Standing During the Game is Still Permitted in the Horseshoe

By DJ Byrnes on September 3, 2014 at 3:50p
Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium [Walt Keys,]


Ohio Stadium's upgrades will debut this Saturday night against Virginia Tech. Increased seating and permanent lights are some of the cooler features, but a certain graph from a 10TV article set off an internet fury earlier today:

Texting BRUTUS to 69050 is nothing new, but the part about snitching on fans for standing — as opposed to drunken obnoxiousness or abusive language — was something new entirely.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with some very important people:

Ohio State, however, wants you to know: standing is still permitted.

So there you have it, folks. CHEER ON THE BUCKEYES AS YOU ALWAYS HAVE.



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Good. That is all. 

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I dont need permission to stand. Me and Shelley can just go to the bar...


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Why does her name have to be "Shelley"? That is my hated ex-wife's name and I hate that mean old hag...Did I just say that out loud? They even spell their name they same way. Oh well.

No standing? Hahahahahahahahahaha. That rule never would have stood. Maybe I said that wrong. Go Buckeyes!!!!

"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

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Yep, you just said that out loud. You could have said a lot worse, so kudos for showing restraint, CGL.

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Being a Buckeye fan, I love having a coach like Meyer and still love our "first lady" no matter what her name is. Which brings me to a question that possibly you or the Nation can answer....

We always referred to Tressel as "Senator". Are we waiting for Meyer to take Ohio State to the promised land before elevating him to the legislative or executive branches of Ohio? Would a Big Ten championship or two be enough? Or are the majority of us still having that bad taste in our mouths for losing to MSU and Clemson last season? It may not mean much to Buckeye Nation as we all EXPECT victory over any team in any place, but ripping off 25 straight regular season wins is nothing to just forget about as any team with any schedule would have trouble winning 25 straight regular season contests, right? When the Buckeyes do lose a game, the opposing fans always storm the field like they just won the National Championship. Maybe that is just the enormous hate that everyone seems to have for Ohio State's football team, though....Hate makes people do strange things, I suppose. Good luck, MN, and thanks for not showing the hate for me that everyone has for me here.

"I hope they're last in everything"

Thanks, Urb!

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There is a god.

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How would they possibly enforce this anyways? Throwing out 100,000 plus?

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Hey I'm all about standing and cheering on the bucks ....... but if you are the only 2 or 3 people standing in your entire section...... sit the F*CK DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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There is a certain amount of discernment that goes into it, I agree. If everyone in your section is sitting at a game vs. FAMU and the bucks are up 50, then sure, sit your butt down. Otherwise, stand and cheer!!

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It's a snowball effect, though, right? Let's say coming out a change of possession/TV-timeout, with the Hokies starting a drive down by 7, everyone was sitting during the timeout, so someone has to stand first. Because as far as I'm concerned, Buckeyes on defense in a game within a touchdown should always be standing for a night game.

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nw_ohio_Buckeye's picture offense but unless you're a senior citizen or someone who would experience trouble standing for extended periods you should be encouraging people to stand and cheer...the whole game. UFM has personally requested The Shoe to get off its assets and get in the game. You want to sit and watch? You have choices: watch from the comfort of your own home, tailgate or local sports bar. We paid dearly for our Wisc. tix last year and proudly stood and cheered our Bucks enthusiastically. Will stand for the Cincy game this year as well. Go Bucks!

"The minute I think I'm getting mellow, I'm retiring. Who ever heard of a mellow winner?" ~ Woody Hayes 

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encouraging people to stand and cheer.

The cheering is the important part here. The players are unaffected by people standing. Making noise is another matter. If you're standing and not cheering—loudly—then just sit down. You're not helping.

Our honor defend, we will fight to the end !

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If you're the only 2-3 standing in a section, kudos to you for being the only people in your section up and being involved. The team deserves our support weather they're down by 20 and mounting a comeback or if they're up by 20 pulling away. I'm of the opinion that there are far too many people on their butts during the games. Every able person in the stadium should be up cheering and adding to the stadium experience.

