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After Michigan, who is your least favorite team in the B1G?

Penn State
9% (112 votes)
85% (1061 votes)
Michigan State
2% (29 votes)
4% (44 votes)
Total Votes: 1246


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I never really hated PSU and don't now but their creepyness factor has skyrocketed.

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I have a feeling this poll isn't even going to be close. The cheeseheads win this one in a blowout.



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ummmm, Purdue.  Everything from their Mascot, to their Big Drum to their "Boiler up" chant, to the train whistle. 


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Can I go with Indiana and their pretentious basketball fans? Seriously annoys me. I can talk to almost any other school or fanbase, including a begruding Michigan fan or two, but the Hoosiers are terrible. 

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Numbnuts in Paris.

Don't text while driving.

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Wiisconsin and scUM are running neck and neck on my hate scale right now. Come to think of it...Wisco just might have a slight edge.

Long live the southend.

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Wiscy has eclipse UM for the time being. UM really hasnt had much to say in either sport for so long and both Wiscy coaches are so damn annoying.

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To Bielema and Ryan:

"Deal with It!"

-Ohio State

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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living in pa throughout highschool i had to vote psu

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Maybe I should post this in a Forum topic but what-the-hell. Seeing how Wisconsin is running away in this poll I'm suggesting a new nickname for them similar to scUM.



Long live the southend.

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For me it depends on the sport. For football it's Wisconsin. For basketball its those arrogant Hoosiers. They win two games and all of a sudden it's like the Bob Knight days are back.

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I hate these trick questions.

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So, who did you vote for?

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Sparty.  Easy.  There's no second place.  At least not in the Conference. 

It is so upsetting to my many dear friends in Columbus when I tell them how much I respect and admire Ohio State, and how I root for them most of the year.  (We literally have one monument for an athlete on our campus; the athlete is Jesse Owens.)  And it is just a conversation-stopper, when I tell my C-bus friends that when it comes to Notre Dame, I'd root for the Third Reich, or the Taliban, or the Klingons before wishing well to the Fighting Irish.  You gotta love the Klingons, right?  I personally think that there's a lot more raw hate in The Big House when Notre Dame comes in.  When you guys are here, it is (I think) a lot more respectful.  A better, bigger atmosphere to be sure.  The difference between a gang fight and the U.S. Open.

Our relations with Sparty have just plunged.  It has gotten completely ugly, on every imaginable level.  Our losing, and the upset in the natural order of the cosmos has something to do with it.  Dantonio and Narduzzi have a LOT to do with it.  But I'm barely old enough to remember the Spartan glory days; and Michigan didn't moan over a few losses to Duffy Daugherty or Darryl Rogers, two good coaches who were great media characters.  Mark Dantonio is just an inexcusable, irredeemable prick.

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I really thought you would go with my answer below, the Univ. of Chicago.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Our old rival!  The Maroons.  That Amos Alonzo Stagg was one crafty, tough s.o.b.!!!!

Srsly; when I saw your post below (suggesting U of C), I actually tried to see if I could find the all-time W/L record between OSU and U of C.  Because for the last few years before they quit football in about 1946, you guys would have been murdering them.  But in the early days of the Conference, I'll bet that the (original) Monsters of the Midway taught the Ohioans a thing or two about football.

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M Man, you're a very level-headed, cool fan of Michigan football, which defuses the football part of the conflict for me.

And, once that part is defused, I identify you more with the academic institution, Univ. of Michigan, for which the great majority of us have tremendous respect.

Since the Hoke hire, some of us (like me) who always rooted for Michigan in all non-conference games, had been sliding into the "hope they lose every game" camp; however, Hoke not whining about Urbz' recruiting, while Dantonio exhibited some of the bad traits you warned us about, has me moving back toward the "hope Michigan beats Bama so that we can ruin their season in week 12" camp.

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If we beat Bama, I'll happily bring some to class to share it with all you guys!

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OSU is 10-2-2 vs Chicago

Carlisle Indian School and Oberlin were much tougher oponents

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I should have known.  As for Dantonio, given his relationship with Tressel, I had never seen this side of him.  It's interesting to get your perspective on him.

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Well to be fair ... we're seeing it this week now that OSU no longer backhandidly patronizes Sparty as if they're our red-headed little stepchild. Urban doesn't have any fondness towards Dantonio and Dantonio seemed AWFULLY butt-hurt over it this week .

