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Attempting to put your homerism aside, who is the Big Ten's Player of the Year?

Jared Sullinger, Ohio State
47% (131 votes)
JaJuan Johnson, Purdue
29% (80 votes)
E'Twuan Moore, Purdue
9% (24 votes)
Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin
13% (37 votes)
2% (5 votes)
Total Votes: 277


Buckinnc's picture

I was unable to keep my homerism from manifesting itself in my vote.

blazers34's picture

i think its Jajuan Johnson hands down.

TLB's picture

I am with you on this one.  He is a senior and has been pretty consistant all year.  And the fact that they lost Hummel and are stilll fighting for a number one seed is pretty impressive.

Chris Lauderback's picture

Agree. I give it to Johnson. He's been big down the stretch and what he and Moore did in the absence of Hummel is impressive.

RBuck's picture

That's why I gave it to Moore...for picking up the slack from Hummel's loss. Johnson has always been big for them.

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WyoBuckeye's picture

Can't go wrong with Moore either.  If they were to ever split an award between two people, this would be a great year to do it (Moore and Johnson).

WyoBuckeye's picture

No doubt.  And very well deserved at that.   Sullinger is close in my book, bot I have to go with the senior here.

KenK's picture

Afraid I with with JJJohnson. This guy seems to be the total package.

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themostbrian's picture

I would give it to Sullinger because he brings something that no one else brings in the B10 - An offensively skilled big man that can dominate you night-in, night-out on the low post. When I look at the B10, I don't see anything resembling that besides Sullinger - Perhaps the combination of Sampson and Mbakwe bring a similar dynamic, but it is not nearly as potent.


My point is that he forced the B10 to focus its defensive energies on him and he STILL got his points/rebounds nearly every night. And the reason why I find that more impressive than JaJuan Johnson's season is because Sullinger's offensive game this season has been 99% limited to the low post - Which means teams know exactly where he is a threat and they STILL can't stop him most of the time. Every team gears up to stop JaJuan too, but his game is so varied (post, long jumpers, off the dribble sometimes) that it doesn't surprise me that he gets his points - No one can really guard that kind of diverse play at this level. It impresses me that Sully got the stats he did with by dominating the post every night because every team knew it was coming from that spot.