#ThrowbackThursday: Morrill and Lincoln Towers in 1966

February 20, 2014 at 11:42a    by DJ Byrnes    

There are few better feelings in life than driving south on Route 315 and coming around the bend and seeing Morrill and Lincoln Towers shining like beacons of freedom against the skyline.

But the two dorm towers didn't always used to be commonplace on Ohio State's campus:

I don't know, I still prefer to think these towers were built by Native American mystics in the 17th century.

Source: @OhioState


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I'm sure someday they will be replaced, just like St. John.  Those will be sad days.

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My buddy who is an architecture major was telling me a week or two ago that there were supposed to be six towers but they ended up scrapping the plan after the first two. Random fact of the day.

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Also from what I understand, there was supposed to be a rail system linking all the towers, and there were to be more mini-unions like the Drake between the towers.

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Right, as I understand it, it was part of a master plan to have Ohio State enrollment over 100,000. 

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Stinkin' Lincoln

Its 19th floor

Was my home

In '83 and '84

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Really not related to this discussion, but.... Are there still residences in the Shoe?

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No, they took them out as part of the big renovation a few years back, when they did the new press box and new suites, etc.

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I've always wondered how much of the games can or could have been seen from the higher floors of those two buildings?

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