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Who is the best backup on the Buckeyes?



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Although I wish he was a backup, Boom is still technically listed as an "OR" starter with Saine on the this week's depth chart, and hence ineligible for this poll.

Jason Priestas's picture

If he doesn't come in until the third series, he's technically a backup. :)


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Technically, if they both start the game (i.e. they were both on the field for the first offensive play) they share the starting role. Realistically, if you dominate your carries and are on the field for the most important drives (first several series and again to strengthen the lead) you are the starter.  Cheers.

Jason Priestas's picture

You're right -- both backs were in on the first play from scrimmage.

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He Hate Me, just for the Rod Smart shout out factor

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