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Which football program do you think is the dirtiest?



Conroy's picture

Historically it's got to be Alabama or Auburn, but in light of all the stuff going on right now I have to vote the former.


I also want to say that every program (Even our Buckeyes) is guilty of something, but I'm proud we're not anything close to a lot of the other major programs.

William's picture

There should be an all of the above option...

cronimi's picture

+1.  Exactly what I was thinking.

Johnny Ginter's picture

of those three, probably bama or AU, but honestly i think way more shady stuff is done at schools without a ton of scrutiny nowadays. honestly (and with nothing in particular to base this on), i've always felt that ole miss was likely one of the worst

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

How can it not be USC? Not only do they currently employ Kiffin, they had cheater Pete at the helm for how long? At one point they were both there at the same time!