Meyer: Heuerman Out With Foot Injury, Offense Struggles

By Kyle Rowland on April 1, 2014 at 7:38p

The offensive revolution will continue. It will just have a different look in 2014. No two seasons are ever the same, and that notion rings true for Ohio State.

Carlos Hyde, Philly Brown and nearly the entire offensive line is gone. So is Braxton Miller – at least for the spring. Replacements are being located and playmakers have been put on notice.

Names like Dontre Wilson and Jalin Marshall could become frequent by October, as could Ezekiel Elliott and Johnnie Dixon. It’s all part of Meyer’s vision that’s heavy on speed and elusive game-breakers. And for good reason.

His preferred style of play has resulted in two national championships and two undefeated seasons. Those high marks came with three different teams – Florida, Utah and Ohio State.

But the 2014 offense will be different than 2013 – and 2006 at Florida and 2004 at Utah.

“It will have a different taste to it,” Meyer said.


  • Urban Meyer confirms Jeff Heuerman had surgery on his sprained foot. Meyer said he'll be in a cast/boot for six weeks. Heuerman should be good to go in June.
  • At tight end, Meyer said there isn’t a huge drop off because Nick Vannett and Marcus Baugh have performed so well.
  • Several players have suffered injuries this spring. Meyer said there are no alarm bells, though. The rate isn’t much different from past springs.
  • The offense had a subpar today in a scrimmage. Most everyone on the unit struggled, Meyer said. He named Cardale Jones and Taylor Decker specifically.
  • "The defense got better of the offense today."
  • One of the potential playmakers this season, Curtis Samuel, stuck out in practice Tuesday, according to Meyer.
  • "Cardale was bad today. And when I say back, I mean real bad." But he added that Jones is clearly the No. 2 quarterback and “one of the most improved players on the team.”
  • Meyer said he doesn't feel student-athletes are employees. But he's always believed students should get a stipend. Meyer said he agrees with the 20-hour per week rule for players. Once you leave the facility, though, it takes more than that to be successful, which is why guys watch film, use iPads, etc.
  • "Josh Perry's turning into an Ohio State linebacker -- about. He's not quite there yet."
  • Meyer’s always big on leadership, and that hasn’t changed in 2014. He said the team is going through unit leadership. Coaches and speakers have done leadership training, attempting to mold the team.
  • "We have a real systematic approach to fixing this thing – it’s not broke, but we didn’t finish the chase."



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nikolajz1's picture

All these big name injuries this spring. These guys need to be getting reps otherwise I feel like there will be a let down next fall. 

-1 HS
ab1993's picture

To be fair almost anyone is a big name

+6 HS
rdubs's picture

Exactly, and someone like Heuerman  has had so many reps that we know he'll be fine.  In someways his injury and Braxton's can be beneficial because the younger guys can get a lot more reps and be ready to go when they are called on.  If Baugh were injured, I'd almost be more worried that he couldn't catch back up.  That is where Marshall's injury hurts more, he was already a bit behind from his injury issues last summer/fall.  But since we weren't relying on him this fall it shouldn't be as big of a short term impact.  Bell is another big one since we aren't that deep there, but again, it gives a chance to work on depth with some of the other young guys.  You never want to see injuries, but the team just needs to make the most of them.

buckeyedexter's picture

At tight end, Meyer said there isn’t a huge drop off because Nick Vannett and Marcus Baugh have performed so well.

Nice to see this, I was worried about Baugh after his alcohol related incidents, I thought he may have a problem.

+6 HS
Hovenaut's picture

First thing that stood out to me as well.

Speedy recovery for Heuerman, but it's good to read about Baugh in a positive light.

rdubs's picture

It seems likely that he does have an alcohol problem, but I don't think anyone has really thought he had much of a football problem.  Just have to keep from getting in the way of himself.

BrooklynBuckeye's picture

Great to hear about Baugh and Samuel. Someone among Jalin Marshall, Curtis Samuel and Johnnie Dixon will probably get to be a key part of this offense this year.

ITWASME's picture

So happy to hear that C-Sam is doing well

buckeyecityterror's picture

Seeing how our defense was our weakness last year, especially late in the year. I'm glad the defense is outperforming the offense. Even if braxton is out. 

If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

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BeijingBucks's picture

Grain of salt time... No xbrax, guapo, or gladiAtor Oline...

... If there wasn't some fall off there I would be stunned. True measure of D will only come when we see if opposing QBs stop putting up career numbers on us.  Feel like we are running #2 offense vs #1 D

None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license. ~ John Milton

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chirobuck's picture

Good lord Samuel is standing out now.....I really can't wait to see this offense in action......I mean who does the defense even try to focus on


^ best post ever ^

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DefendOhio's picture

Great to hear about Jones. Most people, including myself, thought it was a forgone conclusion Barrett would win the back-up job. Seems like Cardale has turned his life around. 

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vwhiegs57's picture

The defense got better of the offense today."

I guess I don't know how to take this.

  1.  Our Offense is on a decline from previous years......although it is only Spring with plenty of fresh facies. also no Brax Miller.
  2.  Our Defense is on the rise and getting to the level of our Offense........again it's still only spring, but the newer faces are stepping up.

As most of you more than likely, I'm praying for the later of the two!



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Iron_Buckeye's picture

"His preferred style of play has resulted in two national championships and two undefeated seasons. Those high marks came with three different teams – Florida, Utah and Ohio State."

Should've read..... three undefeated seasons not two.

Urbs had an undefeated season coaching Utah in 2004.


“The minute we stop expecting greatness from our football program, we become Wisconsin.” Craig Krenzel

shaggybuckeye's picture

Pretty sure he didn't have an undefeated season while at Florida.

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rdubs's picture

Yep national championships at Florida and the undefeated seasons at OSU and Utah.

Bailey458's picture

He did not have an undefeated season with Florida.  2008 they lost to Ole Miss, 2006 they lost to Auburn.

seafus26's picture

Do they injuries have anything to do with the whole team having to practice indoors, instead of just a few and the rest scattered across several outdoor practice fields?

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!