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Who gets your game ball for the win at Illinois?



Powers's picture

as much as i love craft locking down McCamey... we dont have a chance without big sully playing like that

yrro's picture

Although Craft is a close second, for contributing about as much as is physically possible without having any of it show up on the box score.

RBuck's picture

Hell, just cut it up into 4 pieces...couldn't have won without any one of them.

Long live the southend.

Bobcat04's picture

Looked at the box score.  3 guys went 40 minutes.  I hope (as in past years) that they hold up over time.  In the title game year we had a 9 man rotation...

Nick's picture

Playing big time minutes in college is not a huge deal. You don't really play back to back nights and sometimes even have a week off between games (which will be huge later on) @Minn (2/6), @Wisc (2/12) then MichSt (2/15) which will be the big test stretch for OSU.

Nik's picture

As much as I hate his ball hogging, I have to give Thomas the game ball, hitting two huge threes to boost the guys confidence. But I also didn't get to watch the game, had to listen on the radio, do I may have missed a lot