J.T. Moore is Leaving the Ohio State Football Team

By Patrick Maks on July 17, 2014 at 1:58p

UPDATE (7:20 p.m.): While Moore won't suit up for Ohio State next season, the Buckeyes intend on bringing him back in some sort of student-coaching capacity, a team source said.

UPDATE (6:29 p.m.): While an Ohio State spokesman has denied this reportEleven Warriors stands by the story and our sources.

Ohio State senior tight end J.T. Moore is leaving the Ohio State football team, sources told Eleven Warriors Thursday.

Moore, a fifth-year senior, will part ways with the Buckeyes due to chronic knee injuries. He played in 31 games during his career, including all 14 games in the 2013 season.

Moore moved from the defensive line to tight end prior to the start of 2013 and was used primarily in run situations and on special teams. He had 10 career tackles.

Moore, a native of Youngstown, came to Columbus as a three-star defensive lineman out of Boardman High School and an All-Ohio selection.

Team sources confirmed the departure. 


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Thanks for your service, JT, and best of luck in your future! #Buckeye4Life 

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Sad to hear. Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye. Thanks for the efforts young man! Best of luck to you going forward.

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Hope that knee heals. Good luck. 

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Best of luck in all future endeavors J.T.

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Heal up and live a very successful life.Your tOSU degree will carry you as far as you can dream. Good luck young man and keep your life goals sky high.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Better to leave now before his knee gets worse.  He'll appreciate this decision in 10-15 years. 

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thats unfortunate for J T but hopefully he finishes that free education and becomes successful at whatever he does after school

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Best of wishes to you JT.  Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.

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Hate to see this with a guy who has paid his dues.  I wish him the best going forward and agree--once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye...

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Thanks for the blood, sweat, and tears JT! Welcome to the other side of Buckeye Nation!

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Good luck JT.  Take care of that injury!

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Best of luck, kid. Hope the knee gets better.

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From one who wouldn't stop and now has replacements you are making the right decision. Good luck

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Good luck to you JT.  Unfortunate that you had knee problems, but I'm happy you won't be making it worse.  Glad you were are a Buckeye!

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A sincere "best of luck" to you, JT!

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Time and change...  Good luck with your new adventures.  Any player who changes positions gets an should get an extra dose of respect.

Buckeye love in the Big Apple

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Per another site, JT has graduated and already accepted a position in his field. Best of luck to him.

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that's awesome to hear, just curious....anyone know what that field is?


^ best post ever ^

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Absolutely, positively, categorically UNTRUE.

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LMAO  this from the site that reported a recruit dead when in fact that was false???  Please... lol

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Was he categorically, undead?

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he was a guy you never heard negative stuff about, never had to worry about him getting in trouble with the law or any of that crap.....a very good representation of the Buckeye family, good luck JT


^ best post ever ^

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Well this sucks, especially since he will be missing out on his senior year.

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Best of luck going forward, Mr. Moore. 

Any word on Jeff Greene getting a scholarship?

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this certainly does open 1 up for this year, I would think he'd be a good candidate to get it, either he or Rashad Frazier

edit:  actually I have the team having 80 scholarship players as of right now, so Frazier & Greene could be scholarship players this year

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I thought Frazier already had one.

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I don't think so, but I've been known to be wrong before......here is what I have in regards to scholarship players for tOSU (I have 80 total as of today)

QB (4)- Braxton, Cardale, Barrett, Collier

RB (6)- Rod Smith, Bri'onte Dunn, Warren Ball, Ezekiel Elliott, Curtis Samuel, Parris Campbell

WR (11)- Smith, Spencer, Smith, Epitropolous, Thomas, Wilson, Marshall, Clark, Dixon, Brown, McLaurin

TE (4)- Heuermann, Vannett, Baugh, Hubbard

OL (17)- Lindsay, Hale, Baldwin, Brown, Underwood, Ferris, Boren, Decker, Elflein, Dodson, Lisle, Price, Jones, Trout, Knox, Jones, Taylor

DT (7)- Bennett, Carter, Schutt, Washington, Hill, Munger, Thompson

DE (6)- Miller, Spence, Bosa, Lewis, Holmes, Slade

OLB (7)- Perry, Bogard, Johnson, Lee, Worley, Berger, Booker

ILB (3)- Grant, Williams, McMillan

CB (6)- Grant, Reeves, Conley, Apple, Webb, Lattimore

Safety (6)- Tanner, Powell, Bell, Burrows, Hooker, Smith

ST (3)- Neurnberger, Johnston, Haynes

According to my count that gives us 80 on scholarship, so you could put Frazier and Greene on scholarship for this year and you'll still have 17 available for 2015 before attrition

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Without going through and comparing names I have the same number. Two available if Frazier is not on scholarship, one if he is.

