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Aside from losing Tressel, what's the worst part of the fallout?

Losing Pryor early
21% (95 votes)
The suspension of Adams, Posey, Boom, et al for five games
16% (74 votes)
Going back to oh-fer against the SEC in bowls
16% (72 votes)
Enduring the mock outrage of college football writers
48% (221 votes)
Total Votes: 462


gravey's picture

or having to read about it constantly rather than football or players.  This is no way to spend a summer.

buckeyedude's picture

recruiting. Hopefully it's just a temporary bump in the road.



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I second the motion

Jason Priestas's picture

Good call. I should have included that as a choice in the poll.

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Football media = Nancy Grace


now and forever.

Class of 2010

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I don't give a rat's ass about what the national media!  They are, for the most part, idiots.  Losing Pryor early does hurt this years team, but I'm kind of excited to see what Miller (or whoever) can do.  The bowl thing kind of hurts, but we know what happened on the field.  I think the worst part is not having Posey, Herron, Adams and company for the first 5 games.  I think Posey and Adams hurt the worst because we are thin at those positions and loaded at RB.