A Hero is Uploading Ohio State Football Games to YouTube

By Jason Priestas on June 14, 2014 at 2:50p

While most of us are just sitting around patiently waiting the 77 more days before the start of Ohio State football, one heroic YouTube user is almost willing the season here faster.

Beginning in April, a user going by tornadomanatwork has began uploading what's now become more than 80 Buckeye football games, including recent performances and many, many deep cuts.

The upset of No. 1 Iowa in 1985, the 1987 Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M, Oklahoma in 1977, Notre Dame '95, Keith Byars running over – and losing a shoe – against Illinois in 1984, and even that time the Buckeyes handed Mark May's Pitt Panthers their worst loss in school history. All uploaded for your viewing pleasure.


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Just in time for Father's Day...

(The socks and Crayola speckled card are nice, too)

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Well, looks like my weekend plans are out the window.

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Nice. Have a lot of these in short version by ourhonordefend from a few years back.  

There's a lot of great  stuff on YouTube. Just search and all sorts of stuff comes up. 

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Thank the heavens above. Very excited to see games before I existed

I like football

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A whole bunch of 2002 games too.. nice!

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Best season in Buckeye History! So many close games week in and week out, Tresselball def knocked a few years off a lot of buckeye fans lives that year but it was well worth it!

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Running into Miami fans during those games will be just lovely. They will blame referee Terry Porter and we will try as hard as we can to get those Miami fans to understand one thing about a different call that came with about 2 and a half minutes left in the game. Just before the Buckeyes punted Chris Gamble, while being totally molested by his defender ran an out pattern that looked to have been caught for a first down....With no instant replay the refs blew the play dead and called it an incomplete pass. The problem is that the replay showed (in my opinion) a catch and first down by the Buckeye offense. If the referees call that play correctly with either the defensive holding or the catch and first down, that game doesn't even go into OT.


The Hurricane fans however, will argue with all of their hearts that Terry Porter's OT call was the only reason that Ohio State won. They will never back down and almost never even discuss the defensive holding call/catch and first down that would have allowed the Buckeyes to run the game clock down to the point to where there would have been no OT. On top of that, Referee Magazine (yes, it does exist) has Terry Porter's so called "blown call" as one of the best calls in sports history. I live in Florida...Miami fans will never admit that Ohio State won that game because they were the better team on that day as their minds were poisoned before the game ever took place. For instance, the Orlando Sentinel newspaper ran an ad on game day that criticized Tressel's game plans because of his importance on "punting" and field position and gave the Buckeyes zero chance of pulling an upset as their picture showed a six pack of bottles (the bottles were supposed to be depicting Miami championships)...the six pack carton had five bottles in place and the sixth being slid into place as a Hurricane win would have marked Miami's sixth title. It's funny though...it seems as the entire state was chock full of Hurricane fans in those days. Then after a few years and a Buckeye butt kicking, the entire state became Gator fans. The state hasn't become Seminole fans yet, but there is still time for these fair weathered fans to pull out their old FSU gear out from the Bowden days, I suppose. Oh well....let them all become FSU fans as anything is better than being a Buckeye fan in a state where the bulk of the football fans root for the entire SEC instead of just a favorite team.

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I would also argue Porter wasn't playing the ball with his contact to Gamble. They had no problem with Gamble reaching out and touching his receiver before the ball was in the air and getting flagged for it in the first half. I've argued with them for years that game should not have went to OT.

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This reminded me of how bad  Gowdy was and how much I disliked him

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Thank you tornadomanatwork !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gracias! Very noice Father's Day gift! Go Bucks!

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I will be watching all of 2002 and the 95 Notre Lame game in the very near future. 

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I have all of the 2002 games on VHS... It is the only reason that I still have a VCR hooked up in my basement (and because I refused to buy any of the digitally remastered versions of the Star Wars movies... I will be DAMNED if I will allow Greedo to shoot first in this house!!!).