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I really like you M Man, but I believe you may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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Couldn't help but feel the same way.  Lack of abuse = acts of kindness. Good couch work AHB!

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PSU, always and forever after the way their fans acted....

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Piss balloons 

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Wisky fans might be worse than UM fans because Wisky fans are ALWAYS drunk and obnoxious. UM fans are just obnoxious.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

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I'm going with Univ. of Chicago.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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didn't like Barry Alvarez but I respected him. Hate Belima with a passion. He has done more to pussify the B1G conference than anyone.


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It's all about the "Big 2" again - just like it was, during the "10-Year War."


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Another 10 year war would be great, to say the least.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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State Penn...I know, its a shocker

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State Penners dominate my line of work... and I work with 5 of them in an office of 20 or so.  All I ever heard was how classless Ohio State was compared to State Penn.  So I showed them this, which I believe occurred in our 37-17 win in '07, I think.

edit:  NSFW

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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That video; I've seen it a dozen times.  And I always wondered why exactly it was that we let Penn State into the conference.

"Dude, he didn't even have to do it!  He goes to Pitt!"

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"That was the sickest thing I've ever seen!"

Really dude? Time to get out of Happy Valley once in awhile...

How firm thy friendship... OH-I-O!

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If people wonder why that particular YouTube entry only has 10,000 or 11,000 hits, it is because PSU has, as far as I am aware, been aggressivey purging any remnants of that video anywhere that it is found on the 'net.  I'll bet that it won't in this spot on YouTube very much longer.  I'm just glad that it still keeps popping up from time to time.

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I was at that game....saw a female OSU fan get punched in the back of the head by a male PSU fan...had to run and get the cops...luckily she was just shaken up but that was crossing the line

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We all know about the urine-bombs thrown at the marching band too right?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Has to be the "Let's ferociously defend a guy who enabled a pedophile" ones right? 

Bielema/wisky are d*cks but ultimately they're nothing more than irritating. 

Penn St. is just entering this Twilight Zone of Cult-like Denial/Hero-worship/Deification of JoePawww ... Very disturbing and unsettling. 

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Seriously, now that their football team is going to suck too (joining their bball team) and after the whole sandusky thing the big ten should just kick them out

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I don't "hate" UM. I do root against them when they play us in a BIG way. I'd say that it is and will always be the one game that is hard to even watch because of how badly I want us to win. But I'd like them to be good year in and year out so that The Game matters. It's not really hate - it just matters more than any other game...

I hate Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Now that I saw that link with the PSU fans tossing beer at our fans - make that 2 B1G teams I really hate.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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Penn State gets the edge.  Wisconsin would be like 2.5 on my list right now, but my hatred for Penn State has lasted longer.  I've always thought there should be some reason that I don't like Joe Paterno, and couldn't find any until this past November.  Their fans are trash.  They hate us I think a lot more than most Michigan fans do.  But they are so trashy about it, whereas most Michigan fans are cool.

Class of 2010.

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Asking me who I hate more, Wisconsin or Penn State, is like asking me to pick a favorite shoe, the left or the right.

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i worked with a penn state alumnus, she couldnt stand ohio state. the hatred they have for us is actually quite amazing.


that said, i cant stand those jumpin around d-bags up in madison.

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I hate Michigan because it is in my blood.  I love to hate them.


I hate Penn St because it is a school full of drunken hooligans.  Their fanbase is irrational, violent, and just plain assholes.  It is one of the few schools I will refuse to let my future children attend.

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I've had beer thrown on me at two Big Ten campuses: Penn State and Wisconsin. Just two trashy, disrespectful, terrible fan bases.

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The thing is, everyone outside of the great state of Ohio, hates the bucks. When u dominate a football & recently a basketball conf. U get fan bases pissed off at u. U think we have hatred now, wait till Urban is done beating the piss out of the BIG! It is only going to get worse! God, its great being a buckeye fan!

Texas is home but Buckeyes for life

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Wisconsin the runaway really?  It has to be skewed because of Bilema's BS.  For a couple of years now that's all I've heard is how horrible Penn State is, how classeless their fans are etc.  Are people now feeling sorry for them after the last couple of months they've had or has Bilema really pissed everyone off that much?  

To me Penn State is absolutely the most hated team in the B1G other than Michigan.