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from what I hear, if you don't like standing the best place to view games is from your couch.

in all seriousness the only people that should complain, whether right or wrong, are those with kids that want to make sure they are getting an experience and aren't getting completely blocked out from the game. 

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If there are only 2 or 3 people standing in my section, then I will scream and shout at those lazy asses and explain how home field advantage works.

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Do the right thing, report fans who sit during game play.

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Please tell me this is a Birbiglia reference...

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you should post this all over social media.

tell 100,000+ people to text brutus all game long over absolutely nothing, see how much those smart asses like that.

“Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” - Jerry Rice

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Now think about that. If you go to the restroom, or are standing in a long concession line, and somebody starts harassing your wife or girlfriend, you want security to be tied up with phony calls?

What if it's somebody else's wife, girlfriend, child. Are you going to brawl with a drunk and possibly get ejected too?

Our honor defend, we will fight to the end !

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nope. i don't need security, or a police officer, to babysit me or my loved ones.

if any bad person was really intent on doing harm to us, they would do it before security or the cops show up and the damage would already be done. so i take it upon myself to protect my family and friends instead of expecting a stadium or state employee to babysit me and / or bail me out of every sticky situation in life.

if the situation that you described should arise, the last thing i would want to do to is to leave my fate in the hands of a control freak / stranger who wants to ruin everyone's saturday football fun for the sake of a make believe, fairy tale world. a world in which everything will be resolved if we just hand over our rights and freedoms in exchange for oppressive rules or laws to people who arrive 5 minutes too late and write a report about what happened instead of allowing people to police themselves an actually have fun at a football game.

“Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” - Jerry Rice

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Grandiose way to put it but.....HELL YES!

I work in retail in a rougher part of town and when things start getting out of hand, my first priority is to protect myself and my co-workers from the immediate threat. Once things have settled down, I may or may not choose to call the cops and wait around for 30 minutes. Same applies with protecting my family at home.

Life's daily struggle is choosing between saying F--ck-it, or soldiering on with your responsibilities.  

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...and that's why the .45 sits within arm's reach of my resting head at night. :-)

How Firm Thy Friendship

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Sounds like double speak to me, they'll say one thing to avoid the outrage but then do another once you're in the stadium. I know for a fact there are ushers that will enforce the no standing "policy" and if you refuse (because afterall, there is no rule against standing) then they will call the authorities. Bunch of BS if you ask me.

Go Shelley Meyer. The voice of reason once again. She stood up for the fans on this matter and when it came to Spring Game ticket prices as well. 

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I went to OSU's sweet 16 game against Syracuse in the Boston Garden a few years ago.  The Garden enforced a strict no standing policy and let me tell you, it was fresh hell.  Ushers were standing next to us most of the game as we were the troublesome people that liked to cheer for our team.  

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Elite 8 game. Cincy was Sweet 16. That elite 8 game had the nastiest Slam Thompson inbounds dunk, but it never showed on replay, and the TV cameras missed it live. Had to be there, haha.

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I've been trained like Pavlov's dog to stand when I hear the third down bell. Doesn't matter where I am, in the stadium or anywhere else, I stand. 

..Til' we wobble in our shoes!

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I'm the same way.   I still instinctively look for keys to jingle on critical third down plays.   By the way, love the screen name.  I miss Catfish Biff's.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

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i say whip their asses and let the chips fall where they may.

“Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” - Jerry Rice

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There are plenty of dance recitals for people who want to sit.

just another psycho, irrational, delusional Ohio St fan

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Welp now I have no excuses. 

"Print is dead"

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Pay sky high prices....sit down, and shut up.


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Unless you are eating a $10 hot dog. Sit down and enjoy the f**k outta that thing. 

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Way to go Mrs. Meyer!

"They don't know what they don't know." - Coach Mick

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Everyone have an image of the tweet ready on your phone just in case.. but it's a night game so I doubt it will matter. 

