El Guapo Gets Busy at Camp Harbaugh

By DJ Byrnes on August 9, 2014 at 6:15p

Carlos Hyde is dead. Long live Carlos Hyde.

It turns out, the former Ohio State standout has maintained his surreal sense of balance and electric big-man feet despite playing for a Michigan Man in San Francisco:

Four more years, Carlos?

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Has he trimmed down a little bit? He looks a little lighter on his feet.

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He sure looks handsome in the clip.

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Guapo means handsome downvoter

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your lack of a comma humors me

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No I just had a bad Spanish teacher

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Should have been a Steeler/Brown. Go El Guapo!

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Bengal....he should have been a Bengal.  I get heartburn every time I think about it.

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No kidding, I cant believe that the Bengals drafted Hill with Carlos still on the board.

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I wouldn't wish that on any Buckeye. The Bengals are a cluster****. At least the Browns are a lovable cluster****.

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Yep... Sad to say that a Michigan man wasn't as dumb as Marvin Lewis to pass him up. That says a lot about Mavin Lewis who is still trying to figure out how to win a playoff game after 11 years while Harbaugh has already been to a Super Bowl. Genius at work....

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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He is missed.

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The Orange Bowl was on ESPNU this afternoon, couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing but I did catch a few plays where Hyde was an absolute beast. Man it sucks losing that guy.

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I watched it and cursed our unwillingness to take away the short pass to Watkins and our unwillingness to play Vonn Bell all year.

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The short pass has killed the Bullets for several years, starting around the tail end of the Tressel era (though we did handle Oregon well in the Rose Bowl).  I can't wait to see what Ash has in store for this season.

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Is that Carlos Hyde or Jordan Hall? He looks super slim. 49ers website lists him at 205 lbs

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That can't possibly be right. He slimmed down a bit for the combine and was like 230.

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Those are some quick feet for a big fella

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He's going to do special things in the NFL.

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I'm not normally a 49ers fan but I'm going to want to watch El Guapo tote that that rock.

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As a member of the Buckeye Nation and Niner Nation I couldn't believe everybody let him slide to us. He's gonna be a nice replacement for Gore.

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Wouldn't be surprised if that happens sooner than expected.

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I remember when Hyde committed in the same class as Jamal Berry and was an afterthought. I was head over heels after watching Berry's highlight tape. And then Hyde spent a year a Fort Union and was forgotten in my mind. Just goes to show that hard work, dedication, loyalty and a drive to succeed trump everything else. Go kill em Gaup!

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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Hyde almost didn't make it into Meyer's first spring as head-coach at OSU, too. 

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Can't believe for a minute he's 205, but damn - dude's slimmed down for sure. Crazy fast feet!! I lived in SF for a while many years ago so it'll be easy to root for him out there.

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Going to miss cheering for Hyde on Saturdays. Guess I'm just going to have to draft him in fantasy to have an excuse to watch him be ridiculous every week (without feeling like I betrayed my team).

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Camp Harbaugh is a breeze compared to Camp Meyer.  He's come a long way since that bar incident; long live Carlos.

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I have hated SF for the last 20+ years and they have Hairball as their coach! Still can't root against El Guapo! 

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El Guapo got some good runs in for his first NFL (albeit preseason) game. Can't knock that Michigan Man though, he knew a good thing when he seen it.


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Carlos looks sleek and all tight. Def been working at it! Go kid!!!!!

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One of my favorite Buckeyes of all time

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.