Duron Carter Has a CFL Highlight Reel

June 21, 2014 at 9:42a    by DJ Byrnes    

Old friend of the program, Troy Smith, threw a touchdown pass to old friend of the program, Duron Carter, last night in the Montreal Alouettes 26-10 loss. In searching (in vain) for a video of the pass, I stumbled upon Duron Carter's CFL highlight reel from his rookie season.

After watching it, it's easy to see why Duron Carter got so many chances to play collegiate football. Duron was never one for the classroom, but his talent on the football field is nothing to sneeze at.

Duron will compete for catches with Chad Johnson (yes, that Chad Johnson) this year, which is a contract year for the former Ohio State wideout. The Alouettes, for their part, think Carter has a future in the NFL.


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He has a shot at an NFL contract. Side note, I find all the Tim Horton adds to be hilarious.

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That music. Dear Lord...

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Good for him but a couple things. 1. Did that highlight reel include him taking a safety on a kick - off or did I have the wrong guy I was watching? 2. Did that highlight video have credits for the director and, if directed, we're the plays not real?

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I think that was actually a highlight reel downing for a touchback lol. I've never seen a touchback on a highlight reel before, but it does illustrate his elusiveness (believe it would only be a safety had he advanced the ball into the field of play). 

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I thought this was the start of an epic return and then he downed it lmao.

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Haha same here! But an interesting highlight reel for a talented WR none the less.

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I believe that was a 'rouge' and the kicking team received 1 pt because he didn't advance it out of the end zone.

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Those bubble screens at the beginning reminded me of the Buckeyes too.

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Does anyone know how you score 1 point alone in CFL, at one point it was 7 to 1?


"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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See my post above. All kicks are live and if not advanced out of the end zone result in a single point (a rouge) for the kicking team.

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Other forms of the great game of football fascinate me, particularly Arena and Canadian football. Man I love this game!!!


"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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I'm thinking about giving you a helmet sticker just for watching the highlights of a pre-season CFL game...or maybe you should be shunned and ridiculed for watching the pre-season highlights of a CFL game. I'm conflicted cuz I did too...and I still feel dirty.

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That was a horrible song to have to endure for those highlights.

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That one play where Troy was scrambling all over the place and ended up throwing a completion to Carter made #9 on the SC Top 10 on Saturday morning.  I think the only reason ESPN cared about that game was Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, though.

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I'm happy to be on record as hoping the best for Duron.  Maybe he would have been better served bypassing college.  (Even though we would have missed out on a small part of his talent.)

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I'm quite certain we missed out on almost all of his talents!