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Whose return do you think will help the team the most?

Boom Herron
15% (75 votes)
DeVier Posey
32% (158 votes)
Mike Adams
47% (233 votes)
Solomon Thomas
5% (26 votes)
Total Votes: 492


TLB's picture

Tress should be on this list.

BoFuquel's picture

I don't think their commin' back.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

The Six Fingered Buckeye's picture

Adams. If Saturday was any indication, they need that blind side lineman back with the quickness. Too many times our QBs were staring up at God.

Please, be honest. This is for science.

RBuck's picture

Looks like it has to be Adams now.

Long live the southend.

GoBucks713's picture

How about Peter Griffin of the London Sillynannies.

-The Aristocrats!

benlight01's picture

Adams... by forfeit.

Colin's picture

And Solomon Thomas takes home the Silver Medal! What an incredible upset.