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Where, oh where is Tracy Sprinkle?

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I hope he didn't go to the golf course, to take a tinkle.

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Best of luck. I liked him. He was always helping his teammates up off the ground at the end of a play. He was in the middle of the Wilson fight against TSUN and was 1 of the few OSU players helping. Sucks to see him go, It seemed he was a leader on the sidelines, very vocal. 

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JT  get that paper Bro'   that will get you to the next step


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Good luck & best wishes JT!

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Thanks for your hard work.  Best of luck and get that degree.

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Heart goes out to the guy.....this couldn't have been an easy decision.  Best of luck out there JT! Make Buckeye nation proud young man!

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Somebody had to leave before the season or else the team would have been over the scholarship limit.  According to the football scholarship grid of this site, with JT, there were 83 players on scholarship with the limit for this year being 82 (2014 being the last year of the 3 scholarship reduction).  This gets the scholarship numbers down to that magic number of 82 just in time.  Good Luck to you JT in your future endeavors!

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List is not accurate that you posted. Jayme Thompson is not on the roster. I was under the impression Marcus leaving got OSU to 82.

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You are right.    I thought the list would be current since they are usually on top of things here.  Thanks for the constructive feedback.

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Saw on another site, he already has accepted a job in the investment field.  Get ya some, JT.

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Absolutely UNTRUE.  JT is serving an internship with our office.  I can ASSURE YOU it is news to him that he is not with the team.  He has NOT quit.  He is going to speak with Coach Meyer on Monday.  If he is cleared medically he is full go.  

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Touché  BUKIROB!!!!  "Sources" must be from TTUN! 

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Bukirob, thanks for the info.  Do you know what JT's thoughts are on this?  Is this a matter of the Coaches not picking up his 5th year so they can get down to the 82 scholarship limit?

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It has nothing to do with the scholarship numbers. Quit trying to turn it into a sec situation. We dont force players off our team and we do not need his scholarship for this season,it makes no sense.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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Hey, honest mistake.  CDUB4 set me straight on the 11W football scholarship grid inaccuracy.

you fucking weasel

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Hah nice way to take one on the chin. I honestly seen the blue in your screen name and multiple posts from you that seemed like you were blaming this on scholarship numbers and thought "*ichigan fan trying to make Urban and tOSU look bad". Yea we didnt need his scholly for this season and he graduates after this year so that made no logical sense. My bad.

Mark my words..I don't need acceptance. I'm catching interceptions on you innocent pedestrians.

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No problem.  I would have probably thought the same thing if I were in your shoes.

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Tough way to end a football career - best of luck!

"Because we couldn't go for three"

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Better to walk away now than to limp away later. Same reason Robert Smith retired when he did. Tough decision to make no doubt...but kudos to him for putting his future health first. Bst of luck down the road JT.

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This article stirred up a little tiff between Dave Biddle an 11W. Dave basically accused 11W of not properly crediting him for originally breaking the source. He took to twitter to publicly accuse 11W which I thought was petty and a dick move.

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Thanks for the your commitment JT!  As a man with 8 knee surgeries and 2 metal knees - I can certainly understand what you're going through! 

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Im 49 and my knees hurt all the time. I feel for these college kids already having knee pain.



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Hey Dude, I'm 50 and my knees use to hurt all the time, tore miniscus play b-ball 10 years ago.  Two years ago pinch nerve in lower back.  Tried yoga and swimming.  Knee pain rarely now.  I credit the yoga.  Give it a try.  Yeah you fart a lot, so do the chicks!  I'm interested to see if Minn has less injuries this year after the yoka in off season.

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All the more reason for NCAA reforms.

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You know you're in Buckeye Country when a 3rd string TE and ST player's possible departure garners so much attention. Take note recruits.... that's love for our Buckeyes. Got his degree and a new baby at home, regardless what happens with his playing days... dudes gonna do alright for himself.

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Best of luck J.T.! You represented Ohio State with class.

Odds on Sam Hubbard getting #8? From one TE to another.

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Good luck, brotha

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Good luck J.T.

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Best of luck JT!!


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Health and happiness above all else.  Best of luck JT.

Class of 2010.

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Don't get down on yourself keep those grades up and carry on with life! Good luck with all future endeavours!!!

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