Aaron Craft is the Big Ten Player of the Week

By DJ Byrnes on February 10, 2014 at 11:21a

The Big Ten announced today Aaron Craft is the Player of the Week.

Craft averaged 12 points, five assists, 4.5 steals and three rebounds in victories over Iowa and Purdue. He was particularly sensational at Iowa, where he scored 17 points on 6/7 shooting.

Congrats to Aaron Craft on yet another accolade. 

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Way to go AC!  Keep it up!

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We need Craft to keep playing at this level to have any hope of making a run in the tournament.

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I think he and Lenzelle are equally important, as far as needing to play at a high level. The rest of the team really seems to follow their senior leaders. And really, I think Craft is more consistently solid. Even when he has what some consider a "bad" game (which usually means he didn't shoot well or score much, or had multiple turnovers), he always plays his usual solid D, gets a few rebounds, steals and assists, and leads the team.

Lenzelle is not quite as consistent, in that he has the occasional game where he seems to disappear. Altho, I'd say, Lenzelle also plays solid D every game, and almost always grabs 5 or more boards. Let's hope both those guys have put the bad games in the mirror, for good.

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The Swoonmaster for btn pow.  Anyone know how many more steals he need to be the all time leader at OSU or in the B1G????  That would be a great legacy to leave


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I know you have been embedding a lot of tweets today and I admit, sometimes they are a very helpful addition to the discussion but in this case it seems like including a tweet that states exactly what the article is about is not contributing much additional information.

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I'd like to hear BlockO's take on this.

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Congrats Aaron.

I find great pleasure in knowing that every other fan base in the conference is completely pissed off by this news.

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Go to 7min and 55sec remaining in the last game and see why Aaron is extremely valuable to this team. That 20 second clip speaks volumes as to the type of player he is. Unfortunately we all get too caught up in his mechanics and scoring.


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I'd love to see him go out on top. Guys who contribute immediately and then for four years are rare, especially in basketball. I could see retiring number 4 in a decade or so, he's been that much of a true Buckeye.

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