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The most famous athlete from my area of origin is a...



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While I was living in a Hippie commune, the athletes which came from my area did get quite a bit of notoriety.  A high school in my district was where Shaun Alexander went to school, and another NKY team had Derek Smith and Jared Lorenzon, then later Gino Guidugli who was more infamous than famous lol.

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Its a tough call between Mike Schmidt and Edwin C. Mosses from the Dayton area generally. From my actul hometown of Centerville, we have had Herbie (who is well-known amongst college football fans, but probably not to the nation as a whole like Schmidt) and a few NFLers, but none have been great (Hawk, Nugent, Mangold, Andy Harmon).


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Since I'm a Westside of Cincy guy, I would guess the most famous guy would be Charlie Hustle from West High.

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Dublin, OH, pretty much the only famous people from there are all football players.  Nick Goings, Chinedum Ndukwe, Brady Quinn, and Jay Richardson (same class as me).  Also got Chris Quinn of basketball "fame."  That's about it, haha

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Who's more famous: JJ Sullinger or Dimitrious Stanley? 

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Yeah, I grew up in Akron, so. . .

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Tom Glavine is from the town next to mine so baseball's the winner.

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Had an all American high school golfer who went to Houston to room with Fred couples. He then turned broadcaster and has announced some pretty big events including final four championships, supervisor, and the masters. That man was Jim nantz

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I had to do an national database search on Grove City (just southwest of Columbus)...there is one NFL'er from here. A guy named Mike Furrey who walked on at Ohio State in '95 before transferring to Northern Iowa. AFL and then NFL Special teamer.

I'd say that is about it...there isn't a lot going on in Grove City.

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We had Derek Combs, didn't do much after he won Mr Football in 96, lead the buckeyes in rushing one year I think, but he bounced around the NFL for a bit because of his speed.  Gary Burley played way back in the day for the Bengals.  Ann Grossman, prof tennis player, so yeah, like you said not much going haha.

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I see I still know so little about GC, though in my defense I didn't go to Grove City HS so I wouldn't have heard about these guys as much. But Furrey seemed to have a longer professional career than Combs. And I should've known about Grossman because I think her aunt lives right behind me.

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Bernie Kosar, out of Youngstown/Boardman

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Jamar Butler, Lima/Shawnee High School