Video: LeBron James Leads Homecoming Crowd in OH-IO Chant

By 11W Staff on August 8, 2014 at 10:32p
LeBron James led the crowd in an OH-IO chant. It was pretty awesome.

LeBron James held a coming home party of sorts at the University of Akron's InfoCision Stadium tonight. The whole affair had to have been sweet for Cavs fans, but one particular moment was sure to resonate with fans from across the state.

About an hour into the event, LeBron led the fans in an OH–IO chant, which, yeah, awesome.

LeBron would go on to say a few words, and then he mic drop'd his way off the stage.


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Welcome home LeBron

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That's what I'm talking about 'Bron! It's just like we keep telling people...if you weren't born or raised in Ohio, you just don't get it.

Proudly Ohio-bred!

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Awesomeness at it's finest! !!!

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Seriously, when he said 'Do what makes you happy? Nah, I'm gonna do what make my city happy, makes my state happy. I love you, I'm back," I got a little choked up. He gets it. He may get it from a 'legacy' standpoint, like 'If I win a championship here, my time here is immortal,' but he also gets it from an Ohioan's perspective. 

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the greatest bb player and maybe the greatest Ohioian in modern time.....


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Sure wasn't on here until very recently. 

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This clip needs to be shown to every recruit for Urb and Matta.. Nothing like the best athlete in the world getting the crowd pumped for an O-H!

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I'd love for LeBron to do this right before the team comes out vs. Virginia Tech. The stadium would be electric. 

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:-) Glad for him to be back, wish I was too!

Go Bucks!

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Man, what a difference between 4 years. I can't wait to see Lebron's 30 for 30.


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Here is a link to the whole celebration.

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Thanks for posting the link. 

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Once a Buckeye...

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Mature and grown up. Welcome back!

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I don't know who you are or where you're from, but damn it, you're whole Beth Mowins get-up cracks me up every time you post. Props on a great screen name, and an upvote for being original.



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Wish we could do the Famous Ohioan bracket contest again - this time - even if bracket was rigged like it was last time with Lebron going head to head with Archie (on an OSU blog) - Lebron wins over all!

drops Mic......

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Have to say that's pretty cool. He will be immortal if he brings a ring to believeland.

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Despite what I just posted, I feel I gotta level though. Not trying to be a Debbie downer but I remember reading a really cool letter on by lebron. In that letter he said they Would not be ready to compete for a championship. His patience was going to be tested. Then immediately he orchestrates a deal to get love and gets a bunch of other FAs to sign. So that didn't last too long. He also said I'm not going to hold any press conference. I'm just getting to work. But here we are with him holding a presser at the boys and girls club and has a homecoming celebration. So that's not true either.
I'm psyched that he has come back to cleveland. I went and bought a damn Ohio Home T even tho I live in denver because he inspired me. But isn't it a bit of a contradiction to see how a few of these important things have played out? Just sayin.

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I don't see why you assume it was Lebron that orchestrated the Love deal,  Maybe indirectly he did.   The Cav's were trying to get Love even before Lebron signed on.  But Love said he would not sign an extension if he was traded to the Cav's.  Once Lebron was on board, Love changed his tune.  The Cav's would have been foolish not to try and get a few of his old buddies that knew how to win championships and lead in the locker room to help this young team. 

I didn't watch the whole celebration, but from what I watched, I think fans would have been very disappointed in the celebration if they went there just to see him.  I got the impression he used that venue to bring attention to his I Promise and Wheels for Education projects.

Maybe I'm wrong.  I hope not.  I am amazed at how much he has grown as a man over the last 4 years,  There were so many things that I disliked about him as a person, even before the Decision.  I was one of those people that didn't want him back in Cleveland.  About 2 years ago he started silencing all the issues I had with him.   As a player, I could NEVER root for him in a Miami uniform, but his off the field stuff made me take notice that he was starting to make good decisions with his life.  As a person, I was actually starting to like him, even though I was still miffed at the way he left us and was thrilled when they lost in the finals to the Spurs.  As a matter of fact, every time they won in the play-offs was almost as bad as watching my beloved Buckeyes lose.  So now as I sit here, I realize I have come full circle and have actually forgiven him for the Decision and rejoice that he is now a Cavilier, very similar to someone else that took their talents to Florida and came back home to our Buckeyes.

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Good response. Appreciate the second paragraph info.

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I can sort of see what you're saying, but what exactly was the alternative to the Love deal? Was he supposed to say, "No, I would rather not have a top 25 player on my team b/c it's supposed to be super hard to win an NBA Championship"? Love wanted to play with Lebron, anyone standing in the way of that deal should have lost their job. You simply don't turn a player of that caliber down unless there is a moral or team chemistry issue.

I'm a Pistons fan, but as a native Ohioan, I still get a tinge of pride that Lebron came back to rep the state I'm proud to have grown up in, and he did it with a very bold statement. I just wish we could all embrace him as a great ambassador for our state, a person that truly cares about his community, and most of all, one of our most influential and notable Buckeye fans.



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Now the LeBron has come home, I really "get it" insofar as why he left four years ago. If you recall, his last 2 seasons with the Cavs, they had the best record in the NBA, yet couldn't get to the NBA Finals (those playoff series losses stung).

The reason he left, IMHO, is that he needed to go elsewhere to LEARN HOW to win a championship and Dwayne Wade showed him, after having won one himself in Miami with Shaq.

Now, LeBron has returned to Cleveland, and Ohio, with the knowledge on how he can lead the Cavs to the promised land.

Go Bucks!!!!

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You know, I had friends burn the Bron jerseys, and I just thought it was petty. Was I pissed when he left? Yea, extremely. Did I understand why he left? Took me a bit, but yes, I did. Was I salty for a long time, you bet your ass I am. But I understood why he left. He came home, that is all there is to it. He came home, and for someone who never ever forgot about his home, and constantly talked about it and missed it, you can't stay mad. It is a petty thing to be upset about.

I think now, I will buy myself a LeBron jersey. I think now, with how he will end his career (hopefully in Cleveland), that this is the year to buy my first and only Bron jersey. 

Welcome home big fella.

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Four years sure does make some opinions do a 180. 

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It certainly does.  It looks like many of us have also grown, 

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Man - as a Cleveland sport fan, I have to pinch myself every now and then to even believe this is true.

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As a Cleveland sports fan this is sooooooo AWESOME!!!! 

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A funnier moment occured when Nicole Curtis, who host "Rehab Addict" was on. She is actually working with LeBron to restore some old homes in Akron. She got on stage and just yelled "O".

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I really enjoy that show - she really messed up though