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Shelly Meyer - I know you are watching. I can't stand up multiple times, I can stand a limited amount of times and I have difficulty climbing. I don't use a wheelchair but I have taken advantage of the special seating (really nice seats in 1A, 3A, 3AA, 5A, or 5AA, no...not really). So here is my solution. You encourage all the folks you want to stand, maybe the entire game. Rather than me sitting there looking at people's butts for the entire game, let me use your VIP suite. Seems fair to me.

Jim "DooDah" Day
It is hard to play dirty against a man who picks you up.

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I was in this dilemma at the Navy Game.  Everyone near me just didn't seem to be into the flow of the game at all.  Navy started a drive inside the 1 at my end of the stadium, and no one was making any noise.  I was trying to get up and be the first person, but no one followed, so I sat back down like a dejected little puppy.

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I was there man. 6th row, section 140. I was standing and cheering but yeah, lame crowd.

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As long as I don't have to sit sober in the student section I don't care what they say.  Im not sitting during the game, and more than likely I won't be sober...

"In the words of the late great Colonel Sanders, I'm too drunk to taste this chicken" - Ricky Bobby

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2009 Ohio State vs. USC [sorry if you're now boiling with pain in recalling that terrible night].

My mom and I were sitting in C-Deck in front of crotchety older (mid-60s to low-70s) fans.

In the one of most raucous atmospheres to every descend upon The Shoe, we were told to sit down multiple times.

Luckily, this texting system wasn't in place, or else we surely would've been asked to sit or leave.

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OK... so I have a problem with this. I have personally seen someone two rows get thrown out of the shoe by an officer for standing. The people sitting behind him asked him to sit down in a not so nice manner. He simply just said no, and the people behind him went and got an officer..... this was at the 09 OSU vs iowa game, 

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If you are in good shape, physically, and you walk out after the game without swollen feet & a lost voice, then you haven't quite done your part as a buckeye fan. That's my measuring stick for my experiences at the shoe.

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Couches and recliners are way more comfortable than stadium seats. Even the ones they put out for you on the benches. If you need to stay seated, you can be accommodated. If you just want to sit and be a turd and ruin everyone's good time, stay home. It's like going to a bar and complaining about people drinking and the music is too loud. Or go hunting. Everyone has to be quiet and hold still or its going to suck. It's just part of the experience and should be expected, not reigned in.

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I'm still texting that number if my girlfriend walks in front of the tv.

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I literally lol'ed at this. Bravo.

Also, I think trolling of the is number is an excellent idea. Plus, it will be much easier to get a text to go through from your place of residence (or wherever you're watching the game not in the Shoe) than it is inside the stadium. That place is where cell phone signals (and batteries) go to die.

"This is a very complicated case: a lot of ins, lot of outs, lot of what-have-yous."

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This is why i stay at home and watch my beloved Buckeyes. I stand the whole time and no one says anything. 


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I think DJ started the whole problem in his skull session.  DJ is not use to standing, there has never been a line of people standing at a Waffle House.  There has never been a line at the restrooms of a Waffle House.  Did you know that Pensacola, Florida. has a population of around 54,000 and has 19 Waffle Houses.  I say stand up and be counted.  Your thinking what's standing got to do with Waffle Houses, nothing I was just waffling.  I need a drink.

Buckeye in Texas

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The new president is off and running to a fine start at OSU. 

"To The House"

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If you don't want to participate in creating a great and hostile atmosphere where people stand and cheer their butts off go to a baseball game, you'll fit right in!

Without lies there would be no truth!

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I love Shelley Meyer!!!!

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I always stand at game but I sit when asked. I just assume people are with their kids or someone who cant really stand too long.

I season my simple food with hunger

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Everybody should text that there is an unruly, distracting, person who refuses to sit down during the game.  Moreover, he incessantly points his fingers, pumps his fist, and does push-ups throughout the entire game.  Truly disruptive.

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It should be a rule that unless you are the rich and famous in boxes, YOU HAVE TO STAND and cheer.  Because those are the fans who you hear during the game while the rich and famous are drinking their wine and eating their cheese.  Now the foul mouth fans can shut the heck up or use another word but that is another fight. 

