Urban Meyer's Message to LeBron James: You're Wanted at Ohio State Football Games

By DJ Byrnes on July 29, 2014 at 10:31a
Urban Meyer said he has an Ohio State football sideline pass waiting on LeBron James.

LeBron James is coming home, and that's good news for Ohio State.

Urban Meyer says the King's return is a windfall for Ohio State football, and he wants the Akron phenom at every Ohio State game:

While it's doubtful LeBron will be able to make every game — the NBA tips off in October, after all — he'll undoubtedly be in attendance for some of Ohio State's bigger games. 


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Great minds think alike, I made a forum post about this at the same time. I'd love to see Lebron be a fixture on our sideline

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Namaste, Killer Nuts.

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Given his coming home letter, I think we all can agree he would be a perfect spokesman for Ohio. Not only to keep Ohio kids in-state, but also to showcase Ohio to those from all over the country, even the state of Rutgers.


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Yeah, it's a good idea to have him there:

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With Lebron on the sidelines, support for the Scarlet and Red is at an all-time high. 

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Now if we can just get Kevin Love...

Dan Isaacs

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Well done Brandon!

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Unless he shows up wearing maize & blue, I don't know how it couldn't help to have the most famous athlete in the world cheering from the sidelines. I hope he comes down as often as his schedule allows.

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Lionel Messi's going to be at Ohio State games??

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Messi will be too busy filling out tax forms to attend.

Scottsdale Buckeye

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Don't understand the downvote because Messi is actually the most famous athlete in the world..

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Might still be Tiger Woods.  Fame != popularity.

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Actually, it's still MJ.

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Did somebody say MJ?


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If 20% of the North American population knew who Messi was, I would agree with that. LeBron is just as big of a name in Asia and Europe as Messi's name. LeBron's name is known by practically everyone in the USA and Canada where as Messi is pretty unknown. It wasn't until I was in Vietnam before the world cup in May and there was a cardboard cut out in a shopping complex of standing of Messi where I learned who he was. I was there with a group of Brazilians who told me it was Messi. They knew who LeBron was and we talked about the NBA playoffs.

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LeBron James may be as big of a name in some parts of China since there are parts that are huge basketball fans but definitely not Europe. People may know who he is but he's not a god to people the way a Cristiano Ronaldo or Lio Messi is in any European country. I lived in Korea for over a year and all of my students knew all of the top soccer players and a handful of them knew some of the top bball players. Brazil is a good basketball country so I'd imagine James is pretty famous there...but it pales in comparison to soccer. 

Regardless, I wasn't trying to spark off some kind of debate...just to be a smartass.

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I'm not even sure that Messi is more famous at this point than Ronaldo, tbh. But yeah, it's definitely between Messi, Ronaldo and LBJ

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Yeah, Ronaldo has more of a playboy TMZish aspect to his fame than Messi does. I'd put it between the two of them. 

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Huge for recruiting. Night games. LeBron. #Boom.

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cdubs's picture

ESPN's gonna have to set up a branch office in Ohio.

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Announcing the new network:


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ESPN LeBronziel

cdubs's picture

As long as I can get it in a package with The Ocho

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Between LeBron, Johhny Manziel and OSU...Nike and ESPiN are skortching their shorts and prepping to camp out here for the foreseeable future.  They might as well build a warehouse for all their gear, including housing, and split it 50/50. 

Urban and Bron are two dudes that GET IT.  Nike and ESPN are two businesses that get it $$$$$$$$$$$.

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ESPN veinte y tres

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- Me


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New? Have you missed the last 7 years?

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new show idea: "Hockey and Basketball with LeBron and LeBrun"

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Maybe Windhorst never sold his house.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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I always assumed he lived in LeBron's guest house. 

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What's that? You want to hear Hatin-Ass Sharks take on this? And on Lebron?

I was actually surprised by the maturity and candor shown in that letter and various sound bytes since. I'm changing my tune. This is a good partnership. Kids love icy uniforms and world class athletes.

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I hope he's at the Virginia Tech game.



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I don't really know anything about recruiting and the rules but can someone explain to me when/if ever it wouldn't be ok to use LeBron to help recruit? I just thought I remember hearing something about Alabama getting in trouble with Peyton Manning being at the same place as a recruit or something like that. Thanks


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I'm sure OSU follows the same procedure for Lebron that they would any other booster (e.g. Spielman) that recruits want to talk to.  Lebron definitely would be considered a booster in NCAA parlance.

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I'm pretty sure Peyton Manning went to Tennessee so I'm not sure how bama would get in trouble.

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I personally hate the NBA and really didn't care where Lebron took his talents as it pertains to his future NBA production (I never forgave him for the ESPN Decision).  But, I do appreciate how he supports OSU and will consider whatever efforts he lends to help OSU recruit an apology of sorts.

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Wait... you hate the NBA and didnt care where he took his talents, but followed up with this?

I never forgave him for the ESPN Decision

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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It's all in the reflexes - Me

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LeBron has a few years of college eligibility left, right? Would be nice to have as a possibility on the TE or WR crew.

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Or he can play basketball and we can win a national championship

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This would be awesome.   In all seriousness, is this even possible?  Since he never went to college, he essentially went into the workforce, and never attended college, so is his eligibility still in tact?  I would assume it would be similar to a Chris Weinke situation, where he toiled in the minors for years, and was then a 28yr old Freshman or whatever he was (obviously, Lebron didn't toil in the minors, but you get my point).  What's stopping Lebron in 5-6years, from hanging up his shoes in the NBA, and going to get his degree at tOSU?  Would he be able to play?  I would think a 38 or 39 year old Lebron would still be better than 95% of all 18-21 year olds.

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CC's picture

In all seriousness, is this even possible?

uh... no.  He is no longer an amateur.

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I always wonder how do baseball players get away with it. Wasn't Weeden drafted and played pro baseball for a few years before going back to college?

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Can't playy BB as he has made a little money at it. but he does have four years of elegibility left as a TE, Wr!

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That whole Ohioans being proud thing and all...

Hell yes Lebron is wanted at home games.

osugreg04's picture

It can't hurt, right?

CC's picture

I have a feeling he will get a better reception than the last time he was at the Shoe.  I will admit I thought it was a little shameful to boo a native Ohioan who is there to support our Bucks.

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SO much this.  ^

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Wonder if Lebron's letter resonated with Herbstreit? 

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It is a GREAT time to be an Ohian (or Ohisian (o-hee-sian) if you prefer)!

I'm off to go find my Bone Thugs cd...

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Didn't you discover them?

BuckeyesMJ's picture

Waycraken > LeBron > Messi

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Bite your tongue!

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I don't know about Messi being more popular. In Southeast Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) soccer is not that popular. I'd wager that LeBron is more famous than Messi in India. So, even if Messi is more popular than LeBron in Europe, most of the world's population is in Asia and LeBron is probably more famous there.

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Jeeves's picture

China's most popular spectator sport is football (soccer). India's second most popular sport is football (soccer). The world's most famous soccer players will always be the world's most recognized athlete except probably during Summer Olympic years.

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GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Does anyone else think Urban Meyer should go out of his way to take the kids to a handful of Cavs games? I think it would further lock down Cleveland from a recruiting standpoint if LeBron and Meyer developed sort of a friendship and supported one another. I'm sure recruits would notice.

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I think slowly but surely LBJ is winning over every sports fan in the entire state of Ohio even the ones who burned his jersey.

gocats16's picture

Love it, but does anyone else find it kind of ironic that someone who never went to college can be such a huge recruiting advantage? Haha