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If you're Luke Fickell and you win the toss Saturday, do you want the ball first? Why?

59% (253 votes)
41% (173 votes)
Total Votes: 426


Seth4Bucks's picture

Everyone is saying that the defense is the strength of the team. So I'd take the ball first and tell my offensive guys to go score me a TD. Show them that they have the faith of the coaching staff.

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I voted yes, but now that I think about it, I would probably change it to no.

I get the 'instilling confidence in the offense' argument by getting the ball first, but say they go 3 and out, then that whole thing kind of gets deflated within the first two minutes.  If they were to put the defense on the field first, they could at least get some of the jitters out of the offensive guys (looking at you, happy feet BAHZerman) by making them feel a little bit more at ease knowing that the defense is their safety net.

Then again, it's just Akron, so I don't think it really matters either way.

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I've always been a fan of deferring to the second half.  Even when Coach Tressel was scripting great plays and often scoring on the first drive I always dreaded/hated the potential three and out to start the game.  Most agree the defense is the strength of this team so I think its best to start with your best foot forward.

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It's ALWAYS a good thing to get the ball to start the 2nd half. 

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I voted no.  Let the defense set you up with good field position and take the ball to start the 2nd half.

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No. Play to your strength and give the new O a few series to gel.

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Take the ball and show that you mean business. Play hard and aggressive, and jump out to a big lead early. It'd be one thing if we were playing Miami or Nebraska in the first game, but against Akron, the sooner the players can smell blood in the water, the better things will be. Start the season off right with a big score

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I never think deferring to the 2nd half is a good idea.  You don't want the other team to get field position right away, which can happen in 2 different ways - the opening kickoff and their offense.  It's too risky.  Take the ball, do what you can with it, punt it deep.

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Yes. Punch it in, and never take the foot off the gas.

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When you walk up to the edge of the pool, do you stick your pinky in to test the temperature, or take a run and jump in?  I say take the ball!  Save all that strategy stuff for game two and beyond.  After all, (to perfect a saying from the Joke up north) "We are Ohio State, dammit!"

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Take the ball! Fear the Roo!

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I voted yes, because I would want my first action as head coach to punch Akron in the mouth and never take my foot off their throat.

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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Let the D set the tone for the season.  Air will come out of sails with a quick 3 & out to start the game.  Not worth the risk.  I say let the D scare the bejebus out of Akron's backfield early.

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Fickell is all about the competition and not complacency ... good, hand the offense the ball and show not just Buckeye nation but the world what to expect from a Fickell coached team.

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 


Take the ball first, show the offense you have confidence in them and shove it down the throat of the Zips Defense 

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It's all business come saturday. You win that toss, you want the ball. Period(redundant?) Anyway, You want that ball to establish a rythem on offense. That will set the tone for the game. It will give joey baseball a chance to show not just the team and coaches, but the rest of us, what he is capable of right off the bat. 





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If this game were against Miami or some B1G school, I would say "defer" to the second half. But it's Akron. Take the ball and go score first, hopefully.



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Take the ball. It's fucking Akron.

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to take the wise words out of Gene Hackman, I say "Winners want the football."

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