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Several of those games are ones I originally uploaded as torrents 8-9 years ago. Cool to see them still making the rounds.

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You, sir, are a model citizen. Thank you!

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I was 13 years old and I sold Coke (coca cola, that is…) at the '77 Oklahoma game. Well, I didn't actually "sell" Coke. In reality, I had one tray of soda the entire afternoon and people bought a few from me as I watched the game, not giving a moments thought to the pop I was hired to sell. I only took the job that year so that I could get into all the games. Anyway, afterwards I was "fired" for obvious reasons... but then re-hired almost immediately for reasons unknown to me to this day. What a game that was. I was on the field afterwards and I can still see Jeff Logan walking to the locker room with tears running down his face...

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Just watched the 98 WVU game. I had forgotten what an ass kicking that was.

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Whoever you are tornadoatwork, thank you. I have always wanted to see the older games that I was not around to watch.

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Watching the 77 Oklahoma game.  Kind of amazing to see the different in production.  Graphics are laughable.  Miss KJ though.  In the first 20 minutes, they break away about 10 times to show cheerleaders.  


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Vacation days officially scheduled! Now, where are my sweatpants?

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I wonder if the uploaders name rhymes with Ramzy.

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Hey, great news!  Can't wait to look back at some of these older games.

Go Bucks!!

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Is the 1996 game against Pitt on there? I want to LOL.

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.  ~ Bruce Lee

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This is great! I didn't get to see many of the games from the 90-s to the early 2000's on TV at all because I was fortunate enough to be in the stands at the home and away games. So this will give me a chance to see the games in a different light and maybe even see my self as a young pup in the stands. Big thanks who ever uploaded these.

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reveal yourself, you magnificent bastard

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Can anyone clarify if this is...as I suspect...completely against the law....copyright/trademark law being what it is and all.....certainly hope I'm wrong, but.....?

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the way I see it... don't ask don't tell

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My gut tells you are correct, whether the original broadcaster has it pulled or the teams themselves.  When OSU tells 11W that Eat Too Brutus is not allowed, this is certainly over the line.

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Better download them all before OSU finds out then.  You know, just to be safe.

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I have about 50 games on DVD....if they end up staying, I guess I save some shelf space.....

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Budweiser presents:

Real men of genius

Heres to you Mr. Ohio State Football youtube uploader...

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A true gentleman and scholar. 

Michigan sucks.

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If he can find a way to upload the 1997 Rose Bowl , he might be in line for a kidney should he ever need one

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Just subscribed to his channel...he's still uploading games. 

As far as the copyright goes, all you have to do is acknowledge that it's third party content and you're good. However, if you're concerned that they might be taken down, you can just download them if you want.

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I'm not quite sure why anyone would think that all you have to say is "No copyright infringement intended" and think that's all you need to do. Intention has nothing to do with whether you violate copyright. There are, of course, fair use laws (and they probably need to be rewritten because of the digital age), but I don't think total reproduction falls under that category.

(I have to admit this is one of those things I see on Youtube that's more than a little aggravating.  Attribution is the solution to plagiarism, not copyright infringement.)

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looks like i wont be doing a single g--d--- thing for the next month

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These videos never get old.....................Thanks for the upload

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It's nice to be transformed back to a time when we actually used to beat USC Trojans.

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At the end of the 1999 Sugar Bowl it is interesting to see that the Big 10 went 5-0 in bowls to lead all conferences, the SEC went a paltry 2-4, Ahh the good old days, but not so long ago after all.

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Thank you so much for these games!!!!

"The Past Builds the Future"

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Great share Jason. I will have to watch the OSU Vs. Pitt game, I have such a distaste for mark may.

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Computer with Google Chrome $$$

Chromecast and TV $$$

Endless hours of buckeye football on bigscreen... Priceless!

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May God bless this man.

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I got to see the '69 Rose Bowl all the way through...rad

Buckeyes were down 0-10 and rattled off 27 unanswered....