Ezekiel Elliott Misses Saturday Morning Practice After Undergoing Wrist Surgery

By Patrick Maks on August 9, 2014 at 10:57a

UPDATE, 12:40 p.m. Ohio State confirms Ari Wasserman of cleveland.com's report that Elliott underwent surgery on his left hand this morning:

Sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott had surgery on his left wrist this morning at the OSU Medical Center East for a minor injury incurred at practice on Friday. Elliott, from St. Louis, Mo., and Burroughs High School, rejoined thte team in time for lunch today. He will continue to attend practice and work on conditioning with a full return to the fields expected around the middle of next week.

Ohio State sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott missed Saturday morning's practice with a wrist injury. He's expected to rejoin the team for its afternoon session, according to a team spokesman who also added Elliott "will be fine." 

Elliott, who's worked with the first-team offense so far this fall camp, was replaced mostly with senior running back Rod Smith.

Head coach Urban Meyer, though, has hinted Elliott will be the team's starting running back when it opens up the season against Navy Aug. 30 in Baltimore.

The Buckeyes, which moved into their team hotel Thursday morning, started two-a-days this morning at its off-site campground at Ackerman Field. 


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Way to get it together Rod! Hopefully he keeps it up! (I still don't think he'll beat EzE as the starter though.)

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Glad to read he'll be fine. Pleasantly surprised to hear Smith's taking the #2 reps. I really hope he can show some of that athleticism this year; in addition to Elliot, Wilson etc.

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He's always shown 'that athleticism'.  Has just had a small  problem holding onto the ball.

ArizonaBuckeye's picture

You're absolutely right. Lets hope he's improved on that.

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you." -Woody Hayes-

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Looks like Zeke is going to get a majority of the playing time this year, but I hope rod smith still plays a major role. That kid runs hard

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Surgery this morning to repair a broken wrist? wtf? I hope all is well with Mr. Elliott

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Oh wow, hope EzE has a speedy recovery.

Still hoping Rod Smith takes the opportunity and runs with it.

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GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Yep, and its Rod Jones BTW.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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So... is his wrist broken and required minor surgery or... ?
EZE seems to be a big part of this team's year. Hopefully it's something that won't impact him throughout the year.

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Hope he is doing okay! I would like to watch him play this season.

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Curtis Samuel still will be the second Rb.Rod Smith is jus stepping in for EZE doesn't mean he's the starter..Multiple sources such as UFM and coach Warriner said the main guys are 15&4...Hope Rod smith take advantage of his opportunity  


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Heh, I doubt it very much.  Urban talking about Samual is his way of motivating the upperclassmen.  Rod Smith will get a shot to be #1a.

Dan Isaacs

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BuckeyesALLDAY1's picture

EZE should be back Thursday Reports say he had a pin put into his wrist..He will be fine


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Report says it was a minor injury but he required surgery. Sounds like an oxymoron to me. How can something be minor yet require surgery? Oh well. Here is to hoping he can return soon to full practice like the report states.

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Define surgery... any "procedure"?  Lots of times fluid was removed from knees, or knees were scoped or shoulders scoped etc which wasn't major.  Major was anything with a hip, broken bones, ACL etc.

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Today's orthopedic medicine. Injuries that used to require some type of cast and a month or more off. Now only a small slit and a pin or screw that is never removed makes a big difference in recovery time. 

In high school I broke a tibia and was in a cast from my toes to my crotch for 4 months. When the cast came off, complete atrophy of all leg muscles. Twenty years later I was in a car wreck, Broke my tibia, femur and pelvis. No casts, just screws, pins, nails, plates and a rod, Two weeks after the wreck rehab started.

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Bad break for the young man.  Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Edit: Bad pun not intended

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My reaction to an EZE injury/surgery: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Figuring on that young fellow being the feature back this year. Here's to a speedy/painless recovery

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Hopefully it's just a UFM "mindtrick" to get the underperforming youngsters to step it up

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Godspeed on your recovery, Zeke! 

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Broken wrist is never a thing you want to hear with someone that needs to secure the ball.  I hope they don't try to rush him back.  Let it heal fully and come back 100%.  Too many things can go wrong with this type of injury and he still has a long career ahead of him.  

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heal quickly zeke....love how you run...lots of choices behind u...GO BUCKS!!!   TTUN STILL SUX!!!!!

