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Is Denard Robinson something to be worried about?



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Just look at the typical "RB that occasionally throws" situation under RRod.


Pat White, usually hurt/hamstrung etc by mid - late season

Tate - Good through week 5, dinged up after

Velcro - yet to be seen


RRod isn't the type of guy that tries to protect his players or keep them fresh, he's the guy that runs them in to the ground. The next few weeks will be key. Will Velcro have the stats against UMass, Bowling Green, etc? If RRod plays him like he has the past two games he's in for a shortened season.

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“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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Wow! Pat White, a baseball player! Who knew?!



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Robinson does worry me. Only because The Bucks have had problems with mobile/running QB's in the past..ala Juice the first year we saw him.

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Dude is the real deal, but if he's the only true threat on offense while their defense is still a huge liability, then I don't think there is too much cause for concern.

People want to chalk this last minute win over ND as a turning point. I see it as they almost lost to a bad team.

It's really too early to tell either way. We will have an idea of where all these teams stand come conference play.

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Would I be worried if OSU played him today? Sure.

He won't be by November.  If he's not in 17 pieces by then, he may not be human.

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I agree that if Rich Rod has Robinson carrying the ball 28-30 times a game for 9 more games he may not even be alive come the Ohio State - Michigan game.

That said, even if we were to be playing Michigan next week, I like our defense's ability to stop the run more than Robinson's ability to beat us. He is pretty one-dimensional at this point.

Further, I don't think Michigan's DEF is anywhere near where it needs to be to slow down our offense.

Nothing to be worried about... but of course there is plenty to prepare for, and I trust that Coach Tressel, the staff, and the players will do what needs to be done.

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I worry about him but not their team as a whole.

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If you need a plan to stop Velcro, just look at tape from the pitt/wvu game in 2007 and WVU vs south florida the past couple of years. That's how you stop the RRod offense.

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Have to be worried a little bit.  Never take your guard down against a sworn enemy.

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OK, master splinter. haha

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