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Has your opinion of Jim Tressel changed?



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His image nationally has taken a hit. People on ESPN (Schlabach, I'm looking at you, slimy SEC loving bastard) will hate on him. Opposing fans will bring it up. Parents will ask him about it on recruiting trips. But in my eyes, his image is fine, if not better.

All the facts aren't out there on this and probably won't be ever, but I think JT did tell someone about this and that someone is probably a lower level employee of the AD's office or his attorney. That person, whoever they are, is not very good at their job and fucked up by not telling Tress exactly what to do to avoid NCAA liability. But JT took the hit for this person, because Tress is the head coach and even when you have a team of ppl that are supposed to keep you from doing stuff like this, it's still your responsibility to not do stuff like this and you have to own up when you do. So Tressel did that.

This really reminds me of Izzo did a few months ago. He got in trouble for giving to a charity that was connected to a recruit. It is a no-no NCAA-wise (so is buying a kid a bagel in an airport when you tell him his dad just died -- Rick Majerus). Izzo said he has a team of ppl that are supposed to check this stuff and it got overlooked somehow. But he said, ultimately, this is my responsibility, because I'm the head coach and I'm the one that has to pay the price, not my staff. That's what I feel Tressel did here, without even implying that it was his staff's fault. That is classy in my book.

In Tressel We Trust. GO BUCKS!

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Your story about the little AD employee is funny, but not even close to what would even be considered the truth.  Tressel would never tell something like this to a "lower level employee."  Something this serious would be taken straight to the AD himself.  You think he couldn't Tress has no one to blame but himself.  I have much respect for Tressel and the work he has done for OSU, but to think he should be off with a simple two game supspension, against two crap out of conference teams,  is unreal. (Soudns like OSU cares more about their winning seasons, and money, more than their morals.)  This is a major vioaltion of NCAA rules, reagardless of the circumstances of how the info came to light.  His morals should tell him the right thing to do was fess up to the school at least, and let them work it from there.  I blame the lawyer here to for even telling Tressel information that does not pertain to him directly.  He was just lucky that this lawyer was a Bucks fan, and not a Wolverine. 

I'm a VT fan, so say what you will, but I'd like to think I would react the same way if this happened to Frank.  Sure, he is a legend in VA just like Tressel is in Ohio, but rules are rules, and I'd like to think these coaches that are getting paid millions would have the integrity to admit when they have broken the rules.  I don't think Tressel apologized at all for his actions either. No matter how much it hurts the team, rules are rules.  Players should know better than to break simple rules like those, especially your star players.  They can act like they didn't know all they want, but they knew.

Rings for tats?  No pride in those players...

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Well I don't think he told a receptionist or anything, but I do think he told someone, probably just short of telling Gene Smith. Maybe Gene was out of town, maybe he didn't think it was to the level yet that Gene needed to be involved.

Maybe he just forwarded it to the strength coaches so they could hammer these kids in the weight room. He did say something in the one email about trying to set the kids straight. Maybe he thought at the outset that he could deal with this in-house and it would never get out.

I still have no excuse for him after Decemeber.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Clearly his image has taken a hit....but I still wouldn't trade him for any other coach any where.

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He kept quiet just like any father would do for his son. I actually have even more respect for him knowing he's got his players' backs.

"Because we couldn't go for three"

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You can have your players' backs in other ways (see the infamous Mike Gundy press conference where he says, "Come after me! I'm a man! I'm 40). Having your players' backs at the expense of the collective good is not a way to do it.

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Having your players' backs at the expense of the collective good is not a way to do it.