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As long as he is healthy by 8 PM September 6 there is nothing to worry about.

Go Buckeyes Beat Michigan

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As long as he is healthy by 8 PM September 6 there is nothing to worry about.

I guess we can do without him for Navy, then?

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I like Eze a lot but I have to say after seeing all of the RB in person Rod Smith looks like physical freak. He is much bigger than the other guys, he has a NFL body right now. Perfect for Big Ten football. Go Bucks!!!

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Buckeyevstheworld's picture

I didn't realize how big Rod Smith is.

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This team seems to have an injury bug this whole year so far. ugh

BuckeyesALLDAY1's picture

Lmaooo Rod smith have two good plays for the whole yr and that was yesterday...Aug 30 we will see who get touches.


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Rod averages 5.4 ypc and 10.8 yards per reception to go with 5 TDs. The totals look more like a 3-4 game stretch than a whole career, but he's always been productive when given the chance, so I hope he gets plenty of touches.

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Eze's father will rub some Robitussin on it. He should be fine. 

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Eze's father will rub some Robitussin on it.

Nah, do what the Greeks do ... "Rub some Windex on it!"

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No, don't do that! I'm sure the NCAA would find it to be a violation.

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Bad news, but seems minor on the whole. Heal up soon Zeke! Interesting to see what sort of dynamic this brings to the RB competition. I'm all for the best man running the most & it would seem like this development opens up the competition a bit. Personally, a 1-2 combo of Zeke & Smith seems like an ideal situation with all of Ball, Dunn, & Samuel getting touches as well, but if this is more serious than OSU is letting on (which wouldn't be unheard of) It could change what everyone was expecting. With the RBs that are at OSU right now, seems like a lot of bad things would have to happen before there was truly anything to worry about. I'll say this, with the small amount of video we've seen out of practice, Smith certainly appears ready to go.

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Love Eze but time for Rod to take advantage of the opportunity. Haven't given up on him!!!!

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11UrbzAndSpices's picture

Elliott, who's worked with the first-team offense so far this fall camp, was replaced mostly with senior running back Rod Smith.

Holy crap Rod Smith, it's now or never. You ain't gonna play forever.

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Zeke is a beast!! Go Rod step it up bro!!


SilverState's picture

This is reassuring:

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Glad to see that.  Left wrist on a right handed ball carrier - could be worse.

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SHAKENBAKE68's picture

Ezekiel knows them bones! I read about it..

Go Bucks!!

There is no such thing as "friendly fire"..

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Beware of the speed of Zeke!!


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Time to shine, Rod Smith!

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He has surgery and will be fine in a few days.  Love modern medicine.  Good to hear Zeke is OK and will be ready to go in 21 days.  And good to see Rod Jo...Smith not lost in the shuffle. 

Class of 2010.

daveyt11's picture

Has Braxton run any plays or is he just throwing on the side?

cw823's picture

Rod's chances have come and gone.  Samuel should be the #2, as he has more of the skills that Meyer and Co are looking for.

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zenshade's picture

Not an orthopedist, but I have to think there are types of wrist braces out there that can keep Zeke playing and minimize any risk of further injury.

Drew2006's picture

I like Zeke, but CS is way faster and fresh. Rod will get the nod ,but once curtis comes in he is staying. BTW, this is pure speculation. Hurry and get better Zeke! 

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buckeyepastor's picture

From what's being said, Samuel's speed and gifts as a runner will be a big asset for OSU.  But there's so much more that a player has to possess if they're going to see the field for more than 7-10 plays per game.   I am confident those things will come along for Samuel, but I doubt the "whole package" is there just yet.    Remember that Teddy Ginn had that explosiveness from day one, but it still took time before he possessed the other attributes that made him a great receiver for us.   

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Dmac3212's picture

People are seriously underrating Zeke speed. He can fly and is a definite home run threat. He was getting a lot of CJ Spiller comparisons coming out of high school. He is the complete back, not just a thumper. 

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Eze will be fine, he has learned from his mistake...he will never shake hands with anyone named Bosa again...he got off this time relatively easy just a little surgery required.

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brandonbauer87's picture

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Zeke. 

It seems like Rod Smith is taking over Guiton's place as beloved backup. 

BUCKSOMIES's picture

Temporary setback.  Next man up and that is you Rod Smith.  Do yourself proud and take the bull by the horns.  This is your chance to show what you can do.