No. 14 Ohio State Loses Lacrosse Opener to No. 9 John Hopkins in Three OTs

By DJ Byrnes on February 9, 2014 at 2:21p

The men's lacrosse team opened their regular season today by traveling to Baltimore and facing off with  No. 9 (and future B1G LAX member) John Hopkins. It did not go according to plan.

Jesse King, OSU's Tewaaraton favorite, tallied five goals and an assist in the loss. 

The lacrosse team is off until the 16th, when they will travel to Jacksonville to face Massachusetts in the Moe's Southwest Grill Classic at Everbank Field.


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So I've never seen a LAX game in my life but it looks like a fun game, a cross between football, hockey, and soccer and I might be interested in watching this. My love of Archer has nothing to do with this. Do they broadcast the LAX games on the B1G network? I've never seen them on. Does anyone know what day/time they usually play the games?

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You'll probably see a lot more games on the B1G Network next year when Maryland, Rutgers, and Johns Hopkins join the league.

If you like football, lacrosse is a good substitute. I was at the game today and it was worth freezing my butt off and driving through Baltimore to get to.

They play a lot of weekend games, so it should be easier to check them out. Here's the men's lax schedule...

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I played lacrosse for 8 years and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people call it "LAX". it's lacrosse

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Blame all the LAX bumper stickers I saw during the one year I lived in Upper Arlington.

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CBS Sports Network will have games on Saturdays, I think they do MLL as well.  It is a lot of fun to watch once you 'get' it, and it is a ton of fun to play, albeit humbling for those of us who are relatively athletic.

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Watched the game. Small correction: we lost in 3OT. Not quite sure why OSU tweeted second overtime.  We played well though. Had a few good chances to win and just didn't finish off the game.

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Thanks Cseiling. I changed the titles and stuff to reflect that.

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B1G LAX will be  a lot of fun. Imagine more games will be on the network once that is launched. Like hockey. 

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It's definitely an exciting sport to watch. Pushing Johns Hopkins to 3OT... Could become a great rivalry after a few more contests.

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I will be ecstatic if we become a big rival with Hopkins. That will mean OSU has really stepped into the big time (likely because of their B1G time), and would have maintained their growth and success for many years to come. That would be amazing.

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Lacrosse is a great Native American game that gives each player, no matter their size, a stick so they can beat on opposing players. Well, to a limit. And players can be all sizes: big and stocky—like football linemen (defensemen or goalie), skinny—like long-distance runners (mid-fielders), or even short and athletic (attackers). 

It's fantastic that OSU's regular opponents will be Johns Hopkins (20 National Championships) and Maryland (10 National Championships). So losing in 3 OT @ Johns Hopkins is not that bad a result. Go Buckeyes!

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