Men's Tennis Claims Ninth-Consecutive Big Ten Championship

By Jason Priestas on April 19, 2014 at 7:30a

“To win an outright title is unbelievable and to claim nine straight championships is a pretty nice feeling,” Tucker said.

Such is the life of Ohio State men's tennis coach Ty Tucker these days: Watch your juggernaut of a team win yet another Big Ten outright regular season championship, while also extending an NCAA home win streak record to 188 matches, and you simply dust off one of five gracious statements you have at the handy, change a number and boom, quote.

Tucker's No. 1 Buckeyes (26-3, 10-0 B1G) have now won 92-consecutive Big Ten regular season matches, the latest a 7-0 win over Iowa Friday night at the Varsity Tennis Center.

Everyone that took the court earned a win for OSU, including senior ace Peter Kobelt, playing the second-to-last last home match of his career, and taking that opportunity to clobber Iowa's Jonas Diercks, 6-1, 6-1.

The Buckeyes close out their Big Ten slate with a home match against No. 63 Nebraska Sunday.


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Go tennis Bucks!

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Congratulations to the tennis team. Also, thanks to 11W for "Around the Oval" - highlighting varsity sports that don't get the coverage the football and basketball Buckeyes do.

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I was wondering, does Ohio State have an actual stadium for tennis? This question came up a few days ago with a friend of mine.

Congratulations to the tennis team. I hope this streak goes on forever.

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They do! They used to play on the courts along side the Woody, but they've since taken over the indoor facility off of Henderson Rd, near Kenny. They may use both, at this point, it's been a few years since I've gone to watch them. Might have to go see them take on Nebrasky!

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Thanks. I though they do but I was not sure.

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They have a stadium by the WHAC.  They only play there if its warm enough and during the day.  They'll have NCAA's for the first two rounds as well.

I like the bux.

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These guys are just flat out good. Already took the indoor national title, hopefully this is the year Coach Tucker gets his year-end championship!

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Impressive indeed and congratulations. (Checked the NCAA championships list. Dang it is really hard to crack the domination of the West coast teams of USC, Stanford, UCLA, and Pepperdine. A few Southern Schools have done it. Only B10 team to have won the National Championship is Illinois. Hopefully this is OSU's turn.)


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Wow, you'd probably have to say the most dominating buckeye sports team going, big time props to Coach Tucker and all the players.  Hope Coach Meyer gives Coach T. a run for his money.

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9 straight what a racket.  Couldn't help myself.  Congratulations Tennis Bucks!

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The dominance of OSU tennis is unbelievable! Keep up the great work, guys!

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FYI...........There is not a Buckeye Sport we won't follow closely  -  Ty sure represents us well


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  Congrats! OSU Buckeyes.  Go out in style , win this last home match and with luck and skill  -  take the NCAA title as well.


Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!

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