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Choose one eleventh hour commit. Choose wisely:



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Our starting linebackers always end up being the ones nobody expects, the Brian Rolle's of the team. I'm going to go out on a limb and say I would rather have a mammoth O lineman.

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Agreed, watching the tape of Walker, he flattens a guy almost every time he blocks.

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I've heard Story is officially off the board and there's a good chance Price flips to Pitt to join his best friend. I would rather have the 5 star player, and especially if we lose the only ILB in this class.

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If Price decides to go somewhere else then yeah Grant is a must have just for safety if anything.

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This team is going to be set at LB no matter what.  There's always depth at that position.  However, it would be awesome to land the number 2 player in America just to have another elite talent on the team.  There is a possibility that Price knew Grant was coming and thought being close to home, playing with his best friend, and the possibility of immediate playing time were too much to pass up.