Aaron Craft Named to Allstate Good Works Team

By Kyle Rowland on February 11, 2014 at 9:07a

Ohio State senior point guard Aaron Craft has been named to the Allstate Good Works Team, which honors college basketball players who have made a commitment to improving their communities and the lives of others. 

“The 10 young men selected to the 2014 NABC Good Works Team® amplify the significant contributions of all of the men’s basketball student-athletes across America,” said NABC Executive Director Jim Haney. “We are proud to partner with Allstate to celebrate them as outstanding role models and for the positive impact they have made in their communities, the nation and the world.”

Joining Craft on the Division I team is Utah State's Danny Berger, Virginia's Joe Harris, Penn's Dau Jok and Michigan's Jordan Morgan. 

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OldColumbusTown's picture

Two B1G players on the team.  Bravo to both Craft and Morgan, as well as the others.

Don't want to sound high and mighty, but this is a conference with coaches, players, and administrations about more than just winning.

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Let's not forget that there is also a woman from Purdue on the WABC good works team

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Craft is a finalist for the all Dan Dakich "If I had to choose a young man for my daughter to marry" team. 

+2 HS
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He's the only finalist for that so long as Dakich doesn't try to marry him first

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I only know Craft and Morgan.  And what makes the two of them even more remarkable, is that they are two of the very best students playing basketball in the Big Ten Conference, if not all of America.  There is always a lot of talk about basketball players not being scholars.  Well, we all know about Craft's future in medical school (after his time in the NBA).  My man-crush on student-athlete Aaron Craft is second only to Dakich's.  

Jordan Morgan, you might not realize, has already completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering (which is a ridiculously hard program -- almost unthinkable for any major-sport athlete) and is enrolled right now in the program to get his Masters' in Manufacturing Engineering.  My roommate at Michigan (a very hard worker, a very smart guy, who was not an athlete but who is now a star platform designer for Ford) took four and a half years to finish his IOE degree before getting a Michigan MBA.  

These two are the very best kinds of superstars this Conference has to offer.