Ohio Has Seen a 300% Increase in Babies Named 'Braxton' Since Urban Meyer Was Hired

By DJ Byrnes on June 17, 2014 at 12:50p

97.1 The Fan's Lori Schmidt has pulled some records from the Office of Vital Statistics at the Ohio Department of Health, and the results might shock you.

Since Urban Meyer was hired in 2011 until the end of the 24-game winning streak, 579 babies were born in the state of Ohio with the name, "Braxton."

According to Schmidt and the Office of Vital Statistics, there were only 183 babies named Braxton in the two year period preceding Urban's thunderous arrival in Columbus.

Before you scoff at the notion of a correlation, feel free to look up the numbers of teens named "Shaquille" in today's America.

H/T: Fear the Hat 


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RoweTrain's picture

And at least one in Maine. Not even ashamed to admit it. The wife actually liked it when I mentioned it to her so we have 11 week old Braxton now.

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"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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Congrats!  We have a 9 month old Scarlet.. ;)

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Just make sure when she gets older she doesn't date any boys named Rhett.

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Now there's a name you don't hear everyday..

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We wanted to go with that one as well since both my wife and I are alums. 

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How many Raekwon's were there pre-Wu Tang compared to now...

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Has the shine diminished on the name "Brady" up there?


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We have a six month old Braxton, he's a dog.


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rdubs's picture

I have a one year old named Eddie, also a dog.

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BuckeyeinSavannah's picture

My doberman was named Brutus

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Baroclinicity's picture

My 11 year old cat is named Krenzel.

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6 year old cat names Beanie.

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Ohio Forever!

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I have a 5 year old dog named Brutus

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Haha, I know two people that have little boys named Braxton who were born in that time period.


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I have a three month old son we named Greyson, and if we have another daugther her name will be Scarlet. So I will have my Scarlet and Grey


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sharks's picture

Just a sign of the times.  I've noticed a bunch of football recruits named 'Shaquille' these last few years, and I'd expect a bunch of kids named 'LeBron' in the next 5-10.

A man got to have a code...

northwest_buckeye's picture

There was a dude arrested from Toledo a year or two ago named "Shaquille O'Neal Williams." I nearly pissed myself. What cruel parent does that?

Link here, for your enjoyment: https://www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2011/09/13/Police-arrest-Toledoan-after-vehicle-chase.html

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My boxer pup is named Urban


mrspray's picture

I named my son Myer 2 years ago, and it strangely wasn't in honor of Urban. People believe me that it was a coincidence just a little bit when they realize the spelling is different...

In case you're curious, it's Mr. Spray

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He wins a BCS title, and I'll legally change my name to Braxton.

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northwest_buckeye's picture

I know a few people that named their son "Braxton" over 3-4 years ago... So it may have been a name on the rise naturally, with a certain bump in the last few years by #5. Or else my buddies have been following B.Miller as long as the rest of us, and knew the then-HS sophomore from Huber Heights was destined for greatness and tried to jump the gun on the hot new name. I'm betting on the latter.

I've never said I 'hate' anyone because that would imply I had any emotion for them whatsoever.

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My wife wants Carmen if its a girl, which I'm totally cool with. Any names she recognizes from an ohio state player gets vetoed for a boy. We're not finding out what we're having, but if it is a son in there, we have to find something for a bit. Braxton is out for us.

NW Buckeye's picture

Woodrow comes to mind!  

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chemicalwaste's picture

I thought about trying to sneak in Archer and calling him Archie. I've met Archie a few times, and they don't make men too much better than him. I'm also crazy about bow hunting.

So many good things to come this fall! Football again, hunting season, and a little one in late September or early October!

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I have a 3 year old Braxton and he's already showing the elusiveness of #5!

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My 8 year old daughter just named her guinea pig Braxton.

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How many kids are named Bauserman?

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We were expecting our first child some 4 years ago now, and Braxton Miller had not yet committed to Ohio State. I became aware of the name through recruiting, and really liked it. My lovely wife liked it as well, and we decided that would be the name. 

At some point prior to delivery, Mrs. Sonny asked if this Braxton HS kid in Ohio was going to attend Ohio State and become a household name, as she did not want people to think that her husband's affinity for college football was driving the nomenclature decisions for the first born in the family. I carefully stated that he was likely coming to Ohio State, but had not yet formally signed anything. I also said the likelihood of Braxton Miller becoming a household name was slim, as many kids never pan out.

I am glad I was wrong on that front, and our little Braxton turns 4 on Saturday.