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There's no fury like an internet fury.

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Brutus Coming Yo!


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Have a seat, please

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Mrs. Shelley Meyer is the Bomb!

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I don't see really how they can enforce any of this and here is why. Example Lets say i have a friend at the game and I know where he is sitting,Couldn't I text from my couch at home a complaint about him just to be an asshole? Or even a random person for that matter.

But if they do come out like the gestapo looking for people i'm sending them to the way of The Buckeye GUY and The Big Nut. and the rest of the clowns who annoy me.

I am German so english is not my first language. Even though grammar Nazi's like to point out my mistakes all the time. It makes them feel better about them self.

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If people get tired of looking at my ass, they can bend over and kiss it.  Boom. 

Class of 2010.

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damn right! if they don't want to get up and cheer and have fun, along with everyone else, they should stay the fuck home!

“Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” - Jerry Rice

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Last years Iowa game was the first game I'd been to since 0'5 Iowa game and only reason I was able to make that game was because I won my tix on the radio, so I was jacked to say the least. I had no intention of sitting and didn't but I was escorted out just after halftime. Gentleman behind me asked me to sit so his son could see so I said I'd like your son to see too why don't you trade us seats. He said no these are the seats I paid for. When I came back after halftime an usher and officer came up to me and said I had to leave cause the usher told him he asked me to stop smoking and I didn't. Bullcrap!! That usher never once came up to me and I wasn't smoking. I think dude behind me slipped him some cash to lie to the cop.


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Bucksfan70's picture

man that's messed up.

"pussification of america" right there. i bet that kid grows up to be a big time pussy.

“Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't.” - Jerry Rice

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No standing makes it kinda hard to do the wave.

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DEF D's picture

If you are too old too get rowdy stay home. Weak sauce

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Buckeye Knight's picture

Shelley Meyer taking care of bidness! Don't piss off our First Lady of Buckeye Football.

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Just show respect to your fellow fan. I had an older couple sitting behind one game and I sat quite a bit. Sometimes I would stand cheer out of habit and they understood.

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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Good recovery Mike Penile Implant...when the first lady of Buckeye football speaks, the university weanies listen...

Fear the Nut...

Coreyobuckeye's picture

I will be standing every time the clock is running or about to run. Been threatened to be kicked out before. Not happening soon. I will just show them a tweet from the assistant ad now. 

Buckin_Tua's picture

Good, because Saturday will be my first visit to The Shoe for a night game and these legs were made for standing during Buckeye games.

OldSchoolBuckeyefan's picture

I've been going to games in the Shoe since 1963 and have sat in a lot of different seats. My recommendation is to try to get along with reasonable requests to sit down. There will be plays when most people will be standing during to an important play, so feel free to stand. Most plays will not fall into that category, so I save some energy and sit down. I've found I can lose my voice both standing and sitting.

"All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost,
the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not touched by the frost." J.R.R. Tolkien

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Simple solution.  Remove the seats.  Then we could easily pack in 150,000 + in the stands.  

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I have an air horn that is powered by a car battery I used to take to high school games. I wonder if that would get me escorted out.

BukFan's picture

So a tweet just changed written policy?

M Man's picture

I'm still waiting -- from the Wednesday Skull  Session -- for somebody to quote the complete relevant information from the back of a 2014 Ohio Stadium ticket.

What does it say about this subject?

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I'm sending a pic of my kids when they're misbehaving during the game at home. Somebody will have to come and put them in a timeout for me. Thanks, stadium law enforcement officers!

..Til' we wobble in our shoes!

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Stand if you wish Sit if you must, enjoy the game and support The OHIO STATE University on the road to Victory !

Mark May is a mental midget

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I think what needs to happen is everyone (at the game or not) needs to txt that number about the three obnoxious fans in the front row that are yelling into the camera the entire damn game and ruining the game experience for everyone around them and watching at home on TV.