?



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Both Buford and Sullinger said they were coming back. Thomas did as well, but I think we all assumed that. I think the team next year could be way better than the one we had this year. For the first time in his tenure, Matta will have a full roster and can use that to his advantage.

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It sounds like Buford and Sully are serious, but I've fallen for that before. You're spot on though - if they do come back, this is going to be awesome.

I'm surprised DT even had announce it. He has a huge upside but clearly needs more time here. Along with learning how to pass. I think he averages -2.5 assists per game.



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I think just Sully. Buford's emotions at the time made him say that, thinking that he'd never go out like that.

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Buford later qualified his initial statement that he would return for his senior season once Jardy asked if he would test his name in the draft before making a decision.  Buford said that he would talk with his family and coaches before making the final decision.  I suppose we won't know until May 8th whether he goes or not.  Based on his background, hailing from the Libbey area -- one of the rougher parts of Toledo -- I wouldn't begrudge him going pro.  But I still think he stands to benefit from one more year of eligibility -- gain some upper body strength, some more consistency, and lead the upcoming 2011-2012 team as captain.

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If both Sully and Buford do come back, next year's team will be very good. If it's better than this year's squad remains to be seen. One thing for sure, Matta will have more depth than he knows how to handle.

Long live the southend.