Jordan Sibert Looks Pretty Thrilled to Play Ohio State

By DJ Byrnes on March 17, 2014 at 10:50a

It's a storyline you're likely to hear a lot of between now and the end of Thursday's NCAA tournament clash with Dayton: Jordan Sibert used to play for Ohio State.

Anyway, here's a picture of Sibert's reaction when he first found out his Dayton Flyers had drawn Ohio State in the first round of March Madness:

He doesn't appear to be too worried, and why would he be? He's got nothing to lose. 

Source: @FlyerHoops

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Aaron Craft .. before he heard OSU would be playing Dayton

Aaron Craft after he heard OSU would be playing Dayton



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I don't know...that looks like more of a head palming to me than a happy face.

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Aaron Craft (and the rest of the team) knowing they're going to have to face Syracuse's zone defense:


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Frankly, I'm less worried about OSU losing to Syracuse & more worried about them over-looking the Flyers. I have OSU taking Syracuse & then dropping to Kansas in the Sweet 16. As always, I'll be extremely happy to be proven wrong.

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Not syracuse! I'd rather see kansas.

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As I was hurrying around getting ready for work I flipped on TBN and got hooked on the replay of last year's semi against AZ.  Now I'm going to be real late for work, but damn worth it as I'm watching our real Buckeyes.  Other than DT and Ravi it's the same four guys playing hard D and playing with confidence on O.   Come on guys, recapture what your are and make a deep run into this year's tourney!  I know you've got it in you! GO BUCKS - OH!

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Dayton will be a tough one. Theyll want us bad. Just depends on which Buckeye team shows up

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