Urban Meyer Shoots the Breeze with CBS Sports

By DJ Byrnes on March 24, 2014 at 2:14p

Urban Meyer sat down with CBS Sports' Jeremy Fowler for a Q&A, and as is par-for-the-course with Meyer, he dispensed various hot takes in a straight-shootin' manner

Urban Meyer has his eye on the second-level read option; it's something he believes will become prevalent in college football.

Meyer estimates 25 teams or so use the second-level concept. He thinks Rich Rodriguez might have started it. Auburn is good at it.

Meyer expects that number to be closer to 50 when next season kicks off in the fall. (Here's a sketch of the idea Urban Meyer drew in fifteen seconds.)

Fans will like his words about the ongoing defensive overhaul:

“I have a vision for our defense. I made it clear what I'd like to see. I'd like to challenge every throw and run like hell, to have a defense like we played at Florida. I want to see it. I'm more involved than I've ever been … There are a couple of positions that have to play better than they've played.”

Would a better secondary in 2013 have sent the Buckeyes to the national title game?

“Yes. I don't want to take anything away from Michigan State. They were a great team. They threw for 300 yards on us. You're not going to win many games that way. When you have to outscore people, that's going to catch up to you.”

The whole interview, again, can be found over here



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"The relationship is stronger than ever"


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My one and only mancrush...UFM.

Go Bucks!

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Hands off. He's mine.

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can someone enlighten me with this so called second level option?  Is he talking about moving the read from a defensive lineman to a linebacker or safety?  Or is he talking about adding a throwing element to the read option?

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From the article:

The second-level zone read has his attention. In the traditional zone read, the quarterback reads the defensive end to dictate whether he'll hand off or run. In this version, the quarterback is reading the linebacker.

“That's going to not disappear,” Meyer says. “It's even in the NFL now. The NFL doesn't give you three yards.”

College does -- as in, officials allow linemen to get up to three yards downfield before a throw. If the linebacker bites inside, the quarterback can throw to the open space with a slant, hitch, out or whatever the pattern dictates. Meanwhile, linemen already are downfield to block.

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He's talking about both. The QB now reads a Linebacker instead of the Defensive End when making the read, with the options being to either hand the ball off to the RB, or keep the ball and throw to the area that was vacated by the Linebacker that is now moving up to stop the run. 

The reason he brings up the Lineman blocking downfield is that the play is still blocked like a running play, with linemen running upfield to try and block defenders. In the NFL, you can't have a lineman more than one yard past the line of scrimmage, making it nearly impossible to properly block the play if it were to be handed off. However, in college, there is room to run these pass/run options on the same play, due to the rule being that linemen can be up to 3 yards downfield before the ball is thrown.

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This is the reason i feel UFM is one of the greatest college coaches ever, even in his short time in college. He takes a cerebral approach to the game somewhat like Phil Jackson did during his coaching career, hint the nickname "The Zen Master". This is what we needed, and as bad as it sounds, it's good we went through the struggles we did last year, Urbs is now involved deeper than ever. Our defense has been to passive over the last couple of years. And apparently Urban "Don't play that!" Call me crazy or optimistic, but I "expect" a national title within the next 2 years. GoBucks

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That's a nice Cleveland Indians jacket you've got on there, Coach Meyer

Pick up your feet, turn your corners square! And DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!

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I was hoping for an ESPN gush-fest inside the realm of The Saban, I guess this'll do.


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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On whether parity in college football is improving: “It's close. Oklahoma showed it. Michigan State showed it to beat Stanford. The Big 12 has a strong conference now. I got to watch some games. There are some good teams out there. I think the Big Ten is getting better. Michigan State, Penn State coming off the sanctions, Wisconsin is a helluva football team. We were right there on the 35-yard line to beat Clemson. Traditionally there's an Iowa, that's a helluva team. I think it's coming. The SEC is so unique because there are just so many. I don't know if you'll ever catch them top to bottom. The talent down there -- there are so many players.”

No mention of Michigan? I'm shocked! :o

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LMAO... UV for picking up on that, slid right past me

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If asked he would have said, "they still have a team up there?"



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Well, he would have been lying if he said they were improving...so he's not wrong

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"Some things will look the same, but there’s a reason why our kids didn’t play very fast last year, and it’s not because of the players. We’re overhauling everything, the terminology, the way we practice, the way we coach."

Very telling....



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Dumb question (I'm full of them)...

What, if any, connection does Schiano have with Urban or the program?  Curious why he was hanging around for a few days.

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It is typical in coaching circles to hang-out and talk shop. Mark Mangino, the old Kansas coach that got fired, was here to hang out with Urban, and observe for a few days a couple years ago.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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This pisses me off:

“Overhaul. Overhaul. Overhaul it. A little bit like when we came here and we overhauled the offense …What Chris Ash is able to do, we're overhauling it entirely. Some things will look the same, but there's a reason why our kids didn't play very fast last year, and it's not because of the players. We're overhauling everything, the terminology, the way we practice, the way we coach. It's going pretty good. No resistance, no egos, really good people.”

So this either means 1) Withers was in charge of the defense last year - terminology, playcalling, etc.  OR (what is more likely)...2) Fickell was mostly in charge of that, and yet you kept him on staff again!  If you're saying it's not the players, that means it's on the coaches.  And you're keeping the top defensive coach!  Can't have it both ways.

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