Football Recruiting: Buckeyes Get Chance to Impress Five-Star Christian Kirk

By Jeremy Birmingham on February 16, 2014 at 12:00p

Hi. Welcome to the weekend. Hopefully everyone has had a chance to unwind a bit and enjoy what feels like the first non-blizzardy weekend we've had here in Ohio for a while. The snow hasn't begun to melt yet, but the Buckeyes are heating up their recruiting efforts for 2015 and this week saw it pay off with the surprise verbal commitment of Jacksonville (Fla.) star safety Ben Edwards. Edwards, a three-star prospect (for now) has a couple of five-star teammates he's hoping to bring with him to Columbus, but today we'll focus on one of the players Ohio State's coaches are recruiting outside of Jacksonville.

In the last two seasons, Ohio State has identified their "it" player on offense early (Dontre Wilson and Curtis Samuel) and through good-fortune (Chip Kelly departing Oregon) and early evaluation, they've landed them both. Christian Kirk is that player for 2015, and the Buckeyes will get their first chance to impress him in two weeks time as he and his family will visit Columbus on February 27th.

Residing in my old stomping grounds of Phoenix, Arizona, Kirk is a composite five-star prospect on At 5-foot-10 and near 200-pounds, he's a dynamic wide receiver but he's more than just an athlete. He's a polite, thoughtful and measured personality, unlike many of the "diva" wide receivers so prevalent in football he watched growing up, and has a good head on his shoulders and a clear vision for his future. He wants to major in communications or business in college and thinks he'd enjoy broadcasting after his football career is over.

Kirk's highlight tape — as you no doubt see for yourself — is borderline ridiculous and the reasons why he's so high on Ohio State's list of priorities is self-evident. Further proof that Ohio State is serious about Kirk? They've got his positional coach recruiting him already rather than the regional recruiter and Zach Smith on the case is good news.

"(Zach Smith and I) get along awesome, we've really hit it off," Kirk told Eleven Warriors. "We talk pretty much everyday in some way. He talks about how he can help get me ready for the NFL and help me become the receiver I want to be."

"Ohio State has told me that they'd use me in more of a wide receiver role than how they use Wilson," he said regarding his potential role in Urban Meyer's offense. "Maybe more how they used Corey (Philly) Brown."

In the middle of the worst Ohio winter in decades, Kirk, an Arizona boy through and through, will trek across the country and check out frigid Columbus. Has weather been considered as a detriment for Ohio State or any other school?

"I guess we'll have to see how it affects me," he said. "If I felt like Ohio State was the place for me the cold won't stop it. I'll talk to (Buckeye 2014 signee Johnnie) Dixon about it when I am up there." 

Dixon, it should be noted, was a long-shot to ever sign with the Buckeyes, but it was his relationship with Zach Smith that turned things in Ohio State's favor. Kirk has something in common with the Florida star beyond his warm-weather roots: he intends on graduating from high school early and enrolling early at the college of his choosing.

"I am not going to wait until any specific date, like an All-Star game or anything because I am graduating early," Kirk said of his timeline for selecting a school. "I have a goal in life and if giving up a semester of high school and fun to reach that goal is what it takes then I'll do that. (Choosing a college) is a business decision for me and if you want to reach your goals that's what I have to do."

One of the select juniors-to-be that participated in last summer's "The Opening" in Eugene, Kirk has offers from a number of the nation's elite football programs, including Oregon, USC, Texas A&M, Florida State, Texas and more. He's got an excellent relationship with fellow Arizona-native and Texas A&M early-enrollee Kyle Allen and Phoenix sent two of its best players in the 2014 class (WR Jalen Brown and DL Jalen Jelks) to Oregon, so Smith and the Buckeyes will have quite a battle on their hands if they want to land "the guy" again in 2015. 

Unlike many of the country's premiere players, Kirk is focusing his energies on picking his school. To that end, he will not participate in 7-on-7 camps this spring, so you may not see as much of the five-star as you will others.

"I won't be doing much camping or 7-on-7 this year," he continued, talking about his business choices. "I need to focus on my visits and early graduation; getting my classes done."

With a family trip the midwest in two weeks, Kirk says this trip will only be to see the Buckeyes, but he does have plans to visit a few other schools soon. 

