Following Shoulder Surgery, Braxton Miller Will be Limited in Spring Drills

By Jason Priestas on February 21, 2014 at 5:45p

Ohio State confirmed Braxton Miller endured surgery on his right shoulder today and is expected to be limited during spring drills.

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller had minor, outpatient surgery on his right shoulder this morning at the Ohio State University Medical Center. He will be limited in his activities throughout spring drills, which start Tuesday, March 4 and commence with the LiFE Sports Spring Game, Presented by Nationwide, April 12 at 1:30 p.m. in Ohio Stadium. 

The surgery, first reported by Eleven Warriors, was to address an injury Miller suffered on the fifth play of the Orange Bowl when he was sacked by Clemson's Vic Beasley.

While you always want your starting quarterback at full-go for spring camp, the surgery is a blessing in disguise of sorts as it will give valuable snaps to Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett and Stephen Collier, all battling to replace Kenny Guiton as the world's most electrifying backup quarterback.


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BuckeyeNation_330's picture

Let the Battle for "Best Damn Backup In The Land" begin!!!!!

"Bleed Scarlet, Die Gray"

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He had surgery on this throwing shoulder correct?


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Does anyone know if Braxton had planned to spend time with the QB guru (Geo. Whitfield) again this offseason?

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I'd heard there was talk of it, but I never saw any sources with that so it might have been pure speculation.

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The old joke, what is the difference between minor surgery and major surgery ... major surgery is when YOU have a procedure performed, minor surgery is when that procedure is performed on someone else.  All kidding aside, hope it was not too invasive and XBrax has a full recovery.  Maybe it will be a blessing in disguise from another standpoint, will give him a reason to rest his arm.

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Sucks to hear as he won't get nearly as much time with Herman to develop more. But, injuries must be dealt with, so heal up Brax!

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We all hope for nothing but the best for XBrax. Get your shoulder fixed up and hope for a full 100% recovery. The young pups will get the reps that they need this spring ball. It will be an exciting spring; to watch this young team compete. We have a lot of young players that want to prove that they deserve a spot to play. Cant wait to watch it all unfold. 2014 FB season cant get here fast enough :-D!!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!

Buckeye Dynasty starts in 2014 baby !!!!!! GO BUCKS !!!!!!!! O - H - I - O

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Get Better Braxton


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Also, can the spring game have a few more sponsors, please?

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This has to mean Michael Thomas will not be spectacular this April.

But maybe August through January...

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We were spoiled by Kenny G.  Now time to get the next backup ready.  If history repeats itself, Braxton will get injured and need someone to step up big time.

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I can stop 2nd guessing that last throw now ...

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Hopefully, the surgeon was able to repair whatever it was that was damaged; it wasn't too bad; and Brax is able to get back to a normal, free, throwing motion.

I'd change the joke about major/minor surgery to say: Surgery on a quarterback's throwing shoulder is, by definition, major.


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It's now or never

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Looking forward to seeing the new guys take some snaps.

Hell, looking forward to seeing all the guys on the field. Spring ball's almost here!

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Wonder if this injury had anything to do with decision to come back?  Not like he could have exactly performed at the combine, or even possibly a pro day.

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He is an idiot for not saying he was hurt   The announcers and fans could see he was not well. 

southbay's picture

If your second sentence is true, and I believe it is, then the coaches could see that as well, I think.

At some point during the game I posted that Braxton was going to stay in the game unless and until his arm fell of. Hyperbole, but unfortunately not as much as I thought.

That's supposed to be "fell off" but it's impossible to fix something like that on my iPad right now.

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This was all I needed to see

surgery on his right shoulder this morning at the Ohio State University Medical Center


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Jason I found a new glitch I had the medical center bold and underlined while using the quote function and it didn't post with the bold or underline.  

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How are you underlining text? There's no underline button.

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I use keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl + u.  This has already been reported in the Bugs forum.  Is there supposed to be an underline button?

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I pulled it because underlined text on the web that's not a hyperlink is considered a cardinal sin. It won't break anything if people want to do underline words, but from a usability angle, it's not considered a good look.

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i type the text then hold down on the text on my iPhone till the option to select all appears and if I hit the arrow button underline is an option.  It's showing all of this is underlined in edit but not when saved and posted.

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Just noticed the underline text is showing up under recent posts when I'm in my account page just not on the forum.

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Got it. Thanks.

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How about strikethrough?  There's a button for that, but it hasn't worked outside of when you're typing a comment.

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Any reason we waited 6 weeks after the injury for the surgery?  Assuming they maybe wanted to see if PT would help, but sure seems like a LNG time for a guy that needs the spring to work. 

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I wondered the same thing.  

Miller needs every rep he can muster between now and August 30th.

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Hope those Docs tweaked a little to put some air under that deep ball. 

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Braxton's Off-Season Schedule
Practice / Practice / Practice
Braxton's Off-Season Schedule
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Senior Season Citrus Bowl



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I hope he will still make the progress needed to improve himself for this season...time will tell...

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Why did it take so long after the bowl game? Seems odd.



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Maybe he wanted to wait to see if surgery was necessary. In any case this gives him a reason to sit in the film room and mentally mature as much as he can physically. That may help his game even more than practice reps

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Get well soon Xbrax360!