"I'm just going out there to see Ohio State," he said of the trip. "I will also go visit USC, UCLA, and Oregon at least this spring."


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m5987usus's picture

Thanks for the updates birm as always man


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Great update!  Seems the staff has a real shot here if they can have a great visit.  Urban must have know what he was doing bringing coach Smith on board huh?

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youngbuck95's picture

This kid is ridiculous. He literally starts to look like a blur on the screen when he presses on the gas, and his acceleration is even better. I was in awe the entire 8 minutes watching those highlights. Here's hoping he chooses the good guys!

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Chief B1G Dump's picture

Captain Kirk...beam him up Urban!

Unless theyre just messing with us and they moved him down to JV or Frosh games just to make a highlight tape, then I am all in on this dude.
This kid has afterburners.

unknownmusketeer's picture

After the 1 handed interception, I had to stop watching. That is just ridiculous! Does he ever touch the ball without scoring touchdowns?

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ScarletNGrey01's picture

All he does is catch touchdown passes.

Who said this about what OSU receiver?

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

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buckskin's picture

Buddy Ryan and Chris Carter

+1 HS
williamwhite37's picture

It's not often you see a highlight reel where the player doesn't get tackled once — or even touched

ScarletNGrey01's picture

Saw this highlight reel on another post on 11W, it is "head shakingly" unreal.  As I posted earlier, he has XBrax kinds of moves and more.  Seem like a solid kid with a good head on his shoulders.  tOSU is Wide Receiver U, he could join a long line of greats like Cris Carter, Michael Jenkins, Santonio Holmes, Teddy Ginn Jr., Terry Glenn, David Boston etc.  I'm leaving out some other good receivers, maybe someone can help me out ... but anyway ... you want kids to make decisions that are best for them, but would love to see him join Buckeye Nation obviously.  Columbus is one of the nicest white collar towns in the midwest, the bucks have a dynamic offense, great facilities, great coaches, the largest fan base in the world, should be in the running to get to the playoffs every year ... no bias whatsoever when I assert ... it's a no brainer Christian!

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

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bergy22's picture

Some more recent receivers that spent time or are currently still in the NFL: Brian Hartline, DeVier Posey, Dane Sanzenbacher, Anthony Gonzalez, Brian Robiskie.

Joey Galloway.

Hall of Fame: Paul Warfield

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Codeezy's picture

Yes, Galloway. :)

Codeezy's picture

Yes, Galloway. :)

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ScarletNGrey01's picture

Great list B22 ... and how could I have left out Joey Galloway ... duh!

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Yeah I went to high school with Joey. He was a good friend and I still talk to him every once in a while. He is still a beast and comes to Columbus all the time to visit mom and sister.

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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BAR43's picture

You have Brian Robiskie... but not Santonio Holmes, Terry Glenn, David Boston...

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He was responding to my original post, see the "root" post on this above.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

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He has got some moves and good speed and runs with good balance.  Stepping back and taking negative yardage and getting positive out of it is harder to do in college than high school.  

At least two different helmet colors and several different jersey and pants combinations.  Is that Phil Knight's high school?

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Wow!  This guy can fly and his moves are amazing.....Hope he and his family have a great trip and we can get the snow melted away before they get here!

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You know when your computer hangs during streaming then fast forwards to catch up, that is the feeling I got watching this highlight. The kid is an absolute burner and in the highlights in looks like he also has great balance and vision. He's got shakes for days.

PAWEST1202's picture

You know when your computer hangs during streaming then fast forwards to catch up, that is the feeling I got watching this highlight. The kid is an absolute burner and in the highlights in looks like he also has great balance and vision. He's got shakes for days.

dubjayfootball90's picture

them highlights. WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! Beautiful stride, and when he turns on the jets... WOW!!! 

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Omg... This kid is unreal!! I hope we can land him!!

cpewster's picture

He looks like Reggie Bush on the field. WOW!!! Who's the quarterback? He hit him in stride almost every time and hit back shoulder throws. Let Kirk talk to Johnnie all he wants maybe that can be the edge to get him to sign.

Si vis pacem parabellum.

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cplunk's picture

The QB is Luke Rubenzer. He had a 72 completion pct and threw 61 TDs to 3 INTs. He's a three star and will be a freshman at Cal this coming season. His other offers were Columbia and the three military academies. 

***EDIT**** Oops, those offers are according to 247. Rivals shows him with a lot more offers than that- including Boise State, Arizona, Oregon, UCLA, and Wisconsin. 

He also ran for 1,200 yards and ten TDs.


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Jeremy Birmingham's picture

If you've never watched Rubenzer's highlight tape, do yourself and check it out. That kid runs the ball better than most QBs I've ever seen.

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great highlights and great talent but im confused. Samuel and kirk seem like better fits than Wilson in the so-called "harvin role" yet Wilson is supposed to be moved to more of a wr role and Samuel is by all accounts talked about as a wr and now kirk says he'll be used like brown at wr. imo, harvin was as much a rb as a wr if not more so. so what am I missing?

RunEddieRun1983's picture

This "harvin role" thing has gotten a little weird for me.  Percy Harvin was a dynamic player, in the passing game, running game, and return game, but the game of college football is ever evolving.  Urban Meyer's offense continues to evolve too.  I think when they say "harvin role" it's more or less just the most dynamic offensive play maker, but it doesn't point to x amount of carries vs. x amount of catches.  For all intents and purposes Braxton Miller is the "harvin role" player right now if you ask me.  He's the most dynamic, the only thing he isn't doing is catching the ball.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

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bull1214's picture

id gladly agree with you except for the talk about Wilson being "moved". whats he being moved from? maybe once we see how Samuel gets used in the spring it'll be more clear. seems like these guys are built more like rb's than wr tho. 5'9-510 and 175-190lbs. no matter tho, I still like them as athletes. just curious about their roles.

Hovenaut's picture

Worth the price of admission, wow. Very happy Zach Smith is recruiting Kirk.

Crimson's picture

He didn't score a touchdown when he touched the ball on offense one time.  Do.  Not.  Want.

Please staff, send everyone to get him!

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WOW !!!! another super article Brim

pmac0100's picture

I like him in the Philly Brown role. Great hands too. He seems to catch the ball away from his body like the best receivers do.

Great article!

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I love what I see out if him very fast and shiftiness 

BuckeyeGroove's picture

Without a doubt, the most impressive highlight video i've ever seen in my life. We must get him, I would almost trade my dogs left nut for him on the Bucks

We beat Bama, and Indiana beat Mizzou! 

buckeyedude's picture

I'm sure your dog is a Buckeye fan, but you better ask him first, about that proposition.



buckeyedude's picture

They always have the arrow or circle around the player in question in these highlight videos. In this particular case, it's not really needed. It's fairly easy to figure out which one is Christian Kirk.
When he's running, the world must be a blur, like when you're in a Corvette doing 120mph. (not that I've ever done that, or would condone such behavior. just sayin')



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Could you imagine this kid and Gibson together talk about scary, no sir, this kid is the Ferrari Gibson will be your corvette here

Light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it-John 1:5 SEC meet Ohio State, Ohio State meet SEC

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Good to dream big, J! And with Damien Harris and Drew Richmond and others on offense, not to mention the defense, this could be a very special class.

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Wow! This young man is a must get.  Great stuff as usual Birm.

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If you want to major in broadcasting some day, then TOSU is the place for him: aka Herbstreit, Spielman, Smith, Carter, Galloway.    


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Can't coach speed, Urban can.  Just throw him the ball and stay out of his way.

I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but I'm one of the most colorful.

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BIG want!!! Anyone keep count on how many uniform variations his team has? lol

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AZ speed beats SEC speed!




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What was said by Tress about Ginn, Jr?  "If you're even, he's leavin'."

buckskin's picture

Don't let him go like Davonte Neal a couple of years ago.  That one didn't work out for ND (for personal reasons), but hopefully this kid will.  Hang up the pink for some scarlet and gray young man.

luckynutz's picture

If I remember correctly, the staff backed off of Neal. Thought it had something to do with his dad approaching beanie wells for money to open a training facility in Arizona. I could be off though. But im pretty sure they backed away from neal.

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kirk just visited usc on Saturday with his family. no word on how it went tho.

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Wow, I want this kid bad.

Stay the course 

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This kid is like Reggie Bush.